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Thursday, May 11, 2006

The He-Man Woman Haters Club

Iran's nut job supreme leader has vetoed a decision by Iran's nut job president to allow women into sports stadiums after the move caused an uproar among Iran's nut job clerics. It would have been the first time women were allowed to watch men compete in sports stadiums since the nut jobs took over the country in 1979.

According to the Reuters news story, right after the revolution, women were prevented from entering sports stadiums because sportsmen were wearing shorts. More recently, Iranian officials have said women were barred because it was inappropriate for them to be in crowds where strong language or bad behavior was expected. Sources tell the MZone that the rude and crude behavior in question primarily took place during the home games of The Bandar-e Abbas State University following the traditional "dotting of the Ayatollah."

It's rumored the supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Martin, will reconsider if women agree to pay seat licensing fees.


Anonymous said...

Why haven't these cheerleaders been entered in the co-ed showdown?

trojan mike said...

Makes me thankful I live in the good 'ol US of A

once crapped in a hormel chili can said...

I think I see an ankle!!! Excuse me while I masturbate profusely.

Yost said...

So true, TM.


cottoncandy said...

The burka: hmmm. There has to be a good Michigan/OSU cheerleader joke in there somewhere.

indio said...

is it me or does Mahmoud Ahmadinejad look like a chimpanzee in that suit? Yost, you kill me, if you are ever in Tucson look me up, I'll but the beer!

indio said...

is it me or does old Mahmoud Ahmadinejad look like a chimpanzee with thos ears and in that suit. Keep up the good work yost, you make me laugh and if you are ever in Tucson I'll buy the Beer

Yost said...

If I'm ever there, I'll take you up on that, Indio.

Thanks for reading.

CrimeNotes said...

I do, however, credit Iran for shutting down overgroomed soccer players:

"I will ban athletes with an effeminate look ... It is really disgraceful for Iran that young people step onto fields wearing make-up. When a man enters the field with dyed hair and groomed eyebrows he is disrespecting society."

-Ali-Abadi, Iran's Vice President for Physical Education

Benny Friedman said...

crimenotes, I agree. Deadspin had a great take on this a few days ago.