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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I Like Tyler Ecker

I suspect many Michigan fans will be puzzled by the title of this post.

Yes, Ecker should have run out of bounds towards the end of the tOSU game (though I doubt it would have made a difference in the outcome.)

And, of course Ecker screwed up by not pitching the ball to pleading speedster Steve Breaston at the end of the Alamo Bowl, which would have almost certainly led to a game-winning touchdown and a highlight we would see a few times every year for the rest of our lives.

But I like Tyler Ecker. Here are a few reasons why:

...he's made big plays for us in the past, including a huge 30-yard sideline reception to sew up a victory over tOSU in 2003.

...he spent two years on a Mormon mission in Houston. Texas.

...he will finish next season at almost 25 years of age.

...he is a big guy with dependable hands.

...his middle name is Rand.

...he's Academic All Big Ten.

...he did a sexually suggestive celebration dance after someone else's touchdown last year (Breaston's punt return vs. Minnesota? Winning TD run vs. Iowa? Does anyone know what I'm talking about here?)

...he's majoring in Spanish.

...he's never missed a game at Michigan.

...he could be one of the nation's top tight ends if we make a concerted effort to get him the ball (DeBord helped Tuman become First Team All Big Ten, perhaps he can do the same for Ecker.)

I'm going on record early with the belief that when we are faced with a critical third and six late late in a key game next year, we will want to see the ball thrown to Ecker and we won't be disappointed with the outcome if it is.


Yost said...


While I hear your points about why you like Tyler, let me tell you my reason why I'm not as enamored:


For cryin' out fucking loud!

Anonymous said...

I finally watched that play again for the first time since December 27, and I have to say, I agree with Yost.

COWolverine said...

Yeah, that's fine to toss him the ball when we need a dependable 3rd and 5-10 conversion, but just do not let him have the ball when any sort of clock management strategy is required. Clearly he is to late game decision making what Shaq is to clutch free-throws.

Now what the heck sort of celebration did he perform after someone else scored?

trojan mike said...

What is a nice Mormon boy doing a sexually suggestive dance for? He didn't get called for excessive celebration?

IC said...

Yost and Anon 4:56:

No question you're both absolutely right. Other than to say that Ecker was not being selfish, there is no way to defend his failure to pitch the ball to Breaston.

But I still think he's a solid player and a potentially huge weapon for us. Hopefully, we'll be able to use him as he should be used next year, rather than depending on him to make a smart decision on a circus play or to simply run out of bounds in a chaotic attempt to overcome another blown 4th quarter lead.

Cowolverine and Trojan Mike:
I may be completely off on this, but I vaguely recall Ecker doing some sort of ass-slapping, pelvic-gyrating, riding a pony maneuver during an endzone celebration last year or maybe the year before. I think it was one of the two plays I mentioned in the original post, though perhaps it was after one of our tds at State.

Of course, it's possible he never actually did this dance and that it exists only in my imagination. If that's the case, then I think I need to further explore my feelings for Ecker. And probably have a chat with my wife.

Aram said...

The return of the Naked Bootleg? I like that idea. I like that idea a lot.

Let's not forget also that Ecker pulled down that big-time 3rd down conversion down the stretch against OSU in '03.

Benny Friedman said...

IC's point is well-taken. Ecker, despite a couple of bonehead plays, is a huge talent. He has great hands, is big, and can get open. If we can effectively use him the way we occasionally have used TEs, it could really open up the offense.
I vaguely remember the dance IC refers to, but can't nail down which game it was performed. I think it was this past season, though, and I recall it was a home game. No penalty was called.

Jeremy said...

Don't forget when he took it to the house vs. Minnesota in 2004 to set up that comeback.

OR that the last pass play of the Wisconsin game was an incomplete pass to Ecker as well. I mean, before Henne fell on his ass.

Unfortunately, I regard him with a what-have-you-done-for-me-lately stance. In that sense, he's worthless. He turned what would've been the most amazing play in college football history into dust with his selfishness.

How has he made up for it? In the spring game, Henne's first pass on the first offensive play was a pass to Ecker. Naturally, he dropped it.

I was in the marching band. The Alamo Bowl was the last play I'll ever see in that uniform, in that perspective, with those people. That was my last play I saw as a student. What a miserable and pathetic way to go out. Ecker is going to have a HELL of a year to earn any respect back from me.

A2saint said...

I for one enjoyed Tyler often last season. And I don't mean that in the "Biblical" sense. I guess I just get an un-natural thrill when Michigan uses its tight ends for anything.

Having said that, I bet if they used their TE's more often there would be less "Holy crap, the balls coming to me?!?" stuff going on. Ergo, fewer dropped balls.

Anonymous said...

this dialogue is just hilarious - i love.......no LOVE whatching this unfold!!

semperfibuck said...

I love Ecker... I have never seen a player, seemingly a smart player, make 2 more bonehead plays. I hope he is stupid, because, otherwise, how can he live with himself?

That said, I love this site. Always good for a laugh, even when it is at the expense of the world famous Buckeyes!

Keep up the mediocre work!

Chris of Dangerous Logic said...

I said it after the Alamo Bowl - Ecker is a money man in the last few minutes of a game, but not in the last few *seconds* of a game.