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Friday, April 28, 2006

From Bad to Worse at USC

Forget about winning three national titles in a row, this week, USC seems to be going for a three-peat of a much more dubious nature. First there was the controversy involving Reggie Bush and "Housegate." Then offensive tackle Winston Justice's name surfaced in the scandal. Now, back-up QB Mark Sanchez has been arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a female student Wednesday.

According to the Associated Press, Sanchez, 19, was arrested around 4 p.m. at an apartment complex near campus and was booked for investigation of sexual assault. Bail was set at $200,000.

And speaking of "Housegate," in case you haven't heard the latest, the "landlord" of the Bush family house and his "business" partner both have (shockingly) past criminal records.

Not to say, "We told you so," but these sorts of things are the "institutional control" issues we alluded to our previous post.

Of course the biggest question about all the controversy swirling around the Trojan program is, if true, does EDSBS's FULMER CUP have a mercy rule?


Brickeye said...

Where's Snoop when you need him?

Anonymous said...

A lot of allegations. But just allegations. The Duke incident is starting to look suspicious now and remember how media and a lot people rushed to judgement. If this thing turns out false, what a way to mess a kid up.

Anonymous said...

3pete? no

repete? no

1pete? maybe

nopete? looking like it!

in other bad news for usc, homer keith jackson officially really retires. in a press conference, he said, "yeah there were these butterflies. so pretty. anyone see the library books?"

The King said...

Anonymous, are you kidding? You would compare this to the Duke scandal? "What a way to mess a kid up?" BOO FUCKING HOO.

Let's see, even worst case scenario, Reggie Bush is a multi-millionaire celebrity by Saturday night. Here's a newsflash, Chunk - HE DOESN'T CARE ONE IOTA ABOUT THE USE SCANDAL.

On the other hand, at Duke, you have students who have beeen accused of rape, which is pretty much one of the two worst things you could ever be accused of, and even if proven innocent (which seems likely), they will forever carry with them the stigma of being sexual predators. But hey, Reggie Bush let his family live in a nice house, so I'm sure he knows the feeling.

Additionally, and unlike Bush, those lacrosse players aren't ever going to be moving on to any version of a "next level" where they will become superstar millionaires. So for them, there is no promise of a diamond-studded future to help them forget a tarnished past.

"If this thing turns out false," Reggie Bush will scream "HA! TOLD YOU SO!" from the back of his Maybach. Man is he going to be messed up. Idiot.

Doug said...

Finally! A comments thread where I can be the first to make a "dirty Sanchez" joke! BOO-YA, mo-fos!!!11!!1!one

BTW, The King, spot-on comment.

Anonymous said...

At least this time around we have a clear "THREE PEAT", LSU fans should not have any reasons to complain!!

Anonymous said...

will lsu fans put up some more billboards?

what a horribly yet funny offseason for usc

loss of a dynasty
dirty sanchez
keith jackson retires

TideInTx said...

Off subject comment. Did anyone see dateline last night. They were doing a story about online predators. They get online and attract the perv guys to come to a house to "meet" a 13 year old girl. Well in walks this one guy wearing a tOSU hat.

Yost said...


Where's a screen capture when you need it!

wds4usc said...

I think that the second anon was talking about Sanchez getting messed up if the charges are false. You're right about Reggie--he'll just move on while making millions and his parents not giving a damn while looking at the wreckage in the rearview mirror. The sad part is the haters coming our of the woodwork. Actually, most of the ND, Texas and Nebraska fans are classy enough to wish that this stuff isn't true. The same cannot be said for a certain nameless school in Baton Rouge (I don't want to be accused of "flaming") which is taking a sick delight in this. I guess anything to knock down the giant no matter who gets hurt.

Yost said...


Fair or not, it's like the old adage: Nobody cheers for Goliath. And as the college football big dog the last few years, the criticism goes with the "top of the heap" territory.

thetalisman said...


I think the word you are looking for is "schadenfreude". But take heart. Unless one really believes Clausen's statement as to why he chose ND, it seems USC could have another crack at him, depending on how this all plays out. Maybe a Phoenix will rise from the ashes.

mikethetiger said...


Your "flaming" of LSU holds no credence. First, I've been on both your rivals and scout message boards for the past few days just trying to find some type of credible information as to what's going on. Not one....I repeat NOT ONE LSU fan has been there flaming. I say many, many such flames though coming from Texas, Nebraska, UCLA, and Notre Dame fans. Why the attack on our fanbase over something we have no part in?

If your evidence is LSUoverUSC@blogspot, then it's laughable considering every blog and message board is talking about this. On the LSU message boards, the common sentiment is that this is a horrible situation for all parties involved and that rivalry aside, this is no laughing matter. In fact, I've seen on USC's message boards where a couple of LSU fans actually expessed their condolences for all that's going on.

"Taking a sick delight in this." Please. Your attempts to degrade our fanbase is completely unfounded in this one buddy.

