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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

OSU Player in Trouble with the Law? Really?!

The fine folks at EDSBS report on the latest Buckeye to run afoul of the law.

And that collective sigh you hear coming out of Columbus is the relief that it wasn't a really good player.


Benny Friedman said...

Actually, Boone was named the starting left tackle recently .

surrounded in columbus said...

talk about irony. Sweaterboy was hired to restore discipline to a program that supposedly Coop had lost control of. he got his (brief) reputation for discipline by, in addition to the flippin' sweater vest, suspending Bellasari the week before the game against us in his first season. and for what? driving under the influence.

tosu fans just tripped over themselves lavishing praise (after they won) for his integrity and courage, for taking such a stand for enforcing the rules (seems a little silly, looking back now).

however, 20+ arrests later, we've come around full circle. Boone (who was announced as the starter come fall -http://www.cd.columbus.oh.us/football/football.php?story=dispatch/2006/04/02/20060402-E4-04.html- )won't be punished. he's a starter at a key position, so no suspension, no loss in practice, basically no consequences.

makes me wonder if the reason Sweaterboy benched Bellasari was the DUI, or was it that he wanted to start Krenzel instead anyhow?

Guts and Glue said...

I wonder if ole sweatervest had a 1 and 5 record against Michigan if he would be revered as a god in Columbus?

surrounded in columbus said...

1-5, w/ this kind of off the field trouble? they'd have canned him a long time ago.

i suppose that's the funny thing about all this- neither Carr nor Tre$$el could ever keep each other's job.

no matter how many "w's" he had, michigan's administration would have busted Sweaterboy before the arrests hit double digits.

and tosu wouldn't care how clean or ncaa compliant the program was, or how well behaved the players were, Carr's W-L record over the last 5 years would have gotten him fired in cowtown.

Yost said...


Boy, good comment. Totally agree.

WhiteDawg said...

like the site..but it's sad that Michigan has been worked over by Ohio State the last two years. And all you can ever do is make jokes about OSU's players. Well get ready to be rocked this year. Ohio State will run all over a terrible 7-5 Michigan team. Michigan lacks talent and depth something you will see this season. GO BLUE...HAHAHHAHAHA

Wangs said...

W'dawg - I wish it were only the past 2 years. Seems more like 4 out of 5, to me.

Yost said...


Oh, we make jokes about Ohio State over a lot more than just their players.

Marcus Ray said...

Poke all the fun you want at tOSU and the boosters, UofM still has the best sports agents available!!! Thanks Lloyd!! too bad the NCAA found out, I'll always remember the good times *sigh*

WhiteDawg said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
WhiteDawg said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
WhiteDawg said...

You make jokes to rationalize your jealousy of Ohio State. Honestly, it must suck these last few years being a Michigan fan, I know. It hurts when your basketball team still relives the glory days of the Fab Five and Chris Webber's classic time out. Lets just make one thing clear Michigan's football team hasn't been a true force since 1997. Joke all you want but nobody is laughing with you, only at you. I just find it humorous that deep down you can't stand that Ohio State's Football program is so much better than Michigans(in recent years), its eating you alive inside. GO BLUE!!!HAHA

surrounded in columbus said...

we haven't had the best five years (though in addition to '97, the 1999 and 2003 michigan teams were as much as a "force" as tosu's or don't your four loss seasons count?)but "jealousy"? you're out of you're freakin' mind.

don't confuse our disatisfaction w/ our own program as anything other than that. we may be tired of Lloyd, but nobody (and i mean lterally nobody) in A2 would trade him for Tre$$el and the stench that comes w/ him. no number of "W's" could be worth that many arrests and that much scandal.

we don't like losing, but never fool yourself into thinking michigan fans have anything but contempt for what your program has become. and personnally, i'd sooner go 7-5 every season before hiring "barry switzer in sweatervest" you have as a coach.

Benny Friedman said...

SiC, "Barry Switzer in a Sweater Vest" is a great line. We might have to start using that one regularly.

IC said...

Or we could go with the shortened "Barry Sweatervest" or simply "Switzervest."

SiC, what do you think?

Wangs said...

Barry Switzer in a Sweater Vest is PERFECT description of Tressell, almost.

I know there was lots of criminal activity, players shooting guns in their dorms, etc. Tosu definitely has that covered. But was there any payola scandal under Switzer?

Michigan fired Steve Fisher for less than what has happened on Tre$$el'$ watch.

The key to this name is - it needs to be shorter than "Barry Switzer in a Sweater Vest" but convey the same meaning.

