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Monday, April 24, 2006

Is Tony Soprano a Michigan Fan?

On last night's episode of the HBO mobster drama, THE SOPRANOS, when Christopher asked if he could go out of town, Tony said it was a bad time because it was the "Michigan-Notre Dame weekend."

The way things are going, maybe Tony's "help" is what Michigan needs to win this year.


The King said...

Let's see. A fictitious Catholic mobster mentions the Notre Dame/UM game and we assume the team he's rooting for is Michigan?

Only Michigan fans could be so hopelessly naive.

Ryan said...

I heard that too, and I was gonna email you guys about it. I think what he was talking about was the gambling $$ from that game (bookies). He was telling Christopher that he didnt want him to go out of town and im going to assume so he can run some numbers during the game. yes im a dork and yes i know to much criminal stuff

Anonymous said...

"running numbers" is an illegal lottery, it has nothing to do with sports gambling. yes you are a dork, but you don't know "to" much criminal stuff.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he was just going to watch his two favorite college football teams. May I amend that to two most enjoyable teams. Ef the nfl. What better way to enjoy a early Sat. afternoon watching UM v. ND. Go Irish. Go Blue.PS I wish you couldd do something on the print for word verificaion. I think my Medds are to powerful. Geez a little here.

ryan said...

where i come from they call it running #'s