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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Random Shout Out to a Cool Blog

Folks, one of our regular readers is Doug Gillett who puts out a very good blog of his own called HEY JENNY SLATER. Besides a lot of good college football stuff on it, we especially enjoy reading about his crush on Melissa Theuriau, a French newscaster who is so hot, even Bill O'Reilly couldn't hate her.


Anonymous said...

I won't be posting for awhile.

I broke out my old french tapes, and will begin intensive "two-a-days" immediately.

Adieu. Vive la femme!

Anonymous said...

HA!! But Bill could proposition her and maybe give her some drunk phone calls.

John Frum said...

Thanks for the link. I went to the "Hey Jenny Slater" blog and found a link to the facial recognition software EDSBS had mentioned.

In the interests of furthering the objectivity of the BCS, I ran the software on the M Zone BCS competition photos of the faces of both of the most recent BCS contestants, Brigid and Jordanna, and had the software compare them to the faces of celebrities in their database.

Brigid most closely resembled (in descending order) Pat Benatar, Eva Longoria, Christina Ricci, Kelly McGillis, Emma Thompson, Fay Wray, Cindy Crawford, Isabelle Adjani, Kim Novak, and Celina Jaitley.

Glad I voted for her.

Benny Friedman said...

And for those of you who might be Simpsons fans, be sure to check out his Simpsons Cavalcade of College Football. Incredibly accurate, incredibly thorough, incredibly funny.

IC said...

Highly recommend visiting the blog as well as the link for Melissa Theuriau. Not only is she gorgeous, but the gentleman seen in the top photo from her link is pretty darn good looking as well.