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Saturday, May 13, 2006

I Smell Sequel

Yesterday, we put up a post about Bob "Maverick" Stoops taking a spin with the Navy's Blue Angels at a Texas air show this week. During the flight, Stoops passed out, but didn't blow chunks.

Former American Idol champ Kelly Clarkson went for a ride as well but we were unsure how she faired. Turns out...not so good. Clarkson needed an air sick bag and, by her own admission, "I felt so bad, because they had to clean up the plane."

We also learned Clarkson is a big Longhorn fan who reportedly needled Stoops during the pre-flight briefing. No word yet if Stoops and other members of his staff responded by singing "You've Lost That Loving Feeling."


Boomer Sooner said...

thanks for putting Coach Bob Stoops the #1 college coach in America and Coach of the #1 OKLAHOMA SOONERS on your cover.

Yost said...

Just showing the love, Boomer.

Thetadad said...

Good show MichiganZone, Hey, how about a home and home

Yost said...


Boy, how awesome would that be? I would love to see Michigan, instead of playing ND each and every year, play a different traditional power each Sept (Ok, UGA, Florida, etc) in a home and home. THAT would be awesome.

Jeremie said...

I flew in an F-4 once on a mild ride and almost blew chunks. Then again, flying in the back of a C-130 cargo plane with a chute strapped to your back isn't too comfortable on the tummy either.

Yost said...


How the heck have you been?

Jeremie said...

Lol, busy as crap. The facist regime known as school has been keeping WG any myself from living in a sane manner lately. But otherwise just fine...