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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Separted at Birth

Brian over at MGoBlog was the first to point this out, and he's right. Five-star QB recruit, Jimmy Claussen, who committed to Notre Dame this week is a dead ringer for '80s rocker Billy Idol.

Since he committed to the Irish, Claussen will have to learn the words to the Notre Dame Victory March. He could have saved some time by committing to Ole Miss or UNLV since he already knows "Rebel Yell."


Brickeye said...

I think he looks more like this this guy.


Deryk from Sum 41

Yost said...


Yeah, I must admit you're right there.

CrimeNotes said...

A commentor elsewhere suggested that he looks more like Lisa Simpson. I'm going to vote Lisa Simpson, because I don't want Billy Joel's good name tarnished by a Clausen.

The King said...

What he really looks like is John Hotti, but I'm not going to get into that here.

He does not look like Billy Idol. He has a similar hairdo, in a different color. And that's it.

COWolverine said...

He definitely was born on the wrong coast and should be part of the Hotti crew.

As an alternative though, it's been suggested that he could put chrome all over his car and become the fourth Icy Hot Stunta.

Anonymous said...

I thought he looked weallt tewwt in this photo.....


Oregonweim said...

I love all my Notre Dame friends telling me how humble he really is... yeah.