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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Blog Co-ed Showdown: #5 vs. #12

Let's get ready to rummmmmmmble!

We're down to our final three match-ups in the MZone Blog Co-ed Showdown Sweet 16 and this could be interesting as #5 Brigid, the "Lethal Weapon Barbie," squares off against Jordanna, the "Paris Hilton Wannabe." Now, before we get to our scouting report, a brief explanation about why a girl who posed naked for Playboy only warranted a 12 seeding for today's clash...

We here at the MZone, not unlike the March Madness seeding committee, take many factors into consideration when placing our competitors in the brackets (hell, if only we spent this much time on our jobs). In Jordanna's case, we first ran across her in the May issue of Playboy where she was included in the "Girls of the Top Ten Party Schools" pictorial representing her school, Florida State. However, in the little blurb next to her picture she said her "goal" was to become the next Paris Hilton. Then, in an interview with a Florida State paper (along with fellow FSU student, Playboy pictorial poser and MZone BCS #3 seed, Jenn Sterger), Jordanna was asked, "Are there any projects you are working on for the future?" to which she answered, "Not that I know of."

Thus, it was due to these lofty life goals and apparent intelligence that the seeding committee felt she warranted a #12 in our bracket. You may call that harsh, we call them high standards. Remember, this isn't some little bullshit contest, we're talking about the MZone BCS!



Brigid: Wisconsin
Jordanna: Florida State

Claim to Fame:

Brigid: Plays in Women's Professional Football League, while in Air Force ROTC was first female cadet in two years to win the expert marksmanship award with a 9-mm, pageant-winning model, has flown airplanes
Jordanna: Got naked in Playboy

Fashion Statement:

Brigid: Football pads in "Boys Junior" size
Jordanna: Black bars across her lady parts

Impressed Us When:

Brigid: Made the WI Wolves of the Women's Professional Football League
Jordanna: Got kicked out of her sorority for posing in Playboy

Career Goal:

Brigid: Investment banking or sports marketing
Jordanna: Non-working heiress

Toughness Factor:

Brigid: "I know that learning plays is a very important part of football, but I really just want to hit some people. Is that so wrong?"
Jordanna: "Seeing other girls' pictures in Playboy, it looks really natural and almost effortless, but the way you have to hold these positions for long periods of time just to get one picture; it was a lot harder than I thought it would be."

Friendly Skies:

Brigid: While in ROTC, flew small-prop planes and the T-37, the trainer jet for the F-16
Jordanna: Future member of the Mile High Club

If You Say So:

Brigid: "There have been job offers in marketing and finance; possible guest roles in upcoming movies; talk of TV shows; spokesmodel positions; radio interviews across the nation, and so on. I have even been advised to get an agent."
Jordanna: "I care more about personality than looks."


Brigid: "Hey, just because some of us are small doesn't mean we don't pack a punch."
Jordanna: "I am into all kinds of weird stuff. I think I might come off as a typical sorority girl, but I am definitely not as I seem. I am really into spirituality and metaphysics and weird things like that."


While Brigid is favored, judging from, how should we put this?, the one-track minds of some of our readers (you know who you are), this could be very, very close and an upset is not out of the question.

To vote for your favorite, leave us a comment with your pick and/or CLICK HERE.

UPDATE: It has come to the attention of the MZone BCS Committee that FSU is attempting to stack the deck in this competition. Shame, 'Noles. Shame. Do we smell BCS-gate?


Buon said...

This woman won a markmanship award, is a pilot- AND wants to be an investment banker? Please tell me you're making her up. The idea she's real may very well ruin my life.

slimrod said...

I have been blessed with the ability to size up a womans strengths and weaknesses just by looking at them.

Unfortunately my friends , I see Jordanna as a dirty rotten sink runner.

Therefore in all good consciousness I must vote for Brigid.

Lordfoul said...

Definately the tough as nails and smokin' hot blond bombshell. The other girl sound like she would be annoying as hell to be around. Plus I have to root for the B10 over any Florida school in any event.

Anonymous said...

Jordanna is probably not even among the top 10% of prettiest women at FSU. Sadly, she is probably is in the top 10% of most intelligent women at FSU.

Yost said...


We hear ya. Does sound too good to be true. Why doesn't she just add that she loves three-ways and always all her boyfriends one free "hall pass" each month. Just to really rub it in.

LOL, Anon.

Becky said...

And I normally pull for brunettes whenever facing off against blondes, but Bridgid is by far the better candidate here.

