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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Monday TOC

Hope you had a good weekend. Scroll down today to find:

* Home Sweet Home for the College Football Fan
* Baseball and College Football: Two Peas in Pod?
* The M Zone gets Punk'd!


Anonymous said...

M Zone gets punked again by fiascobowl.org

Let's get this straight.

*UCLA fans put a few dollars together for the anti USC billboard.

*UCLA fans don't like the location of that billboard across the street from USC's campus and stadium, even though it garners national attention. (The location of the billboard was really unimportant, as it was the idea of the billboard that captured the minds of the cfb fan)

*UCLA fans express their dissatisfaction of the billboard's location by creating a site about Miami and Ohio State.

*UCLA fans advertise this site throughout the web.

*UCLA fans reveal that it was all a joke.

*In that revelation, they come out as UCLA fans and give the exact same reasons for their disatisfaction as USC fans gave for their dislike of the billboard.

IQ of one who believes this line of reasoning is below 90.

Anonymous said...

yost just proved how moronic he is by believing that. anyone with half a brain can see that it was a USC fan pizzed at the billboard writing that. why else all the jabs at all LSU fans while USC gets praised and lauded?

TheOnlyRelevantProgram said...

Yost is completely infatuated with USC though. Haven't you been reading this blog for a while?

This can't be UCLA fans. UCLA/LSU fans are in cahoots anyway. Their fans love and respect each other right now. Just go to their boards to see.

Anyway, whoever wrote it (my money is all on USC) didn't do a good job in disguising themselves. It jabs at LSU (something Bruins fans don't do) and praises USC (something that Bruins fans would rather castrate themselves than do).

Anonymous said...

You have to understand that yost is what people these day call "challenged."

wds4usc said...

At least USC fans won't be wearing Gator shirts tonight like the bRuin fans wore Longhorn shirts at the basketball games. At the second game I asked a young fan what the (hook 'em Horns) two-finger sign meant. He said it was for Texas to which I replied the game is between the bRuins and the Trojans. After stuttering for a bit he quietly left after USC beat them and rendered him to the status of eternal dumb-ass.

Yost said...

Doh! You guys got me.

Have to run. Short yellow bus is out front.

BaggyPantsDevil said...


Yost, don't forget your Reggie Bush jersey and your butterscotch pudding snack cup.

And, don't forget that you are special.

theonlyrelevantprogram said...

Yost, that's your response? It only enforces the notion that you knew the whole time that it wasn't UCLA fans and probably USC fans. Just one more example of your love affair with theTrojans.

Anonymous said...

He loves to cry when he's "been wronged" by others but when he does the same, he just ignores it.


Anonymous said...

Oh MZone, how you've disappointed me and my powder bluecomrades

Anonymous said...

Owned. Where's yost, baggy, wangs, king, and Benny?

Anonymous said...

No way those are UCLA fans. No wonder people don't take this site seriously. I doubt they even wrote that wonderlic test. Probably stole it themselves.

Wangs said...

I don't even know what the f you fellas are talking about here.

Yost - I have only one question: why does any discussion of UCLA or USC extend beyond which has the better cheerleaders?

Wangs said...

I guess we could also re-visit whether USC's most famous alum, OJ, did it or not.

wds4usc said...

Well, USC and Michigan should have this "love affair"--they've always respected each other for one simple reason: There's a lot to respect! Those who have been there and done that for so long understand.

Wangs said...

Does UCLA have any famous alums?

Benny Friedman said...

Wangs, UCLA might not have one of their most famous athletes be an ACCUSED double murderer, but the list of famous UCLA alums is impressive: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Troy Aikman, Arthur Ashe, Tom Bradley, Carol Burnett, Jimmy Connors, Francis Ford Coppola, James Dean, Gil Garcetti, Jackie Joyner Kersee, Jim Morrison, Reggie Miller, Michael Ovitz, Rob Reiner, and Jackie Robinson.

