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Monday, April 03, 2006

We Got Punk'd!

We here at the M Zone love a good practical joke...even if we're on the receiving end of it. Well, it has come to our attention that we - and many others in the college football blogosphere - got nailed and nailed good.

On March 20, we put up a post blasting a website called Fiascobowl.org which allegedly was started by a group of Miami fans still pissed about their team's 2003 Fiesta Bowl loss to Ohio State. According to the site, these 'Canes had been "inspired" by the Onepeat folks and had decided to raise money for a billboard to be put up in Columbus claiming that, due to the controversial pass interference call in the first OT, Ohio State didn't win the national title that year. Never mind the scoreboard, college football now was all about the billboard after the fact.

So we fired up Photoshop and gave these Fiascoblowl folks a good cyber bitch-slapping. And we felt pretty good about it sitting way up on our high-horse doing it. Hell, we felt so strongly about this apparent attempt at further billboard stupidity, we did the most vile thing we've ever done here on the M Zone: we stood in support of Ohio State in opposing it.

Then the email came.

Saturday - April 1st - we here at the M Zone received an email saying "happy April Fools" and it "might be worth your time to take a quick jaunt over to www.fiascobowl.org - we've updated the site."

Well, take a jaunt we did and that's when the smile hit: we'd been punk'd. Hard.

Turns out the folks behind the site are some "B.A.D. Ass"es - a group of UCLA fans who call themselves the "Bruin Anti-Defamation Association. And according to their updated site, the reason they did it made us laugh even harder:

A few months ago we all got behind another movement: onepeat.com. We thought LSU fans had a great idea and couldn’t resist the urge to kick the trojans while they were down. As it turned out the plan kind of backfired.

A billboard went up with almost no fanfare, facing away from USC in an non-student area of the city. For crap, dude! Do your research. We wasted our freaking money on a half-assed attempt and it was taken down in a week anyway. (Dumbass LSU fans are getting theirs this weekend anyway.) sc fans just took it as an opportunity to clarify their claim to back-to-back championships and the media (and even the damn BCS) just says "Yep, like we said." Thanks, that's what we all wanted, more love and sympathy of the trojans. Way to go stupid ass.

As we see it LSU ended up looking like a bunch of whiney prissies and sc looked like the victim of a silly, crude plot foisted by the most anal retentive fans on the planet. As usual sc played it off cool and came out smelling like roses.

Touche', B.A.D. Ass'es, touche'. You nailed us and summed up Onepeat, the true fiasco of the offseason, but than we ever could.


Anonymous said...

Awesome prank Farva. $100 says those guys weren't UCLA fans at all.

eddie, eddie said...

Not only was that actually funny, but they managed to jab at a few different teams. I will say that although that hurricaine cost UCLA a chance at the national championship, it is ridiculous to think they should of just cancelled the game to "protect" UCLA.

Jimmy Tressel's Cat said...

I think you were double "punk'd"...I know ucla fans, they have trouble putting a cogent sentance together let alone pulling this beauty off...
I'd say you're about 8 miles off center here...

Anonymous said...

this whole things stinks of 'backpadaling'!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Freakin' Awesome! Didn't one of you think that UCLA was behind Onepeat from the get go.

Anonymous said...

You're even dumber for believing that email they wrote.

Per a USC message board thread, which was soon deleted, that webpage was made by USC fans. The billboard bothered them a lot, so much so that they did all this just to pretend like the billboard didn't matter.

For what it's worth, the billboards are stupid, but USC fans got chumped in this one.

Anonymous said...

Naive defined.

Use your brain for just one second here.

If you're a UCLA fan and you put in your 20 dollars to put up some anti USC billboard, you're mad because the billboard gets put up right across the street from USC's campus and stadium?

Even if you are, do you go to such lengths to express that anger?

You put up this elaborate site. Advertise throughout the internet forums. Then it was all a joke.
And you reveal your motivations as almost word for word the USC criticisms of the billboard?

I mean, come on.

You guys didn't fall for it, did you?

theonlyrelevantprogram said...

But Yost will probably come on here saying how it really was UCLA and LSU fans are idiots, etc.

I'd be glad if those fans from Miami put up a billboard. That may have been a slightly questionable call but there were many more that went Miami's way. Either way, guess where the 02' trophy is? haha.

paulwesterdawg said...

Don't feel bad bro. I dodged a punked April Fools joke, but not before I had already spent 30 minutes researching parts of the story involving PETA and the Gamecocks. No one saw me post the article at 1:00 am, but I wrote it. Got punked anyway.


Yost said...

LOL, Paul.

Anonymous said...

yost = naive idiot

Yost said...

Yost = so slammed. Burned. You got me. You're better, smarter and funnier than me. Face. Ouch.

Trojan Mike said...

Can't we all just get along?

Anonymous said...

Not when there are idiot tofu and lswho fans trolling...

Anonymous said...

hahaha...that's some funny shit. you were double-punk'd.

and F.U.SC

wds4usc said...

Uhhh, the joke looks like it's on LSU and UCLA. Now THAT'S funny stuff.

Anonymous said...

lololololol!!!!11 omg ucla fans have no f-ing clue. anyone with half a brain will read that april fool's page and realize that it too is written as a joke. lol i love the bruins. they're soooo on the shortbus kekekekeke omg cardinal and gold zerg rush!!!11oneoneone