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Monday, May 01, 2006

Dressed Down by Tressel

Based on my trips to Columbus, I'd never guess that Tosu fans care anything about fashion. And Jim Tressel's trademark sweatervest is the epitome of the up tight white guy. Yet, as we posted on this site, Buckeye Nation is in an uproar about the new uniforms their beloved gridders will be wearing this fall.

Sadly, the slight change in the scarlet and gray shirts has generated a lot more attention than the plight of walk-on Buckeye receiver Tyson Gentry. Gentry was seriously injured in Spring practice, and remains in intensive care at OSU Medical Center. Only over the weekend did he regain the movement in his arms and begin to show other signs of improvement. Yet, according to CBS SportsLine.com, Tressel has received only two e-mails inquiring about Gentry. However, he's been flooded with "hundreds of e-mails on what idiots we are for changing jerseys. ... You wonder about the psyche of today's person."

So we're not going to get all sanctimonious on this. We don't need to. The head coach at Tosu has already done that.

Thanks to Oregonweim for the tip on this story and as we said before, our sincere best wishes to Mr. Gentry for a speedy and full recovery.


Eric S. said...

Three things:

#1 - The uniforms really aren't that big of a deal. It's the offseason, we need to get excited about something.

#2 - The jersey thing came out two days before Tyson Gentry's injury, so saying (stupid) OSU fans are stupid for that reason isn't fair. They may still be stupid for emailing Tressel about jerseys, but it's not to the detriment of Tyson's injury. We all hope for the best for Tyson, gray stripe or no gray stripe on the jerseys.

#3 - The picture associated with this post is a guy called Buckeyeman (I think) and he's an absolute douchebag. Like asshole to the 10th power. He'll go around promoting himself for no reason at all, plus he looks like a schmuck. He's just a Neutron Man wanna be. We all miss Neutron Man...anyone who'd put on an old grandpa hat (you know the ones I'm talking about) and dance at the stadium is cool in my book. And he actually cared about and supported our team and band.

Nice post otherwise, thanks for providing offseason entertainment.

Brickeye said...

This article coming from the same guy who put Michigan at 21 in his post-spring rankings based on "reputation". LAFF!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

since you 'pride' yourself on accurate reporting (ala 'cowherditsomewhereelsefirst') please get this story correct!!

primary error is, you're about 2-3 weeks late on this story and it's details about '2 emails' regarding Gentry. there has been an enormous outpour of well wishing for Gentry and his friends/lovedones. i myself 'anonymously' have sent multiple emails and my kids send in 'get well soon' cards.

you'd be better off simply deleting this entry all together - it's just a low-blow in poor taste. the story is old - i mean OLD & it's simply not currently accurate!

this is a quality board/blog/forum - because, up to this point, you've strayed from this sort of thing. sad to see it really - & this comes from a Buckeye fan & family guy who got a kick out of visiting 'The M Zone' daily.

if this keeps up, i'll rethink things

Sean said...

"Sadly, the slight change in the scarlet and gray shirts has generated a lot more attention than the plight of walk-on Buckeye receiver Tyson Gentry."

What makes you say that? Jim Tressel's inbox does not seem to constitute an appropriate sample for this survey, considering he likely has some influence over the jerseys (thus making it logical, if futile, to e-mail him about changing them) and no influence over Tyson Gentry's recovery (so why e-mail him about it, when you can contact Tyson through the hospital to wish him well?). Buckeye Commentary talked about the problems with the Dodd article back in April.

I'm not going to deny that there are people out there who care more about the jerseys than Tyson Gentry. I don't know any, I hope there aren't any, but I don't know that there aren't any. It's just that Dodd doesn't provide any evidence that there are such people. He takes a stupid quote from Jim Tressel and runs with it.

I don't have a problem with you bashing OSU. I do it to Michigan, and there are certainly OSU fans who deserve it. But if you're basing it off of something Dennis Dodd wrote, shouldn't you reconsider?

cottoncandy said...

This is low even for you guys. To ride the coattails of a mind numblingly idiotic article saying OSU fans cared more about uniforms than a kid who may be a quadraplegic, is simply stupid.

Do you really think that TOSU fans' sorrow for this kid is shown in a direct correlation by the number of e-mails sent to Jim Tressel? Why would a sorrowful fan send Tressel an e-mail. That's just plain moronic.

Guys, don't profit in humor off of a guy who may never walk again.

Anonymous said...


...is anyone out there listening?...


Anonymous said...

If your looking for bad fashion then look no further than Coach Carr in Mexico this year.


Yost said...


We're not riding any coattails and certainly not making light of Gentry's injury. It's truly things like that that put all this rivaly stuff in full perspective. It really is just and only a game when something like that happens.

But to be mad at us when we merely point out a point mad my Ohio State's own coach seems a bit strange. Take it up with Tressel, not us. He made the comments.

pants mcpants said...

