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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Support for Lloyd

It gets to be a pretty lonely job being a defender of Lloyd Carr. Sometimes it seems as if Yost and I are the only ones out there. But Matt Hayes of The Sporting News uses his weekly column to defend Carr. Hayes claims that Michigan fans should look at Carr's entire body of work, and be thankful that he's been the head Wolverine for the past 11 years. Hayes even says that the Wolverines - with some breaks - could be playing for a national title in January.


Anonymous said...


LC-an extremely good high school football coach!!

Barry said...

"the Wolverines - with some breaks - could be playing for a national title in January."

Wow, that might be the funniest thing I've read in a while. Do the breaks include 15 other teams all contracting bird flu and dropping dead?

Ok, let's look at Lloyd's "entire body of work," including his west coast record, his Notre Dame record, his OSU record, and shared titles, both Big Ten & National.

swindlerjackson said...

Lloyd Sucks.

Anonymous said...

You're lonely, and this guy is bucking for a Section 8! :-)

We could sweep the home games (primarily because they include Vanderbilt, CMU and Ball State), but they won't be a picnic.


At ND. At Minnesota (night game). At PSU (night game). At OSU. We're lucky to go 2-2 in that stretch. Very lucky.

Llllloyd only makes it to Phoenix if he buys his air ticket now.

Best offensive skill players in the country? Wow! Who are these guys? Henne? 60% completion pct isn't a top talent. Hart? Great team player, not a top talent. Grady? Talk to me when he's actually done something. Manningham? On his way, but not there yet. Breaston? Other than his last Rose Bowl performance, has this guy actually done anything?

We've been looking through rose-colored glasses too often. This is an unproven offense, with a weak offensive line - and a defense that gets shredded when the game is on the line. Phoenix is out of the question. Pasadena is doubtful. Tampa seems about right.

surrounded in columbus said...

tosu fans ask me all the time how i/we "feel" about carr, and it's always a conflicting answer for me. if you had told me in '95 that over the next 11 seaasons our next coach would win 5 conference titles, play in 3 rose bowls, 1 orange (& be 2-2 in these 4 games), play in 5 other new years day bowls, have a .500 record against nd, 6-5 against tosu, an outstanding record against moosu, psu, and wisconsin, and have a 12-0 championship season w/ a heisman trophy winner to boot, my reaction would have been an unqualified: "GREAT"! i keep trying to remind myself of that, but it gets harder every year.

who'd a thunk the "good" part of his record would all happen in the first 5-6 years, and the negatives would all take place in the last 5?

this season is going to be a real watershed, not just for carr going forward, but how he gets remembered in the long run. the column is right in that all the talent is there and despite the brutal road schedule, this could be a big year (if not a '97, certainly an '03 is possible). likewise, if the coaching shuffle doesn't get results (which leaves only carr to blame this season), we could easily drop 5 games again. either way, my guess this is going to be defining for lloyd's future and past.

one last thought- in another post/comment string (about $witzer/tressel$'s K), someone drew the comparison to his and carr's record. i think it's more relevant than most people would credit.

unless you're urban meyer or nick saban and move on every 3-5 years, things tend to catch up w/ you. remember when bob stoops was the flavor of the month? larry coker/butch davis? the more successful you are early, the tougher it gets to live up to expectations.

sweaterboy's standing in the same shoes carr did after 5 seasons. even if he doesn't "crash" (the way M fans feel carr has), the odds are against his next 5 years being as good as the first 5. and how happy will that make people?

ask the average tosu fan on the street what he thinks about not playing for, let alone winning, another NC for 5 years, and after the "fuck you"'s are over, they'll gape at you like you're crazy. tosu went 30 years between NC's last time, and 23 years between attempts, but they expect to win, let alone play for, one every year now. despite 10-2 last season, most are disappointed they didn't play in pasadena. they'll be disappointed if they don't make it to tempe this season. no coach can live up to those expectations.

simple moral is that if you stay in one place long enough, people get disappointed in you eventually. just ask lloyd.

srudoff said...

"the Wolverines - with some breaks - could be playing for a national title in January..."

'some breaks' = Ginn & Smith breaking their legs

Yost said...

LOL, Srudoff!

Sad thing is, you're probably right.