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Thursday, April 13, 2006

"I can't believe this is happening!"

Tosu fans are responding with typical Buckeye aplomb to the recently introduced changes to their team's beloved football uniform. Click here and here to read their many perfectly rational and not-at-all reactionary "thoughts" on the new uniform design.

Despite this inexcusable transgression by the Tosu powers that be, Buckeye fans should come down from the ledges of Columbus's tallest buildings and realize that the team has altered their uniforms several times over the past few decades.

Plus, now these fans can go purchase one of the new ones, wait four hours in line to have it signed by one of their barely post-adolescent heroes at any number of Ohio's countless and creepy autograph sessions, immediately have the jersey hermetically sealed in a transparent case, and then hang it in their rec room next to similarly impenetrable displays holding Joe Germaine's jockstrap and a gum wrapper that Keith Byars once dropped near the tOSU Student Union.

P.S. For a very funny look at what jerseys Tosu should wear, check out this post on EDSBS.


jim masterson said...

Tosu.effem. they could play in county lock-up unis,it would be more fitting. EDSBS is really a funny blog. love theire escalde jersey & escalade logo. . Go Irish. I mean go UM all season long with one exception , the visit to S. Bend on 9.16.06. UM will be terrific this year.

Jeremie said...

For the record, I am a reactionary and I hate the new jerseys. Mostly I don't like the removal of the shoulder pad numbers and the giant oversized chest and back numbers. I could give a crap about the stripes, but whatevs.

That said, the nightly news has been a little comical around here lately. I don't like the new jerseys, but they didn't steal my firstborn, y'know?

Anonymous said...

"Columbus's tallest buildings"

I've been there. You can't kill yourself jumping off the roof of a 7-11.

Eric S. said...

Haha, I just came out of the "tOSU Student Union" ten minutes ago...Man I'm glad they're updating it.

That being said, can't really feel too strongly about the jerseys, especially considering it's like the 5th time they've updated them in the past 10-15 years. I just wear my generic non-year-defined red "OHIO STATE" sweatshirt/t-shirt to the game. Cause I always laugh at the people in #13 jerseys and "Big Ten Champs '86" shirts. Not that I know if we won it in '86, I'm just saying.

Back to Engineering classes :-/

BaggyPantsDevil said...

I’m a little confused. One article states the sleeve stripes had to be smaller because the sleeve are shorter, while another states the sleeves are longer. Which is it? No wonder everyone is suspicious of Ohio State, they can’t even get their stories straight about their new jerseys.

As for the uniforms, I’m sure the fabric and construction are improvements, but I think last year’s model looked better. Still, it’s difficult to tell without seeing it with the helmet and pants. I suppose Ohio State fans should count their blessings that they didn’t get jerseys with one grey sleeve, grey piping going every which way, or a grey diamond plate pattern.

I’m also surprised that someone with some PhotoShop skills hasn’t created a “sweatervest” jersey with two white sleeves.

This is one of those controversies that can only exist with the internet. Without it, we’d all be enjoying the spring and thoughts of college football would be relegated to our subconscious. The first glimpse of new jerseys would be in September and likely be met with the response of, “Hey, the jerseys look a little different this year.” Since there’s so little going on with college football now, this sort of stuff now gets, “OMG the grey stripes are gone!”

Still—as much as I’d love to do a Nelson Muntz “Ha-Ha” at the plight of all the angry Buckeye fans—I do feel sympathy for them. I know I’d hate for Michigan’s uniforms to get a design change, they’re perfect as they are. They can use space age fabrics all they want or design the jersey so it’s harder to grab, but if I ever see stripes, piping, or additional accent colors I’ll likely be heading down to the Ann Arbor Torch and Pitchfork Shoppe. When and if I ever go to Ann Arbor, that is.

Anonymous said...

BPD - not sure, but there may be some 'piping' to be found there if you look closely -->


off to the T&P Shoppe you go!

Anonymous said...

and 'maize' piping at that!

Anonymous said...

I love how you always generalize OSU fans as all being reactionary and overlook UM's reactionary fans calling for LLLLoyds resignation. Funny articles but come on still calling us criminals and stuff is a little old, *cough* Fab Five *cough*. Have a good Easter and see you in November.

BaggyPantsDevil said...


Yes that is indeed maize piping on Michigan's away jerseys. I'm definitely not thrilled with it but...

1) It's discrete and can barely be seen. I'm just glad there aren't maize and blue panels on the sides like Miami.

2) It's the away jerseys and I don't really care too much about them.

3) I pretty much make up my own rules as I go along.

Besides, the Ann Arbor Torch & Pitchfork Shoppe is about 2000 miles from me. They'll need to ditch the helmets for me to make that drive.

Wangs said...

Anon 3:19am

First, last year it is spelled LLLLLoyd. You forgot one of our loses.

Second, "Fab Five" that's the best you can do? That happened, um, 10-15 years ago! And, it really was just one travelin', corner dribblin' into, timeout callin' idiot.

surrounded in columbus said...

gotta remember columbus is a very small town w/ a very large population. we just don't have much else to do this time of year. there's tosu spring game and then nothing, aside from "dime a dog" nite at the clipper's games, until fall.

in defense of tosu fans (gasp), the columbus media also does a good job of blowing this out of proportion, if only to create content for their own publications. the last big fashion controversy was 10 yrs ago when the coaching staff started wearing a lot of black nike gear. to read the dispatch you'd have thought they'd switched from scarlett & grey to pink & yellow. funny thing was half people i knew hadn't even noticed before they'd have read about it in the paper.

my biggest complaint is that my wife will now want to buy all new jersey's for the tosu side of the family, which in the long run, the real reason behind the change.

Jeremie said...


Hecks yeah, Dime a Dog night RULES BABY!

I want to go one night, slap down a dollah bill and call for 10. I wonder if I can handle it.

Now be honest, there is the Crew and the Blue Jackets, but nah, who cares.

Peace ya'll, happy Easter.

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain Buckeye fans. Clemson fans went pretty balistic with our uniform changes for last year too. Pashionate football fans are pashionate about everything football. However, get a grip. If your team wins, do you really care what they are wearing??