Benny Friedman said...

I love how these "Anonymous" posters make it seem so obvious that this was a prank. Looking at the comments from the original post, there was no one who hinted this might be the case.
To be honest, if I'd seen this several months ago I would have thought "No one's a big enough idiot to spend money to put up a billboard about some perceived slight from years ago." But then I heard about onepeat and realize that there are plenty of people who would spend that kind of money to publicly show how inadequate they feel.

Wangs said...

Tom Bradley, Gil Garcetti.

Local elected officials make the short list?

Didn't your favorite sports analyst, Bill Walton get high at UCLA?

wds4usc said...

I guess that's what Neil Armstrong (USC alum) and Bill Walton have in common.

Wangs said...

Anon 1:41 -

That's funny.

I can imagine Neil and Bill sharing a bong . . . arguing about who has the hottest cheerleaders.

theonlyrelevantprogram said...

Benny Benny Benny. It's not the prank that was so obvious. No one could have known that. It was the ensuing email sent to Yost that anyone with at least a 3rd grade reading comprehension would figure out that UCLA fans didn't write it. "Try 8 miles away." What we're flaming is Yost's attempt to still put it up, selling the email and billboard as truly being done by UCLA fans bashing LSU and praising USC. It was clearly USC. So now, the newer question is why you Yost jumps at the chance to perform fellatio on the Trojans while going after everyone they oppose, i.e. Tiger and Bruin fans. Hmmmmm.

Benny Friedman said...

theonlyrelevantprogram, I wouldn't be knocking other people's "reading comprehension" with writing such as the one in your last post.
If I follow it correctly, you're trying to insuate that Yost is some sort of closet 'SC fan. Yeah, right. He's worked on this blog for six months under the guise of being a Michigan fan, all the while really being a Trojan backer. You got him.
First off, none of us on this blog have anything against LSU, except for all of the onepeat losers. Second, we have nothing against UCLA and have never posted anything anti-Bruin. Personally, I typically cheer for UCLA over USC. As wds4usc posted above, I think we all have respect for USC and what they've done over the past three years (TWO national titles, etc.) and throughout college football history. We're college football fans - we can acknowledge other team's accomplishments without feeling diminished or inadequate.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

It's time to be honest.

UCLA fans did not make that site.

It was USC fans who want to make LSU fans look bad for putting up that billboard in their own backyard.

But yost either is too dumb or too stubborn to admit it.

BaggyPantsDevil said...

Wangs, I've read the transcripts of the one interview O.J. did without a lawyer before being charged.

Although the cops did a terrible job of questioning O.J., there's about five thousand verbal indicators of deception, an admission that he occasionally still hooked up with Nicole for sex, and a couple of clues that he stalked her and hung around her house waiting for her to come home from partying.

Best line, when asked about why he dripped blood from a cut on his hand all over his house his answer was: "I bleed all the time. I play golf and stuff."

He did it. And I bet he doesn't consider LSU a MNC for 2003, either.

wds4usc said...

Thanks, Benny. Neither of us measures our own success by other schools' failures. And if the bogus site was done up by USC fans, great. The LSU and UCLA "fans" put themselves in the line of fire. They should stop crying as they had it coming since this "onepete" crap was started.

Yost said...


You read me wrong: I really don't give a rat's cornhole who did it. It was a good practical joke no matter who put it up.

If you want to investigate b/c of some deeper meaning, have at it.

Anonymous said...

This was a good practical joke?

It was a joke, but it was neither good nor practical.

I too think it was USC fans.

Yost said...

I know, I know. All "Anonymous" comments today are people who a) knew it was phoney from the get-go (but never mentioned it after initial post on the subject) and b) just "know" it's USC fans who 1) put up the original fake website knowing we (and other sites would pick up on it) and 2) when the FiascoBowl folks revealed that it was an April Fool's joke, again knew that we would do a story on it giving props to the "alleged" UCLA perpetrators of the site in such a way that it would actually be pro-USC.

