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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Holiday Weekend Bonus Stuff via Deadspin

If you're a regular reader, you know we're big fans of Deadspin. If you don't read it regularly, you should. To wit, saw a couple very funny things there that we wanted to pass on:

The first was the MySpace page of Mike Cooper, the Ohio State fan caught with his proverbial pants down...at the library along with a very funny post on the investigative reporter who broke the whacking-off-in-the-library story, Cleveland's own Carl Monday (apparently the name "Ace Ventura" was already taken).

They also had this video dandy from Google Video of some kids playing trampoline basketball. This could be the Internet version of the Agony of Defeat. Watch...and cringe. (P.S. This kid has the dickiest friends I have ever seen. Hey, turn off the camera and help your buddy, a-holes!)

Finally, in the "We Couldn't Even Make This Up If We Tried" category, they had a story on the worst mascot of all time. The hands down winner? The Rhode Island School of Design NADS. Yes, NADS! And the mascot's name? Wait for it...wait for it..."Scrotie." They even cheer "Go NADS!" Can't get worse, you say? Check out the picture of "Scrotie"...

Now you see why Deadspin is a daily procrastination oasis in the middle of our work day.

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