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Thursday, April 06, 2006

We have that going for us, which is nice

The M Zone has documented how bad this year has been for sports in Ann Arbor. Michigan had its worst football season in 21 years. The Wolverines lost three times at home, including games to Notre Dame and Tosu. They've lost four out of five to the Tressels, and haven't won a bowl game since John Navarre was a junior.

The hoops team collapsed and missed the NCAA tournament. The hockey team had a disappointing season and the women's basketball team was an incredible 0-17 in the Big Ten.

But all hope is not lost. Michigan is dominating the Challenge Cup again. What's the Challenge Cup, you ask? It's a running tally - by athletic season - between the Wolverines and Sparty. One point is awarded to the winner of the season series between the schools in each sport. There is an overall Cup winner by academic year, as well as season (Fall, Winter, Spring) winners.

Since the Cup series began in the Fall of 2003, Michigan has never lost a season series, though there were two ties in '03-'04. And with the Fall and Winter titles under their belts, the Wolverines are gunning for the Spring title. They've taken the season series from Sparty in tennis and, in a bitter regatta, rowing. With softball as one of the four remaining matchups, things are looking bright for another Wolverine season sweep.

So all is not lost for Michigan sports this year, right? Right?


Anonymous said...

Whatever lets you sleep at night!!!
I would say you have more from having this hilarious blog.

Go Buckeyes!!!!

Anonymous said...

Blues Clues

Place Team Wins Losses
1st Michigan 11 1
2nd Wisconsin 9 3
3rd Minnesota 8 4
4th Notre Dame 6 6
5th Northwestern 5 7
6th Purdue 2 10
7th Michigan State 1 11
Here’s Katie Dewitt and Matt Vanderpool and the Michigan Sailing Team stepping all over the competition at last weekend’s Big 10 Team Race. The MCSA is the Corinthian version of big time college sailing programs, with mostly dated 420s on mostly dinky lakes, but these kids are hard core and just as cool as can be. So cool that we’ll be writing more about them in the near future. Thanks to Quaz for the invite and the hospitality. Donate some money to these rockstars and maybe they’ll even come out on your 4-knot shitbox and teach you a thing or two.

Tim said...

Comparing ourselves with MSU is way below our standards

Wangs said...

Tim -

I agree. 110%.

Yost, what the f is this? It is embarrasing to compare ourselves to Spartie, our little sister, Wolverine-wishIwases.

Benny Friedman said...

Wangs, believe it or not, Yost doesn't write every post. I wrote this one. And I did it with tongue firmly planted in cheek. That was obvious to me when I wrote it, so if that was lost in translation, that's obviously the reader's fault.

Wangs said...

Yost, I apologize for slamming you for writing this bit when it turns out it was Benny!

How the heck am I supposed to know who to bitch at when this stuff gets posted if you don't sign your works. No wonder Cow-herd got confused (JUST KIDDING!).

Benny, I missed the tongue in cheek - I was apparently distracted by, um, work and didn't read it carefully. So sorry. I think the most embarrassing part, actually, is that we frickin' tied them two years in a row. Why, why, why, why, is Billy "Not Eddie" Martin still the AD?

Perhaps Michigan's new president - that lady from Iowa - is secretly sabotaging our sports programs?