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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Spring Ball and the Big House

For a great recap of Michigan's spring football fortunes and what it all means for the fall, check out Brian's excellent work over at M Go Blog.

Also, while you're at the site, there was a recent article in the NY TIMES about the controversy surrounding the addition of luxary boxes (yes, Bill, they're "luxary boxes" no matter what you call them) in the Big House. Brian makes some good points as to why this controversy shouldn't be.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

When I saw the OL discussion in the Detroit News, I thought: "We have a big problem."

It seems that Brian agrees (for better or worse).

I'm anxious to be pleasantly shocked, but I simply can't imagine that an OL that goes Bihl, Mitchell, Riley is Big 10 Championship caliber (never mind trying to compete for a national title).

We'll glitter like fool's gold through the Vanderbilt and CMU sacrifices, but we could be (well-deserved) underdogs in at least four - and maybe all six - of the next six games.

Is the talent (judged by recruiting rankings) over-rated, or is the coaching well under par?