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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Michigan Morons

If you're a regular reader of our site, you know we are merciless in blasting Tosu fans for their "love" of wearing anything with "Fuck Michigan," the defacto state motto of Ohio, printed on it. But apparently such tackiness isn't limited to those who cheer for the Scarlet and Gray as evidenced by the picture below sent in by MZone reader Josh:

First of all, we've always been curious to know what kind of "individual" wears a t-shirt with the F-bomb displayed on it. But to have it on there twice - and the finger to boot?!

However, that's not the worst thing about this shirt. When we first saw it, we were a bit confused if it was indeed a "pro" Michigan shirt. Sure, they're saying "fuck" Tosu but doesn't it also seem like they're flipping off the state of Michigan as well?

For those reasons, even though we're a Wolverine site, this "pro" U-M shirt gets the dubious distinction of our top Moron Monday post of the day.

P.S. Can't wait to see the Tosu sites ripping on some of their fans for wearing Fuck Michigan garb.


Brickeye said...

Buck the Fuckeyes sounds better in my opinion.

Texas Blue said...

I agree with brickeye. Fuck the Fuckeyes is mixed up and stupid. But I will defend the finger. I think it's quite obvious that the finger is pointed away from Michigan.

That said, it's still a dumb shirt. UM should be leaving the 3rd grade antics to the rest of the Big Ten. Was it this blog that noted the fan who walked around Columbus wearing a Clemson jersey with the name and number of the player who Woody Hayes punched out? That's a Michigan fan.

cottoncandy said...

Of course only the other 10 Big 10 schools do such things. It is incomprehensible that the auto workers (many still with jobs) and their Einstein IQ's that make up the biggest part of Michigan's fan base, would ever use the F Bomb on a shirt.

Everyone knows that nicotine is a mental stimulant, thus, their brains should understand that such a tacky slogan on their favorite clothing choice, the T shirt, only tells the world that they may be, God forbid, equal in status to the rest of the conference.

What in the HELL is wrong with these people.

This is shocking I say, SHOCKING!

Anonymous said...

And, the shape of the "state of michigan" is also incomplete! Whoever made this shirt likely went to TOSU (or maybe its someone from Toledo that goes to EMU).

trojan mike said...

I once bought a FUCLA shirt and my wife freaked. So like any good husband I got rid of it. She also wasnt too happy when I tought the kids to sing TUSC.... you know the part where USC fans yell "U-C-L-A SUCKS!" Yeah, my wife still gets shocked at all that foul language, but I still love her..... (and UCLA still sucks!)

Anonymous said...

If the hand is supposed to be facing out towards the viewer, then the thumb is on the wrong side.

The only possible conclusions are that either Michiganers are anatomically different than the rest of us, or you guys are flipping off your own state.

The former wouldn't be a surprise to anybody. If the latter is the case, I don't blame you for becoming bandwagon Buckeyes.

Aram said...

I've always been a big fan of my "Trojans SUC" t-shirt. I bought it from some UCLA guys, who were quick to remind me that you can't spell "suck" without U, S, and C.

That being said, no way in hell I'd ever wear a shirt with an F-bomb on it. Having an anti-Domer shirt with "Rudy Sucks" on it, that's fine. but "Fuck the Fuckeyes..." No thanks.

Jeremie said...

Anon (4:50)

Not if its your left hand. If its your left hand then the image is correct and is not flipping off the image of the state of Michigan.

ultra-cocky unoriginal asswipe said...

Looks to me like a joint project done by UM's Pi Phi's and Tri-Delts. They must be planning on a road trip to Columbus and they don't want to waste anybody's time. Gotta hand it to UM's women; they know how to advertise.


Anonymous said...

i like the shirt