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Friday, April 21, 2006

The Pride of the Buckeyes

A restaurant just outside Columbus "won" a national award for having the nation's best restrooms. Wendell's, in the suburb of Westerville, was chosen in an online poll sponsored by a bathroom supply company.

Coincidentally, they beat out an eatery in East Lansing.


Anonymous said...

Take that Meechigan!!!! Best shitters out there. HAHA

Anonymous said...

I hope the sarcasm above is detectable and you don't really think a Buckee Fan would cheer for that. But you probably do.

Anonymous said...

Why do all Ohio State dudes say and type Meechigan? I live in Ohio and whenever I get introduced to someone by an OSU fan they say, "Oh and he went to Meechigan." Is it a joke or is it just how Ohio people roll?

PS - My word verificaction is "diccfor" as in whats a diccfor.

Wangs said...

I think the Buckeyenistas are unwittingly paying a great tribute to Fielding H. Yost and Bob Ufer.

Yost was from West Virginia originally and he referred to Michigan as Meeechigan. Bob Ufer, who I think was on the track team when Yost was around, would listen to Yost tell stories about Yost's Meechigan teams. So Ufer adopted it - if it was good enough for Fielding H. Yost it was good enough for old Bob Ufer. Ufer, of course, hated Ohio State. Like many of us. So it always brings a smile to my face when Buckeyes pay tribute to the prononciation adopted by two great Wolverines - who hated them.

but shhhh - don't tell them.

Anonymous said...

not sure they can be #1, they don't have the 'whiz on the walls' feature like Michigan stadium.