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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Taylor's Alteration

As mentioned on EDSBS yesterday, Aaron Taylor, the amiable hand gesture aficanado and mixed metaphor master who has served as one of ABC's college football studio hosts for the past few years is leaving the network to work as a teacher and head of a non-profit organization in San Diego.

If only Craig James had a teaching certificate...

In other college football broadcasting news, a knowlegeable source tells me that ABC is looking at either Dan Fouts or Steve Mariucci to replace Gary Danielson as Brent Musburger's partner in the booth. Danielson signed a deal to announce SEC games for CBS beginning in the 2006 season.


Kilgore Trout said...

I truly hate Craig James. I have never seen someone love the Big 12 has much as that man. He is the most bias "Analyst" ever.

Hobnail_Boot said...

Me and my friends are convinced that Aaron Taylor is not actually a living, breathing human being. Rather, he is a robot.

He's essentially the Roger Lodge of college football.. a host whose tone or expression never changes, despite the wardrobe department's best attempts to convince us otherwise.

Close your eyes and repeat the following 2 sentences: 1) "And it looks like James couldn't light Carla's fire, better luck next time." and 2) "Coach Bowden is going to open up the Clemson attack this week."

Tell me you don't hear the same monotonous voice.

Jeremie said...

I hated listening to that guys version of 'sports announced by a guy with muscles.'

I feel sorry for those kids though.

IC said...


Clearly you and your friends are right about Taylor being a robot. It's the only way to explain the hand movements and machine-like speech patterns.

As someone who occasionally enjoys settling in to watch some southern California singles pursue love/future booty calls on "Blind Date", I must tell you that your Roger Lodge reference hit the bullseye and the comparison of his post-date recaps to Taylor's pre-game analysis was hilarious.

Chris of Dangerous Logic said...

Danielson's going to do SEC games and Musberger is staying?

Damn, why couldn't that have gone the other way around?

Benny Friedman said...

Chris, as I've stated on this site before, I like Musburger. There's no one who's a better friend when you're ahead, though he can be a bit frustrating when the Wolverines are losing. But overall I think he knows, and loves the game, and that shows through.
I'll miss Danielson. I think he's the best college analyst out there. There were so many times his predictions of what would happen would come true. He was so good as a college analyst, I can almost forgive him for tripping on the second base coutout on the old Busch Stadium astroturf in another frustrating loss for the Lions.
Though losing Danielson will diminish the ABC broadcast, picking up Fouts will limit the loss. I enjoy his commentary as well and have actually met the man and he couldn't have been friendlier. Most of his time lately has been spent uttering the phrase, "Well, Keith, actually..."
I also think Marriucci has potential. He's smart, media-savvy, and loves the game. Of course I thought he'd be good as Lions coach, too, so what do I know?

Oregonweim said...

Good riddance to Taylor, never enjoyed him as a commentator. As for replacements, if I'm forced to listen to Steve Mariucci in order to watch College Football I think I may need to start a drug habbit.