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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

"Honey, Let's Go Out on Friday Instead..."

College Football is coming to prime time on ABC next season with a slate of great matchups, including Michigan at Penn State and Michigan at Minnesota (this game may be moved to ESPN.)

Bob Davie will replace the departed-to-CBS Gary Danielson as the color analyst joining Brent Musberger in the booth. ESPN will continue to broadcast their own Saturday night games, so we can still witness the sexual tension between Ron Franklin and Holly Rowe, speculated by me in an earlier comment on this blog.

Click the link to view the entire ABC Saturday Night College Football Schedule.


Anonymous said...

Is there anyway we can stop Brent Musberger from doing Michigan games? Now that I am in PA turning on 760 is not an option any more.

IC said...


Sorry you won't be able to pick up Michigan games on WJR anymore, but I disagree with you about Brent. He does his homework, loves college football, and still has a smooth and distinctive style.

That noted, he can be pretty goofy, especially in night games. I remember an early season game in 1993 (believe it was Washington @ tOSU) when Brent couldn't stop going on about Buckeye DL Dan Wilkinson. For the entire second half, whenever Wilkinson made a good play Brent shouted, "Oooohhhh, 'Big Daddy'!"

We may be in for a lot of that kind of thing this year.

Anonymous said...

Just do the Musbooger drinking game. Right, "pardner"

Chris of Dangerous Logic said...

We lose Danielson and pick up... Davie.