Yeah, makes perfect sense, Columbo.

Anonymous said...

It's the same guy who made the USCdynasty.com page and tried to get a billboard in Baton Rouge, but couldn't afford it.

Go to register.com and see for yourself unless he's already taken down his info.

wds4usc said...

Please, tell the truth. The money was there but the billboard company in Baton Rouge turned him down due to threats of violence. The USCdynasty guy was also personally threatened. A little bit different than being unable to afford it. But that's how these stupid, ignorant urban legends start.

Anonymous said...

The Onepeat guys got threatened also with physical violence.

If the Uscdynasty guy was he should have brought it to the police. As is, it was probably a lie and an easy excuse for him not to put it up when he realized he couldnt afford it.

Anonymous said...

I heard he was killed in a drive-by incident somehow linked to cocaine drug lords out of miami.

Yost said...

"The Onepeat guys got threatened also with physical violence"

Really? The ANONYMOUS "Steve" got threatened, huh?

wds4usc said...

You know, you're not funny, little coward anon. Check his site for the text of the entire letter from the billboard company. But you're just a moronic slob who likes to make light of threats of violence. What a class act you are!

Anonymous said...

LOL. Come on. All it says in that letter is that there were threats of vandalism. Do I need to give you links to USC fans threatening the billboard if it were to be put up in Los Angeles?





wds4usc said...

Here we go again. I'm leaving to watch the game. Sorry the site has been so befouled by idiots. See you later.

Anonymous said...

USC fans cannot accept any sort of rational dialogue.

USC didn't put up the billboard because there were threats that it would be vandalized. The threats against the guy doing it are unproven, and if real, should have been reported to the police.

There were far more threats against the LSU billboard. I remember seeing quite a few even on this site in the comment section.

So now what, USC?

LSU owns you in debate so you try to sully LSU's reputation while exalting USC's. Only problem is that you're not as good as you think you are and LSU is not as bad as you think it is.

wds4usc said...

Little "Steve" is at it again. No, you don't "own" USC in debate because you have to have a legitimate issue to debate rather one from your twisted imagination. Now go take your meds, "Steve."

Anonymous said...

Seriously, what is wrong with some of these LSU people?

Yost said...

I have a hunch it's not LSU people as much as probably two Onepeat folks. I actually feel bad for 99.8% of the LSU fans who are unfairly lumped in with these folks.

If you notice, everytime we do anything that even remotely alludes to the billboard stuff, we get all kinds of "Anonymous" comments ripping USC and us (b/c of our views on Onepeat).

Gee, I wonder who it could be?

Anonymous said...

And still the issue -- that these USC fans have tricked you again -- goes unaddressed.

Anonymous said...

"Again?" Gee, when was the first time? Oh, let me guess. Get ready for a diatribe.....You had it coming LSU-breath.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. They tricked them by posing as Miami fans first. And the second trick is posing as UCLA fans.

Don't be so stupid.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, this has got to stop. Delete this thread and never mention Onepeat, the fiasco bowl, the billboard, USC fans, LSU fans, UCLA fans, or anything that might derail your blog as much as it already has.

wds4usc said...

Actually, it's quite a day when LSU, UCLA and Miami all get "sullied" even further and USC, Ohio State and Michigan look like innocent victims. Whoever did it took on SIX programs at once! My only question is how to get Notre Dame in there somehow...

Anonymous said...

It's obvious that WDS is a suc fan trying to flame here.

The only thing it looks like, SUC fan, is that a couple of USC fans tried to play cloak and dagger games to sully another's program. Real class acts sullying another's program under the attempted guise of our fans. UCLA fans have much better things to do than that. If they were men, they would have announced their true fanbase identity instead of hiding behind another team.


And before you make some idiotic comment on the game last night, please remember the 11 banners we have and the fact that your team couldn't even make the NIT.

Anonymous said...