We need to figure out how to shorten it a bit. But it is exactly who he is and what Tosu stands for - winning at any cost, apparently.

surrounded in columbus said...

thanks. typically i shorten it to: "Switzer/Tre$$el", "Barry Tre$$el" or"S/T". however, i don't have it copyrighted (inside joke) so feel free to offer or adopt any short cuts.

and my happy thought for the weekend (other than don't bet the hard eight) is for everyone to remember that tosu is only a troy smith felony away from 5-7 next season.

Cheater McSweatervest said...

Just wanted to let you know that I agree with Marcus Ray. We seem to forget about the best college basketball team money could buy (that in true MEECHIGAN fashion figured out how to screw it up)! I loved that well timed time-out by C-Webb.......oh wait those games were vacated so that never happened. What payola scandal at THE Ohio State University are we talking about? The one that "Maury" decided NOT to "take down the university" in front of the stoneless NCAA? Or the relatively insigniffigant $500 that Troy "I bend MEECHIGAN over the trash can every November and they enjoy it and beg for more" Smith, compaired to the HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS that were given to the Fab five? So much for a clean program. By the way......Tressel probably DID suspend Bellasari just so he could beat you at THE JAIL, I mean BIG HOUSE WITH A HOME TOWN MEECHIGAN BOY!!!!!!!!!

Cheater McSweatervest said...

By the way.......Bob Ufer sucks!

surrounded in columbus said...

Cheater Vest,
the Fabs were 10 years ago. we fired the coach. we have football players get arrested, too (about 1/5 the number tosu gets, but we do get them). we kick them off the team, suspend or punish them.

it's not about not making mistakes, it's about correcting them. we do. you don't.

you've got a program that pretty much anybody outside of phil fulmar or mike price would be embarrassed by, and has it gained you?

3 more wins this season than michigan? a conference co championship? a 4-1 record against Michigan? one NC?

you've got a team w/ more arrests than barry switzer going thru airport security and that is what you have to show for it.

w/ apologies to thomas more, to sell your soul for all the world? but for 3 wins???

you sold out, and you sold out cheap.

and what's even funnier is
the suckeye nation, despite all its claimed indifference, craves outside validation more than anything else. it's the single biggest chip on your shoulder and your biggest insecurity. you're the rodney dangerfield's of college football.

you put up w/ all this crap because you think the wins will make people respect you. but it hasn't worked, has it? the scandals/arrests/embarrasments keep piling up. the very thing you want most, "respect" from outside columbus, the national press, keeps disappearing w/ each scandal.

mom was right -careful what you wish for.

BTW- you're going to burn in hell for that crack about Ufer

Cheater McSweatervest said...

TOSU, as you say, HAS punished suspended/kicked players off the team (Brandon Joe-DUI suspended for two games, Bellasari-DUI suspended for 2 games and didnt start the bowl game, some idiot kicker-drug traffiking KICKED OFF THE TEAM, Maurice Clarett-suspended,when he ran his mouth,KICKED OFF THE TEAM.....I could go on). How quick was your "great" university in firing Steve Fisher?(sp?) HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS changed hands there. Troy Smith took $500. He WAS suspended from the team. HE SAT OUT THE BOWL GAME AND THE FIRST GAME OF THE SEASON AND WAS HELD OUT OF PRACTICE AND DIDNT START AGAINST TEXAS! He WAS punished. He payed back the money, and the booster who gave the money was suspended from having ANY contact with the team. It seems that you yellow and azure folks just like to pile on, with little regard with the facts. As it stands Alex Boone has not been found guilty. While I do not condone getting behind the wheel after drinking, he, if found guilty, will pay his debt to society and WILL be punished by Tressel. The fact is, that while you SAY that Tressel doesnt punish players for wrongdoing, the fact is HE DOES! As for being Rodney Dangerfield like, all I EVER hear about is how MEECHIGAN has this "GREAT" football tradition. One shared National championship in, what, 55 or so years? And that one wasnt real. Everybody KNOWS that Nebraska team would have SMOKED the yellow and azure.

Cheater McSweatervest said...

