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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Jordanna Rules?

For those that haven't voted in our latest round of the Blog Co-ed showdown, be sure to do so. Also, check out the comments purported to be from Jordanna, our #12 seed in this competition. I'm not entirely certain this was, in fact, written by Jordanna since I'm sure some of our readers have plenty of experience pretending to be a hot chick on the Internet. But many of our readers seem to believe it is legit, and have expressed remorse at some of the thoughts they have left about her on this blog.

Our readers aren't the only ones who feel kind of bad. We called Jordanna a "Paris Hilton Wannabe" based on her quotes from the Playboy article where we first read about her. She claims her quote was taken out of context, and that she's taken a lot of heat for it. Here's what she wrote about it:
During the Playboy casting we had to sign releases and fill out an interview. There had to be at least 20 different questions, ONE was something along the lines of "What are your career ambitions?"... something like that. My response was, now pay attention boys, "If all my partying doesn't pay off and I don't become the next Paris Hilton (sarcasm), then I want to be like Carrie Bradshaw from sex and the city, and write".
That's actually, a pretty clever comment that was either missed by the Playboy editors, or, more likely, totally twisted so that they could make Jordanna look like a complete idiot. So IF this comment was actually left by Jordanna, I have to give her much more credit than I did at first. And IF this comment was actually left by Jordanna, I have to give her major credit for coming to our blog to state her case in a calm, intelligent way. And IF this comment was actually left by Jordanna, I have only have one more thing to say: I'd like to change my vote.

P.S. Yost here muscling in on Benny's post - Jordanna, if indeed that was you, send us a pic of you flipping off a computer screen with the MZone page on it. We'll happily post it as it will prove the comment was yours (plus, we probably deserve to be flipped off).

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Creative caption guys - with one complaint. Now I've got that freakin '80's Toto song stuck in my head. Wait! Here comes the instrumental break! (mmmm - horn section...)