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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Life is Now Complete

Looking for the perfect way to kill some time until the pre-season mags start coming out next month? Well, the MZone has the answer. Last week, the prayers of a nation were answered with the release of the Facts of Life - The Complete First & Second Seasons DVD Box Set.

As if the comic genius of Mindy Cohn and the life lessons from Mrs. Garrett weren't reason enough to tune in each Wednesday night, there was, of course, the babe factor.

Thus, rank the Facts of Life cast -- including Mrs. Garrett -- from 1 to 5 with 1 being "I'd nail her sober" and 5 being "I'd rather sleep with the chick in the caption contest above."



Anonymous said...

Great. The Fats of Life on DVD.

Now you can watch 'em put on 150 pounds in slow motion.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Garrett - 5
Natalie(the fat one) - 4
Blair(the rich spoiled one) - 1
Jo(the tomboy ie dyke) - 3
Tootie(The rollerskater) - 2 with the skates on. 3 without.

Yost said...

I have to say...

5 - Natalie (I don't even think Matt Leinert would do her)
4 - Mrs. Garrett
3 - Blair
2 - Tootie (after weight loss)
1 - Jo' (due to childhood crush on Nancy McKeon)

Anonymous said...

5. Natalie - wouldn't nail that even if it meant getting into Harvard!
4. Mrs. Garrett - Almost would do her before Jo, Mrs. Garrett was to be reckoned with.
3. Jo - a little too rough around the edges for my taste.
2. Blair - perfect blond, but with rich bitch attitude that would get old real quickly.
1. Tootie - love to have some of that brown sugar (even though I'm white)! Go Tootie, Go Tootie, Go Tootie. . . .

Anonymous said...

What? No Pippa? She's definitely #1!

Also are those girls from season 1 included? The girl who was in Zapped was pretty hot.

andrew dice clay said...

Mrs. Garrett? Yeah I fucked her.

Wangs said...

The main problem with The Facts of Life - no real blondes!

As a result, there was simply no reason for me to watch.