Also......Im going to have to check my bible. Where does it say "thou shalt not take the name of Bob Ufer in vain"?

surrounded in columbus said...

you're right- violent felony convictions will get you thrown off tosu- provided you're not a starter or the team's 3 deep at that position. otherwise, you are pretty much in good shape.
where's the penalty for Boone?? no where, because your line isn't deep at tackle and he's a starter.

and your drug dealing kicker is already back on the team (or don't you read the Dispatch?) and you know why? Huston graduated and the other guys on the roster haven't proven themselves, so guess what? he's back (sans scholarship), but back none the less.

if switzer/tre$$el thinks he needs you, you can do pretty much anything and he won't do anything and YOU won't care.

aeriously, do you have ANY pride in the school OTHER than the football (sports) team? doesn't it bother you at all that EVERY article/broadcast originating from outside the outerbelt, no matter what the topic, eventually ties back to the countless scandals?? doesn't the impact on the schools image as an educational institution trouble you even a little?

or are you one of the countless locals who never went to tosu but follow them blindly because that's the way they do things down in pickaway county???

and for your compulsive, almost pathetic clinging to a ten year old, long resolved b-ball scandal (which is about as relevant as me bringing up Earl Bruce taking Schlister to Scioto Downs or Woody lending players money- all of which is ancient history), all i'm going to say is at least they paid in cash. what kind of a moron would write a check????

Cheater McSweatervest said...

Ancient history that you brought up. Actually since you ask, I DID graduate from The Ohio State University Magna Cum Laude class of 2002. Im not some dumb hick with 2 1/2 teeth that ALL Ohioans are if you listen to any Michigander.

The kind of moron that would write a check to a player is the same man (Jim O'Brien, for those who dont know, former Basketball coach before God, I mean Thad Matta took over) who WAS FIRED WITHIN A COUPLE OF WEEKS after he finally admitted to the infraction. So much for no punishment. As for Jonathon Skeet, he wont sniff the field so your argument doesnt hold water. Boone, I can guarentee as I said before, will pay his debt, serve a team punishment, and will be reinstated. And, he will not offend again. If he does, he will be gone. Instances of re-offense have been dealt with harshly by the sweatered one.

And what violent felony offenses are we talking about? The one where that dumbass but F-ING AWESOME tight end (no sexual reference) robbed someone on campus, and before he was convicted WAS KICKED OFF THE TEAM! So much for TOSU not "doing anything" about players getting in trouble.

I harp on the fab five deal because as we know, MEECHIGAN would NEVER do anything so CLASSLESS as let a player accept $500 from a booster......or was it $600,000? I forget since it was so long ago. Sorry if my pathetic clinging to the fab five brings back bad memories. It just made my day when I heard that they were in fact cheaters at the "Harvard of the West".

By the way.......I dont know if you saw another post on another thread where I refrenced u and said how classy u guys are here and I apologized for the Ufer crack. I was slightly intoxicated (probably more than Boone). Can I buy you a beer and mend this fence?

Benny Friedman said...

CMcS, I'm not going to argue with you on this one, but I want to clear up a mistake a lot of people, including "journalists" make. You keep referring to the "Fab Five" taking money. Only one of the "Fab Five," Chris Webber, was found to have taken money from Ed Martin. There was no proof any of the other four guys did. There were three players from after the "Fab Five" Era (Traylor, Taylor, Bullock) who took money. Just a clarification - it's not really fair to the other four guys to lump them in with Webber on this.

Cheater McSweatervest said...

That other post was on the thread about Colin Cowherd's use of the wonderlic or whatever the hell it is. I really do mean to apologize. I just get tired of the pile-on, especially with some of the abuse that I have encountered at the.... I'll say it......the big house. It really is a rampant problem in all of sports. But that doesnt make it right. I think I had to come out swinging on my first couple of posts to see how serious people on here are. I see that you are a worthy opponent with some good points.

IC said...

One more clarification C.McS...Michigan is not, as you note, the "Harvard of the West". Harvard is the "Michigan of the East."

surrounded in columbus said...

personally, i'll drink w/ anybody, so consider it mended. also, i'm not actually one of the offical bloggers but just a frequent commenter, so please don't attribute any of my comments to the staff here who merely indulge my sometimes over the top tirades (though i stand by my comments, over the top or not).

that said, i have lived in columbus for 16 years (ah, the cooper days)and went to high school in Lawrence County before moving north for college, so i have plenty of first hand knowledge w/ the two tooth crowd (which reminds me- i need to call Mom).

most of the most obnoxious tosu fans i meet on a daily basis are people who never went there and seem to try to compensate for their lack of a degree by their over the top fanaticism.

mind you,tosu does turn out their share of obnoxious fans (i have to type fast before my wife comes home and discovers i'm talking about her again), and they are at least a little different than most schools (as your Jan/Feb alumni mag noted this winter).

all that aside, i do enjoy busting chops w/ tosu maniacs. too much togetherness gets dull.

maybe you'll just spend time in purgatory (the afterlife one, not the ski resort) for apologizing for the Ufer crack.

great catch on "the michigan of the east". used to have an Harvaaard sweatshirt that said that, but that was 20 years and 40 lbs ago.