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Saturday, May 13, 2006


This disgusts me on so many levels, I'm not even sure where to begin.

O.J. Simpson is doing a pay-per-view candid camera show called "Juiced." In it, he pulls a "prank" involving the infamous White Bronco he used to evade police during his slow-speed, televised chase in 1994 before his arrest on charges of murdering his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ronald Goldman. For the segment, he pretends to sell the Bronco at a used car lot and tells one prospective buyer that he made the vehicle famous saying, "It was good for me - it helped me get away."

Goldman's father, Fred, told "Inside Edition" he found Simpson's comment "morally reprehensible."


But the show's producer Rick Mahr said, "Basically O.J. Simpson has decided to do this because he wants to do it, and he wanted to have fun with it."

Fun? What a sick piece of crap. By profiting off this shit, Mahr is almost as bad as O.J. Talk about no morals whatsoever. And please tell me there's not a market for this. People wouldn't actually pay money to see this, would they? And are cable and satellite companies really going to carry this? Say it isn't so.

Sorry, folks, but this one really pissed me off.

UPDATE: Just found out this "show" is being distributed by iN DEMAND, a partnership venture between Comcast Cable, Cox Cable, Time Warner Entertainment and other cable companies. Shame on these folks.


Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right to be revolted by this. O.J. knifed two people to death, then used his millions to avoid jail for the crimes. He lost a civil suit and owes milions to the families of the people he slaughtered. The guy is a monster, and anybody who traffics with O.J. is a piece of human garbage.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, OJ profiting on the murders he committed is wrong. That's also the wrong truck in the picture - that's a Bronco II, the Bronco's smaller, Explorer-sized cousin. The Juice can't even get that right???

trojan mike said...

As a USC Alum, all I can say is I'm totally disgusted!

Benny Friedman said...

This is absolutely 100% reprehensible - it's going to take precious time away from O.J.'s search for the Nicole and Ron's REAL killer.

Yost said...


The King said...

Hey, you big bunch of babies, why don't you get off your soapboxes and shut up?

I don't know where you were in 1996, but OJ Simpson was found INNOCENT. Because our judicial system is infallible and omniscient, that means that he didn't commit any crime, and he certainly didn't double murder two people in cold blood then try to get away in this Bronco.

So all we're looking at here is a vehicle that Nordberg drove while he was unfortunately wrongly pursued by police. IS THAT A CRIME? IS THAT REPREHENSIBLE?

I think not my friends.

Casey S said...

OJ Simpson is the scourge of society. At least we can all rest easy knowing his day of reckoning is coming by the ultimate law of the land...

And the king: If you for one minute believe that OJ was innocent, you my friend need to take the blinders off.

And yes, this is coming from a Trojan.

allaha said...

I assume -- and hope -- the King is being facetious. If not, remember that same justice system found him liable in civil court for damages stemming from the murder of two people.

Speaking of that civil trial, will whatever money OJ earns from the broadcast go to the victims' families?

Yost said...


Yeah, I think he is.

As for the broadcast, the article claims he's not being paid. Hmm. Sounds fishy to me.

Laura Laude said...

Actually, I thought it was hilarious!

Yost said...


Really? You thought OJ making light of that situation was hilarious, huh?