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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Jimmy "Emu" Clausen

In response to our second "Seperated at Birth" segment below, M Zone reader Gino sent us this dandy for future ND QB Jimmy Clausen and his twin, the emu. It was so good, it deserved its own post.

Note: Clausen is the one on the right.


Jeremie said...


So my 16 month old son is sitting on my lap while I'm going through my internet-browsing paces for the day. He's started making some animal noises, you know, "What sound does the cow make..."

However, he's a little confused about the dog. Whenver he sees something fuzzy, he barks. Can be embarrasing Sunday morning in church.

So when he saw the pick of CLausen and Clausen's twin, yeah, he barked at it. I started laughing. Then I thought that maybe he was barking at the twin and not Clausen. So I scrolled down to the pic of just Clausen lower down....

Yeah, he barked. Gotta love that kid.

Anonymous said...

Ok, as an Irish fan, I feel that I need to respond to this post.

That's funny!

Yost said...



And thanks, Anon. We howled when it was sent to us, too.

Anonymous said...

you sure he's not part of this possee?


see ya in hell motha fucka said...

The kid on the left looks like a bird.

Anonymous said...

I'm telling you the picture on HP's site makes him look like an angry Tweety bird.


nico said...

Shit. Now I hate emus too.

cottoncandy said...

Emu look alike is true, but the first time I saw him, because I am very old, I thought of Stan Laurel of Laurel and Hardy. Can't wait to seem him and fat ass stand next to each other: I can hear the "Laurel and Hardy" organ music in my head already.