Besides, if I didn't vote for her, she could TOTALLY kick my ass.

Jeremy said...

We're voting on which one is more attractive right? Because the FSU girl is hotter. I vote for Jordanna.

Anonymous said...


ferenc said...

hmmmm... really tough blonde chick who kinda looks like a guy and has a face that you could cut cheese with (not very nice, but all is fair in the BCS showdown, oui?) vs. a good looking English major from a tier 76 school. Exactly which head are most of the guys using to vote for on this poll?

Anonymous said...

Wow. You guys are harsh. Let me explain a few things to you guys, before you continue to criticize me for my Paris Hilton comment (among other things).

First off, my quote was taken out of context. You're not the first ones to give me shit for it, believe me, but I can assure you my "goal in life" is NOT to be Paris Hilton. During the Playboy casting we had to sign releases and fill out an interview. There had to be at least 20 different questions, ONE was something along the lines of "What are your career ambitions?"...something like that. My response was, now pay attention boys, "If all my partying doesn't pay off and I don't become the next Paris Hilton (sarcasm), then I want to be like Carrie Bradshaw from sex and the city, and write". Ok, so maybe wanting to be Carrie Bradshaw is equally as ridiculous; the point being- I want to be a writer, not an heiress, a golddigger, a slut, or whatever else you guys have called me.

Berate my intelligence all you want, but I can assure you I am not unintelligent. Yes, you're right, I was in the top 10% of most intelligent women @FSU. An achievement I'm not even proud of, because everyone at FSU is a complete moron. But, I'm not as stupid as my Paris Hilton comment makes me out to be. You can believe that or not.

The comments about me probably not being in the top 10% of prettiest women at FSU and the other girl being prettier than me, are your own opinion. I don't know what a "dirty rotten sink runner" is, but I'm sure it's nothing positive, and I'm kind of confused as to why everyone who comments on this blog is so blunt and harsh, considering none of you guys know either of us.

Oh, and about me saying that there is nothing in the works for me that I know of. Well, why is that so wrong to say? I have no upcoming modeling gigs, nor do I have any more Playboy stuff planned. If Playboy calls me and asks me to do more for them, or if something else comes up, then so be it. But I don't have anything else in the works as far as modeling goes right now, so I'm not sure why me saying that was such a big deal either...and why it contributed to deeming me so unintelligent.

Vote for whoever you want, but for the love of God, enough with the Paris Hilton comment.


Joshua said...

It's Parm. Why was I completey not surprised to see you here?????

Anonymous said...

Did this chick just say "everyone at FSU is a complete moron"?
So much for pride in ones academic institution.

If I'm not mistaken, dirty rotton sink runner = spits does not swollow.

Becky said...

Here are words I never thought I would utter... I kinda feel bad that people were mean to the Playboy chick.

*sidebar* Hey Josh, Joshua, whomever you are these days! Hope you are well.*/sidebar*

Anonymous said...

I feel kinda bad myself. It's easy to make fun of someone in a picture, but now that she responded I think alot of us feel like dogs.

Unless of course it was Yost pretending to be the FSU chick, if that's the case it's all out war.

Anonymous said...

I go to school with Brigid and I have to point out that she is also in the "Girls f the Top 10 Party Schools" Edition. She is standing right in front in WI's group shot in a bikini. I say way to represent.

Anonymous said...

"considering none of you guys know either of us."

I would like to though...

Anonymous said...

In response to Jordanna's comments:

If it is really you and you are offended by what is being typed about you should have known that your decision to pose for Playboy would have repercussions. All of us posting here have had the privilege to make decisions that for good or bad we have to live with. I do not offer any sort of condolences since at this moment the situation that you are currently experiencing might seem unfair to you, but unfortunately the world does not slow down to allow us time to compose ourselves when we are experiencing a difficult situation that we have either willingly created or that has been imposed upon us. Hopefully in ten years you will be able to look back on this and be wiser for the experience.

Take care.

Yost said...


Damn, that was some eloquent shit. So sorry to see it wasted here on our blog.

Keep posting comments like that and we might have to make you an MZone guest columnist.

Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

I think the only moron at FSU is you, Jordanna. Please don't insult our university because of your own issues. One of the above posters is right, she is not even in the top 10% when it comes to hotness. By the way, FSU is ranked in the 2nd tier above schools like Oklahoma, Mizzou, and most of the SEC. We may not be ranked as high as Michigan or UNC, but we're still no LSU.

Anonymous said...