Here's my take.

All OSU fans - garbage

Some LSU fans - in denial about 03

Some Miami fans - fairweather and poor sports

Some UCLA fans - don't know much about them actually.

Some USC fans - the most arrogant I've encountered on the interent

All Michigan fans - the epitome of all that is right in college sports.

Just a thought.

wds4usc said...

Hey anon 5:17: I don't flame. I have more respect than that and those who have seen me here know that. But talk about sullying a program! What were LSU and those stupid bRuin fans doing with the billboard? Please. You are showing your total lack of class which, unfortunately, seems to be the hallmark of UCLA. And you think you know what I'm going to say about the basketball game? How about congratulations for a fine year. I support the athletes, not jackass fans. Now go put on your Texas shirt, although those great, classy Longhorn fans shouldn't be subjected to it.

Anonymous said...

"Actually, it's quite a day when LSU, UCLA and Miami all get "sullied" even further and USC, Ohio State and Michigan look like innocent victims."

Don't lie. You were trying to start **** with LSU, Miami, and UCLA fans. Please. The only thing looking bad here is the classless USC fans who were low-life and had to hide behind a false identity. But you conveniently haven't addressed that issue, now have you.

And I have never dealt with any Miami fans, but every single LSU poster that came on our boards were respectful and classy. Even after the game and before the championship they were acknowledging our dominating performance and wishing us good luck on a great season. Can't say the same about our SUC neighbors several miles away.

Only a handful of our fans wore those Texas shirts so cry on. SUC fans ARE the most arrogant ***holes in college sports. 2nd is ND. So flame on wds, flame on.

wds4usc said...

Dude, you are a weasel. Payback is a bitch and the billboard folks got it in spades. Don't throw stones and not expect them to be hurled back. It was an embarrassment to most of the LSU fans and I do feel badly for the majority of their good guys and gals. But some of them went on with it ("Steve")and their newfound friends in Westwood joined in on the "fun." You don't address that. The truth is you got punked and it's called payback. I know it's hard to deal with but you'll get used to it.

If that's a flame, well that's your opinion. I like to have fun here and make comments just as you do. Because one of them stung a bit you go ballistic. We've dealt with nasty comment after nasty comment just like yours.

And by the way, we had the same positive response from the Texas fans before, during, and after the Rose Bowl.

Finally, if you accuse me of flaming, why are you calling us a-holes? Please, act a bit more educated and look up the word "hypocrite."

wds4usc said...

Yost and gang, this is truly not a fight I wanted. I do like to have fun and comment on the situation at hand and if someone thinks I've flamed, I apologize. That's not been my intent at anytime. I have plenty of dear friends from our so-called rivals and it never gets out of hand like this. I know there are some hurt feelings at this time so I'm going to let this one go.

Yost said...


No worries. We understand who's behind all this. It's not LSU fans, it's not UCLA fans, it's not SC, etc. etc. etc. It's about a few billboard folks.

Anonymous said...


In yost's mind:

USC is blameless in every way.

Yost said...

What exactly should SC be blamed for? They don't deny LSU won a SHARE of the national title for 2003. Onepeat "fans" are the one causing problems, not USC fans.

When USC fans do something to be "blamed" for, we'll be the first to point it out. But so far, they haven't.

And we're not "pro USC." As fans of a team that has lost more Rose Bowls than we can count to the Trojans, we have no reason to be biased toward them. But when morons surface trying to rewrite history, well, we become big supporters of them or anybody else (hence the reason we also jumped to Ohio State's defense when we thought the other billboard idea was real. I guess next you'll accuse us of being Tosu fans).

Anonymous said...

Goddamn Tosu fans!!!

Anonymous said...

haha, no seriously, every fanbase has had its fun with this dumbass thread. Now don't mention any of the above topics EVER EVER EVER again for the love of God.

Anonymous said...

And to the UCLA fan, sorry about the game, was cheering for you guys.