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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Have a Barf Bag Handy

Last week, we posted a couple of stories about Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops flying with the Navy's Blue Angels. Though Stoops didn't throw up, he did pass out.

We don't have video of Stoops' flight, but thanks to the wonder that is the Interweb, we have the experience of Atlanta Journal Constitution staffer Steve Beatty. There are five scenes all together, each around two minutes. The footage is pretty incredible, and after watching, I have to give Stoops credit for not hurling. I practically did on my keyboard just watching this stuff.

1 comment:

J. Lichty said...

I have learned through my sources in Knoxville Tennessee that Stoops was not actually flying with the Blue Angels when these photos were taken. Rather he is the victim of an evil science project being secretly developed in a a lab deep under the Evans Scholar House at the University of Tennesee.

This secret project, known by the name, "The Fulmer Tranformatron" turns every college football coach who is lured inside by the promises of a free round of golf, into a spitting image of Tennessee Football Coach/fat head, Phil Fulmer.