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Monday, April 24, 2006


A West Virginia student was busted for spying on a Marshall practice this month. The kid was confronted after he was spotted in the bleachers taking detailed notes.

When asked who he was, first the kid lied saying he was a member of the media covering a story. Next, he said he was a Univeristy of Alabama-Birmingham student (a Marshall Conference USA opponent). Then, he tried to run.

Turns out, not only is he a WVU student but he works in the building where the Mountaineer football offices are located.

UPDATE: In a reporting coup, WVU blog Mountainlair has obtained a copy of these highly detailed practice notes.


Anonymous said...

Cute poster, but... this is West Virginia you're dealing with, fellas. While the beard is fine, the guy has all his teeth. They ain't even yellow. And the lady there on the right is about 15 sizes too small.

six toothed sammy said...

I'm gettin' tired of all you assholes making jokes about our teeth. So we don't have all our teeth. BIG FUCKING DEAL! I say teeth are overrated.

nico said...

Ha! UAB use a scout!?!?!

They haven't even bothered to hire a coach yet in the 10+ years of the program's existence, they certainly aren't using scouts.

Anonymous said...

Great, lived here all my life. Rememeber, In West Virginia if you divorce your wife she is still legally still your sister...... Oh almost forgot, I am an OSU grad. But still like to read this bog.
Thanks Yost OSU "76"