I'm entitled to my own opinion. When I went to FSU I was VERY unimpressed with the students there. You're calling me a moron in response to my comment why? Because I insulted your university? Do you know anything about me at all?

Florida State has never, and will never be known for its academics. The only lists it keeps making are ones for being a top party school (which is fine, but...I have yet to see it make a list for...most difficult classes to pass, or most vigorous curriculum) so don't tell me FSU was a university full of intelligent people. It definitely was not. Let's talk about how I was an English major, and in one of my classes that ONLY English majors could take, I sat next to a girl who obviously didn't know the difference between to and too, your and you're. And she wasn't the only one. I could think of a thousand examples like this one. Go to any FSU girl's facebook or myspace and you'll see what I mean. The girls, especially, are uh, not exactly the most educated.

But thanks for calling me a moron just because I said I didn't like your school. It DOES have really uneducated and flat out STUPID people that go there. Instead of thinking about anything legitimate to say to me/insult me with, you're like everyone else at FSU...you just resort to "well that girl's a slut. fuck that guy he's a moron" any time someone says they don't like FSU.

As for the other anonymous comment, I was aware there would be repercussions and in no way did I ever say or imply that the world should slow down for me because of my own personal issues. I'm trying to clear up a few misconstrued words and explain myself to people who have misjudged. I'm aware that people are going to misjudge me in life no matter what, but if I have the opportunity to defend myself, I'm going to do so.


oh, I saw you guys wanted a picture to make sure it's me, I will take it later and send it to you guys

Anonymous said...


can i get Jenn Sterger's phone number? Thanks.

-Horny Anonymous Guy

Anonymous said...

You're wrong about academics at FSU. Myron Rolle decided to go there!

Anonymous said...

You come on here with all this poor me shit, my school is full of morons, Playboy misquoted me, everyone is so mean.
But the one thing you fail to address, are you or are you not a dirty rotten sink runner?

Anonymous said...

I never tried to come off that way. I don't feel sorry for myself, I feel like an idiot for being quoted as saying I want to be Paris Hilton. I was just trying to defend myself and tell my side of the story, not trying to get people to feel bad for me.

And no one has given me a clear definition of what a dirty rotten sink runner is.

Anonymous said...

A dirty rotten sink runner is one that chooses to run to the sink after performing fellatio.

Yost said...

Didn't know that either. See - Blogging, it's not just funny, it's educational.

Edgar said...

“As for the other anonymous comment, I was aware there would be repercussions and in no way did I ever say or imply that the world should slow down for me because of my own personal issues.”

No, you did not state or imply that in your original response. That was my own personal observation on the situations that one has to overcome, accept, deny, etc. as one goes through life. Despite that I can comprehend your sense of outrage at the situation that you find yourself dealing with and your desire to rectify it. But I know you must realize that this is the first and only impression that you have made on people who might never know you personally.

I would say that I wish you luck in your attempt to right the wrongs that you feel have been committed against you. But my opinion is that that you might become more frustrated in this endeavor do to the speed of communication and anonymity afforded by the Internet.


Shoes 101 in Mississippi said...

Before we stoop to ripping on the academic prowlness(and that of her institution) of a young woman who may have been quoted out of context...remember..

Bill Clinton couldnt understand the definition of 'is'.

And Im sure George Bush would ask for a definition of 'WMD'.

Just where did they go to school.

And as for being a sink runner...without a dress as proof...dont go there.

Anonymous said...


What the hell is "prowlness"?

Jus' wondering...

True story from today that I have to share because I feel so close to y'all... (and this is from an interview at a Fortune 500 company) Candidate resume' includes past work experience as "Proof Reader". A few paragraphs down, the candidate has a section titled "HORNORS". Uh, maybe their spellchecker wasn't working...

Anonymous said...

No word from Jordanna? The sink must be in another town.

Anonymous said...

First of all, you were the one who called everyone at FSU "complete morons". I guess that must include you too. Second, most of my fellow alumni and myself are all doing very well in the real world. We don't the need to pose naked on a magazine because we majored in English and can't find a job. I'm sorry you have issues with FSU and it's sudents, but don't judge an entire university because of your own shortcomings.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that the poster claiming to Jordanna is the real Jordanna. Nobody in their right mind would badmouth their own university like that. I think this person is a Gator fan from UF, trying to trash FSU. Only a Gator fan would pretend to be a skanky slut.

Jordanna said...

Why can't we all just get along?

Anonymous said...

Because it has been established you are a dirty rotten sink runner.