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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Flutie Tributie

Doug Flutie announced his retirement from football yesterday. The 43 year-old Flutie had one of the most unique careers in football. Among his many accomplishments are the following:

  • Had several solid seasons in the NFL (despite playing QB at less than his listed five feet, ten inches) including making the Pro Bowl in 1998
  • Is considered one of the best players in Canadian Football League history, winning the MVP six times, and three Grey Cup championships
  • Made a huge splash out of college by signing with the New Jersey Generals of the United States Football League
  • Ill-advisedly, but admirably, hung on to the feathered hairstyle well past its acceptance as fashionable
  • Successfully executed a dropkick in his final play on the field in 2005
  • Raised a tremendous amount of money for autism research
  • Could still sleep with a vast majority of American women between the ages of 27 and 43
  • Finished third in the Heisman voting in 1983
  • Won the Heisman in 1984
  • And most memorably, completed the Hail Mary to Gerard Phelan against Miami in 1984. I can still remember watching that game in my basement, and it was already memorable for having CBS pick up the audio of Miami QB Bernie Kosar yelling "Let's run it the fuck at 'em," to coach Jimmy Johnson. But that incident was soon eclipsed by Flutie's heroics.
So thanks, Doug, for making football fun whenever you were on the field. How you're not in the College Football Hall of Fame is beyond me.


cottoncandy said...

Why would Flutie be in the College Football HOF? For one play? Keith Byars should have won the Heisman in '84.

Benny Friedman said...

cottoncandy, if you were around at the time, you'd know that Flutie's accomplishments were more than just the "Hail Mary."
He was great as a junior, finishing third in the Heisman.
He left college as the all-time passing yardage leader.
He was a finalist for a Rhodes Scholarship.
"The Flutie Factor" in which a college sees an increase in applications due to success on the field is named for him.
The guy was a great college football player and deserves to be in the College Football HOF.

IC said...


While Benny detailed why Flutie should clearly be in the College Football HOF, I'll address your claim that, "Keith Byars should have won the Heisman in '84."

Flutie's 1984 statistics include:
* 3,454 passing yards
* 27 touchdown passes
* 60+% completion rate
* 10-2 record, win in the Orange Bowl, and UPI rank of 4th in nation (capping three year Flutie-led bowl run after 40+year BC bowl drought.)
* Player of the Year Award from UPI, Kodak, The Sporting News, Maxwell Football Club, and Walter Camp Foundation.
* And, yes, throwing the most celebrated touchdown pass in the history of college football.

Keith Byars was a very good, maybe even great, college running back. Doug Flutie was a college football legend. If Flutie had gone to tOSU they would have renamed the freakin Horseshoe in his honor.

cottoncandy said...

In 1984, Byars led the nation in rushing (1764 yds, then school record) and scoring (144 pts), had 22 TDs and 2441 all purpose yards and was the Big 10 MVP. Byars was the better player that year, especially considering the Big 10 versus BC's schedule. But for that one play, Byars would have won the Heisman.

Wangs said...

The Bernie Kosar line is one of the greatest in television history.

Did we watch that game together Bennie? You're getting old!

BaggyPantsDevil said...

Doug Flutie is one of my all time favorite quarterbacks. The fact that the NFL never gave him much of a chance to play is just another reason why I prefer college football to professional football.

I once played some football with a couple of Canadians who did in fact consider him the greatest CFL quarterback ever and was surprised to learn that they knew nothing of his "Hail Mary" at Boston College.

My memory of the game against Miami is of Flutie desperately running backwards and then, as he was getting ready to heave the ball, my father saying, "That little shit can't throw the ball that far."

Why no link to the Youtube.com clip of the "Hail Mary?"