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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Bowl Canada

Finally, the long-uttered prayers of college football fans have been answered: a bowl game in Canada.

Last week it was announced that there would be three new bowl games following the 2006 season, including the inaugural International Bowl, to be played on January 6, 2007 in Toronto's Rogers Centre (the "re" in "Centre" is not a typo; our neighbors to the north have had a hard time separating themselves from the Queen's teat. Canada didn't even have its own national flag until 1964.) Before you book your trip to Toronto, note that the game will match teams from the Mid-American and Big East Conferences.

I have been unable to confirm rumors (sorry, rumours) that the game will feature a pre-game coin flip by the MacKenzie Brothers, national anthems sung by Bryan Adams AND Geddy Lee, and that the payout to each participating school will consist of Coffee Crisps and cases of Labatts.


BaggyPantsDevil said...

With the exception of the conferences involved, a bowl game in Canada isn't that crazy of an idea. Sure, bowl games are supposed to be in warmer areas so there's the feeling of escaping winter, but Canada does have some other benefits:
1)the drinking age in Ontario is just 19 (not that it matters to me);
2) prostitution is legal in Canada (although there are some restrictions on how to go about it);
3)strippers are totally nude;
4) you can buy Cuban cigars

The True North srong and free!

Anonymous said...

I think having three downs and a wider 110-yard field will help Georgia Tech and their QB Reggie Ball in this year's Canada Bowl.

It sure make it easier to count and harder to throw the ball into the stands.

Plus, Tech can pick up a point for every punt, so I hear.

wds4usc said...

Imagine winning by a "rouge?" Canadian football, We stand on guard for thee.