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Monday, April 17, 2006

M Go Pez

This summer, PEZ - yes, the candy company - will launch seven college football dispensers. The company has contracted with Florida, Alabama, Florida State, Georgia, Penn State, Texas, and Michigan to produce the candy dispensers with the school's athletic logo on a football. Also included will be a logo card.

When I first heard this, I thought I might actually purchase my first PEZ dispenser since I was about 9. But then I had a look at them and I have to say I'm disappointed. With the schools involved, it would have been much cooler to have the helmet at the top of the dispenser. That's what PEZ did when they contracted wtih NASCAR. With just a generic football with the Michigan logo, I think I'll save my $2.50.


Anonymous said...

This gets posted? This isn't even internet message board quality posting. Don't waste our time.

Ben said...

Hmm... anonymous toughguy critic.

Your comment gets posted? It isn't even message board troll-worthy. Don't waste our time.

trojan mike said...

At least you have a pez dispenser.... where in the heck is USC's? I guess our balls are to big to fit on top of the thing....

BaggyPantsDevil said...


If you post you address here we can refund your money.

Trojan Mike,

Considering the gratuitous ammount of oral servicing last season from the mouth of the worldwide leader, I'd think USC's balls might be a tad shrunken and in need of rest.

nico said...

They should've been topped with helmets or mascot heads.

Jim Masterson said...

Does UM. The proud Maize & Blue need to bow to such cheap commercialism. Gosh , you know they & ND have the two most storied football teams in college history.Those other schools are sectional schools. Efem ND & UM recruit all over the country. Tex. will fall apart. & USC, too much in-breeding. Darwin

trojan mike said...

Hey Devil, even with all that oral service, sore and shrunken, could they still be too big? hmmmmm.........

BaggyPantsDevil said...

Trojan Mike,

Considering their performance over the last few years, yeah, they definitely could be.

Jeremie said...

What?! No Buckeye PEZ dispenser?! oooh, they're going down. boycottttttttttt!

Benny Friedman said...

Capbuck, not only is there not a Tosu PEZ dispenser, but there's not one for Wisconsin either. With the uniforms looking so much alike, a Wisco dispenser probably would have been good enough for Tosu fans.

surrounded in columbus said...

maybe i've lived here too long, but my first thought when i saw this yesterday was "what? no tosu? there'll be hell to pay for someone".

my second was "wonder how long it will take tosu fans to organize some sorta' retaliation?".

obviously, pes is now in league w/ the NY Times and ESPN.

Jeremie said...


He said it, not me.

HailJoepa said...

Yay Penn State has one!