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Monday, April 17, 2006

Hopefully the Wrong QB Didn't Leave

Former Michigan quarterback, Matt Gutierrez, who transferred to Idaho State this semester after it became clear he would always be backing up Chad Henne, went 21-29 for 201 yards and 4 TDs in the Bengals' spring game Saturday.

Gee, the Idaho State Bengals play a Spring Game.


Anonymous said...

1. The wrong QB did leave, and he left for a good reason - he wasn't given a legitimate chance to compete for the position.

2. "Scholarship limitations" and "injuries" don't apply to ISU. I thought everyone knew that! :-)

trojan mike said...

Plus ISU is in lovely Pocatello, how can anyone pass that up?

The King said...

Gutz was a very talented QB. Timing worked out badly for him at UM and I don't fault him at all for finding the opportunity to chase his dream elsewhere.

It's not like he's Drew Henson.

Yost said...

Oh, I don't fault him at all. I think the kid's a winner. Just wish he'd had a bit more of a chance.

surrounded in columbus said...

well, since it's never too late to second guess last year's coaching, and never too early to start criticizing next year's, i wish we'd had a chance to see Gtz play in something other than a mop up last season.

there were two or three games last season that by the third quarter, it was clear that Henne just didn't have his "A" game (ND & homecoming jump to mind). in light of the injuries to the line, the TE/WRs, and Hart, you'd have thought at least once in one of those games that Lloyd/Terry/someone would have said "gee? why don't we try a series w/ the QB who's a tad more mobile and been in the system an extra two years of practice?", wouldn't you?

the talented QB's we've produced over the last decade- Brady/Henson/Grbac/Griese/Collins, all got bounced around early in their careers. would have it really shattered Henne to sit down a series when he just wasn't getting it done?

Gtz, regardless of how good he may have been, was a victim to Carr's stubborness and lack of imagination.

i hope he does well in Pocatello (which is one of my favorite destinations for those of you who ever played "Rail Baron").

Benny Friedman said...

Surrounded, I've never played "Rail Baron," but I sure do love saying "Pocatello."

Benny Friedman said...

I don't think we can worry about spring practice stats from a Division IAA program. There was no way Gutz was going to play over Henne, no matter how bad Henne was. The only way we miss Guttierrez in '06 is if Henne goes down.

The King said...

Let's not forget, Benny, that Gutz has not lost a game he has started.



Can Chad Henne say that?

Look, if we're going to complain about losing the wrong QB, can we at least get back on track with my favorite rant, the "Sam Keller f'ed us much harder than we realized at the time" rant?

surrounded in columbus said...

QB's are a lot like pitchers. there are times you leave them in and let them work thru a problem. there are times you pull them, not only for the game's sake, but the pitcher's too.

Carr doesn't seem to have that kind of feel for the game or the situation. you're absolutely right that Gtz was never going to start over Henne. i don't think that's because there's no possibility that Gtz might be better, but because Lloyd, having picked a starter, was never pulling Henne, no matter how bad he played.

you gotta' admire someone who never lets failure get in his way!

BTW- my second favorite Rail Baron stop was Tucumcari - middle of no where NM. sorta' the Pocatello of the southwest.