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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

BCS Update, Part II

It has come to our attention that our other contestant in the latest MZone BCS clash, Brigid, is also in Playboy's "Girls of the Top Ten Party Schools" issue along with Jordanna. Brigid was in the Wisconsin "group photo" shown below and was identified as "Brigid Kelly" in the magazine.

Thanks to one of our readers for pointing this out. Our bad. For some reason, apparently our eyes didn't immediately go to any of the clothed women in the picture. Go figure.

P.S. Why the name "Brigid Kelly" in the mag? Any Wisco readers/students know?


Anonymous said...

Let’s be honest guys, this photo is totally fake!!! Playboy totally took some girls from California and gave them Wisco stuff. I would believe it if girls were 50 LBS heavier and posing for “overweight hotties”…not that I’ve seen is…

And as for Bridget Kelly…fictional…just like Joe Pa actually coaching a game

MichiganGOBLUE said...

They probably put a fake name in there so psyco geeks wouldn't look her up in the school directory and stalk her.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, actually I know most of the girls in that picture and it's totally not fake. That is definitely Brigid and the burnette to her right is her roommate I think...what an apartment. Not sure why they didn't use her last name though.

Anonymous said...

This is another photoshopped attempt by those Michigan infidels to discredit the great Ohio State University!

Clearly this is an indirect attack on our new football uniforms and is totally unrelated to hot Big 10 chicks in a nudie mag!!!

Ben said...

anon at 1:17pm,

Yeah, uh, I know her too... we're dating... but, she, umm... lives in Canada.

Anonymous said...

Anon...you know you get the monthly edition of "G-string Fatties" to wack off with. Just step up, be a man, and admit it.

and dont be envious of JoePa (its either Joe Paterno, or JoePa, you moron)or Penn State - who does it the right way for 40 years. No probation..no $500 handshakes that are forgotten when 'ya need a win'. At least PSU hasnt had 'banners' stripped from the rafters...we would rather compete honestly...then be a known cheater.

Say what you will but how many wins in 1-A does your coach have (not 'counted' wins, real ones vs 1-A teams).
Let him get to 350, then open your mouth.

otherwise keeps drooling over women you will never get.

Anonymous said...

Piss U fan-
Alright, I'll admit it...I love the hot fatties!

Should I have said that this pic is as likely as Piss U beating Michigan. Keep trying though...every once in awhile a blind squirrel finds a nut.

Anonymous said...

Here's the answers fellas,
The name is posted under Brigid Kelly because Kelly is her middle name. She probably just wanted to maintain some anonymity. The girl next to her also goes to madison and is named Colleen. I see her around a lot
Yes, the photo is real. It was taken with the girls and people from the Delta Upsilon fraternity.
And finally, whoever the idiot is that wrote the first post, no, you don't have to be from California to be a good looking girl...