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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

King Carter

Loyal reader Chris of Dangerous Logic posted a comment in our MZone History Lesson post from last week that included a link to the Bob Ufer call of Anthony Carter's incredible game-winning catch against Indiana in 1979. We were looking for this last week to include in the orignal post, but couldn't find it. Thanks to Chris, we're happy to link to it now.

If you're a Michigan fan who listened to games on the radio with Ufer behind the mic, this will bring back a rush of memories. While listening to the three minute clip on the site, I smiled, laughed, got chills, and almost welled up with tears. The clip contains a number of Uferisms and clearly displays his love of Michigan and his ability to capture the moment and paint a picture of the action.

For those who aren't Michigan fans, it will still be an enjoyable listen. Many schools have had old-time radio announcers who were as much a part of the tradition of the program as the fight song and the helmets. If you have never heard Ufer, give it a listen and hear how maize and blue emanated from his great pipes.

It's a sobering thought that this amazing play took place over 26 years ago. Those who were there can remember it like it was yesterday. Thanks to Chris, we all can experience again it today.


Chris of Dangerous Logic said...

Thanks for the plug (and the Ufer Foundation link is now fixed).


Yost said...


"Oh my god Carter scores!"

I get chills still just reading it!

Go Blue!

Anonymous said...

Did the clip happen to contain the part of the drive where Carter illegally tossed the ball out of bounds to stop the clock?

Just curious.

Benny Friedman said...

Anon, the clip COULDN'T include when Carter tossed the ball out of bounds to stop the clock because it never happened.
I believe it was RB Lawrence Reid who did the tossing.

Anonymous said...

Whoever it was (I still think it was Carter), it should've been a penalty. No big deal, not calling that penalty helped to preserve one of the greatest drives in Michigan football history.

Chris of Dangerous Logic said...

Yes, it was Reid on the play before that, and no, it wasn't illegal at the time.

A rules change soon after (the next season, I think) changed that.

Wangs said...

Anon -

When Lawrence Reid or Larry Ricks? tossed it to Lee Corso - it was not a penalty. It was a heads up play by a well coached player.

(Unlike the Michigan tightend who after watching 14 laterals before he got the ball against Nebraska in the Alamo Tire Bowl decided that he should be tackled out of bounds instead of lateralling it one more time).

I don't believe this play became "illegal" until the following year. When he did it, it was legal, and brilliant.

surrounded in columbus said...

tome, one of the funnier, lingering legacies of this play is watching Lee Corso light up every time they show it on college game day.

for years, it was pretty much a lock that during the week of the M-IU football game, they would run this clip at some point during the show and Corso would go into a froth.

Anonymous said...

26 years. Damn, that's scary.

Anonymous said...

this game was my first visit to "the big house" and what a memorable event for a 12 yr old! my first game as a season ticket holder was the Mercury Hayes catch vs Virginia...what memories...the stadium was in a haze of maize and blue both days...