Apples and washing machines...a serious thing like a spinal injury isn't a topic of "discussion" for football fans. All they can do is silently keep the young man in their thoughts. Even the family is not releasing any information about his condition as they want privacy. The jersey thing is a nice benign topic that can be debated and whined about without really meaning anything.

I mean, really, what are you going to discuss about Gentry? "Gee, I hope he gets better"- "No way, I hope he gets super really better!"

Tressel should know this and you guys should too...

Anonymous said...

normally you 'M Zoners' hit the nail on the head, but bad idean on this entry.


Yost said...

We're not discussing it nor are we asking others to. We're simply referring to a news story where the Buckeye coach thought priorities were out of whack that he got hundreds of emails about jerseys and 2 about a kid with a serious spinal injury.

Furthermore, the comments here from, we assume, Buckeye fans make it sound like we "made up" this topic. Again, JIM TRESSEL made these comments. They were reported in a news story and we linked to that. We didn't "create" this story so go write an email to your coach not the folks who run a Michigan blog.

Brickeye said...

Yeah i'd use the term "news" loosley with Dodd.

Anonymous said...

little experiment:

compare comments on other entries of 'humor' on the 'M Zone' to this one.

tell me what you come up with.

accuracies in some things are funny - you typically do a fantastic job at bringing those to light. good on you.

accuracies (or inaccuracies in this case) in other things aren't funny.

hey, even if you can't admit it, we are dealing with the latter in this case.

just calling them like WE (plural) see them.

Yost said...

This wasn't meant to be funny. It was pointing out the flawed perspective of SOME Buckeye fans that TRESSEL HIMSELF first brought to our attention.

Don't blame us that Ohio State's own coach basically called out SOME members of the Buckeye Nation for having warped priorities.

Tell you what, email Tressel. I know it's much easier for you folks to rant and rave and say we did something wrong here. But read the post again. We agree with YOUR OWN COACH how pathetic it is that apparently there seemed to be more concern over a jersey switch than this serious injury. Again, we're simply pointing out the words of your coach.

Yost said...

PS Is there a place to email get well wishes for Gentry? If so, please send it to us as we'll put that up on the main page.

Sean said...

You see what happens when you appear to agree with Dennis Dodd? You get everyone all upset. Whether you agree with Dodd (and Tressel, it seems), disagree, or don't care one way or the other, not actively disagreeing with him gets you guilt by association. Moral of the story: Nobody likes Dennis Dodd.

I could only find a mailing address for Gentry, published in a newspaper article from April 19th:
The Ohio State University Medical Center
Attention Tyson Gentry
410 W. 10th Ave.
Columbus, OH 43210

Actually, I could also get his school e-mail address (since I'm a fellow student), but I don't know if he'd want semi-private information like that used for e-mails from total strangers, so I'll refrain from tracking that one down.

Keith said...

If you weren't making light to some degree and were "simply referring to a news story" or "merely pointing out a point" then why the Buckeye Man photo and the queer eye for the straight guy wardrobe critique to open the blog entry?

I am also curious which report stated Tyson moved his arms "only over the weekend"?. Neither the article you linked nor the Gentry family statement explicitly said that.

Yost said...


Oh, I'm sure Benny was making fun of Buckeye fans. That's a given. We will always do that. I know that might come as a shock here on a Michigan site.

But he nor we didn't and do not take Gentry's injury lightly. I, for one, whether you believe it or not, am truly saddened by that and hope he's ok. It's never more than "just a game" than when something like that happens to a young college student.

As for "only over the weekend," stuff, the family statement saying he had regained movement in his arms was released on Friday and we saw the story over the weekend. Sorry if it was unclear.

Yost said...

PS Do you have any email contact info in order to send get well wishes to Gentry? Much appreciated if you do.

Yost said...

PPS Why the strong dislike of Dodd by Buckeye fans? Not familiar with him yet a couple folks have referenced him.

Yost said...


Thanks for info. Didn't see it before I wrote the above. Must have come thru as I was writing.

And no, I definitely don't want his private email. Wouldn't be right. But if you come across some public email for well-wishers due to his injury, please let us know.


Anonymous said...

read all the entries & i think i understand where all the ire for the post is coming from.

the key to the whole thing is T I M I N G. this seems to be digging up something that is nearly a month old. why now? slow day for other newsworthy CF things to poke fun at?

you can clearly see that at the time this post was made that even the Gentry family had issued a release 'thank(ing) the entire Buckeye Nation for an unbelievable outpouring of support.'

when you see something like that it simply makes the 'poke' or 'jab' at OSU fans seem a bit dirty --- especially in the circumstances and very touchy subject as someones livelihood/health.

take a step back....take a deep breath....look at the big picture....and at least try to see both sides of the story.

think that's why all of the 'critics' have crawled out of the woodwork.

just my 2cents worth.