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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Ali G Interview with M Recruit Ryan Mallett

MZone reader Scott sent us the following "interview" between Ali G. and U-M 5 star QB recruit Ryan Mallett. Enjoy.

ALI G: Booyakasha. I is here wit none other than my MAIN MAN, Michigan Wolverines quarterback Ryan Mallett. Respek!


ALI G: Why does they call you Mallett? Did the bitches in Michigan give you that name for your dong?

RYAN MALLETT: That's my family's name.

ALI G: You mean, your whole family is that big? Check it... no way! OK... why does they call a halfback a halfback when he's all the way back, but the fullback is only halfway back? That's crap, init.

RYAN MALLETT: I never though of that.

ALI G: They says Michigan is the Champions of the West. But they way east, and they ain't Champions. That's crap. Does you think that if you goes to Michigan, you can take them, ya' know, further west?

RYAN MALLETT: I think the University will stay where it is. But I think we'll be Champions.

ALI G: Get you! Booyakasha! Respek! Why does they call Michigan the Wolverines? What's a Wolverine?

RYAN MALLETT: A Wolverine is someone who plays for Michigan.

ALI G: What is a "chipati"?

RYAN MALLETT: I have no idea.

ALI G: Who is Ann Arbor? Does you know her? She a honey?

RYAN MALLETT: Ann Arbor is the name of the town where the University is.

ALI G: What did Ann Arbor do to get the town named after her?

RYAN MALLETT: I'll find out for you.


Wangs said...

Scott -

Hilarious! Nice work.

You should definitely do some more of these.

Yost - next time - please don't put Scott's excellent post next to the Tennessee recruiting video! Please.

A2saint said...

Great stuff,

thanks for the reference to Pizza Bob's...

Now if you only could slip in something about Arborland it'll be just like bein' home

cottoncandy said...

I laughed, I cried. I can't wait for ali's interview of Lllloyd (although Lllloyd thinks his first name is "Da.")

TrojanWire said...

funny shit

jonathantu said...

Fucking fantastic work. Much, much better than the movie.

Casey S said...

Love the Ali G interview, you better make this a regular installment!