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Thursday, May 04, 2006

BYO Belly

Maybe that fat slob sitting next to you in the Big House isn't overweight, just really, really, really smart. Because maybe that "beer gut" really is a beer gut. Literally.

A California businessman has invented a "fake beer belly" that helps sports fans sneak alchohol into games totally undetected. Appropriately called "The Beer Belly," the phoney pouch is filled with beer (or other beverages) and placed inside a sling that wraps around the stomach giving the appearance of a "beer belly." Then, during the game, fans can drink from a tube that sticks out of the shirt collar or sleeve.

Interested? You bet your ass you are! The company's website, TheBeerBelly.com, sells the devices online for $35 (to see how it works, check out this story from CNN).

In a related story, the MZone has learned that the company has been testing the product the last couple of seasons with some potential spokesmen including the gentleman below.


Benny Friedman said...

I could see Pete Carroll filling his up with Starbucks.

Wholesome Goodness said...

Can we convert our current beer bellies into these more practical (and lady friendly) beer bellies?

Anonymous said...

disappointed...I was expecting an "in other news, Rhett Bomar has noticeably gained weight recently."

Anonymous said...

I have a similar device . . . . only it hangs on my backside. I call it the booty beer bong.

Anonymous said...

Beer belly looks stupid....imagine if you were fat like me...it would be extreme....

Check out Sippin Seat at http://www.papabert.com

Not that is an invention and the thing is not attached to you.