That being said, I wish the best for everything that is going on with Sanchez seeing as that this is definitely not a laughing matter. I hope it all is resolved soon and the truth is unfolded. Likewise, LSU fans, like you claim, are not taking any delight in these matters. Check again your own boards to witness for yourself the degradation coming from various fanbases across the country.

You won't find "that nameless school in Baton Rouge" to be one of them.

Yost said...


I think you're right that that LSUoverUSC piece of crap being an unfair bellwether of the average LSU fan b/c the person who runs it is so annoying. The site sullies LSU more than promotes it. That idiot was flaming us about this for the last couple days and his comments were automatically removed. What a shame that he's going around cyberspace as an LSU "fan" during this (only to promote his lame blog) and thus that's the impression some are associating with LSU in general.

Thanks for your comment.

NevTrojan78 said...

I appreciate the well wishers such as yourself and all the others who have visited our boards. You can see how we're wound just a little tight right now considering what we have been through this past week. No, I haven't seen any LSU flamers on there and am mindful that the ones that I have seen have expressed their condolences. In either case, we are just down right now and it seems that many flamers are loving all this, which is absolutely sick. Rivalry is thrown out the window when something of this nature arises in Anyone's program. I truly believe Reggie is innocent and nothing will come of his incident. I can't help but have the same feelings for Sanchez. He's just a stand-up kid, and sexual assault is so out of his character. Time will tell and hopefully prove both these young men innocent.

Fight On.

wds4usc said...

Mike, I appreciate that, I really do. Perhaps I have been too caught up in the lsuoverusc blog which, you have to admit, is pretty nasty. And I do have a "truce" with the vast majority of LSU fans who don't seem to agree with lsuoverusc at all. Now those are TRUE college football fans who appreciate the game for what it is rather than a vehicle to expand one's self esteem.
As far as the USC board, I understand that it has been heavily moderated so God only knows what was bleeped out. But I agree that those are not real fans. The "subway" alums seem to have a much different perspective, don't they?

mikethetiger said...

No problem at all Wds.

Like I said, I've been over there a good deal just trying to find anyone with better information than the "rumors" circulating the internet now. If I really did see any flames from LSU posters, I would have said in my previous post that there were a couple and they should be tarred and feathered. But honestly, I didn't so I said I saw none, but rather, many other flamers. You have to take the good with the bad and you guys have had a plethora of good these last few years. Unfortunately, you're put under the microscope at that point and others would love to "pull you down off the mountain."

Good luck to everyone involved in these instances and let's hope that none of it happened. This ceases to be an "our college vs. your college" situation when matters this serious surface.

"Just taking off my purple and gold" glasses off for now. I'll put them back on closer to kickoff.

mikethetiger said...

by the way Yost.....Yes, I and most others absolutely believe that lsuoverusc is a nothing more than a joke, run my teenage girls.

I hope so anyway.

wds4usc said...

Thanks, Mike.

Anonymous said...

If you're looking for Snoop to help him, try a London jail cell!


Wow, USC is falling apart.

canefandan said...

Where this lsuoverusc blog everyone's talking about?

Anonymous said...

don't even bother going over. it's really mindless crap that spews from their mouths. Even most of us LSU fans disregard them.

Seriously? Snoop was arrested in London? I'd ask for what but I'll just go look it up now.

Anonymous said...

here's the site for the CBS story on Snoop.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Keith Jackson retired today.
Jackson was the voice of college football. He should have retired after the 1998 season as he originally said he was.Perfect ending. He called the first ever BCS title game when Tennessee beat Florida State in the Fiesta.

Nope,he got too full of himself and started injecting too much opinion into his play by play. His shoeshining and pedicure of Southern Cal during the 2004 Rose Bowl while whimsically wondering what the fuss was about the Sugar Bowl a few days later was very unprofessional on many counts.

He also has selective memory to make himself look good.While doing the infamous 1978 Gator Bowl when Woody Hayes hit a Clemson player near the end of the game,Jackson never mentioned it during the telecast.Jackson claimed he never saw it,all the while trying to protect Hayes.After being berated by ABC brass,during the Penn State-Alabama Sugar Bowl a few days later,he slipped in a comment about the incident as if reading a legal brief.However,a year ago when interviewed during ESPN Classic's Sports Centuryon Hayes,he opined how horrible Hayes' outburst was and how it was a disturbing pattern of his during his coaching days.

Take a hike,Keith.This time PLEASE don't come back.

wds4usc said...

No defense of Keith for the Gator Bowl game but even Vin Scully failed to ever mention the impending baseball strike in 1994. I guess he acknowledges it now! But he did seem to be pretty unbiased when his alma mater, Washington State, was playing.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone see this.

The girl said she was raped at 12:30

But Cameras show sanchez leaving the 9-0 at 1:00.

If anything sanchez will be busted for illegal drinking. Or depending on how much leway the accuser gets with her story. considering how rape cases are stacked against guys i would not be surprised.

Anonymous said...


usc slime trying to defend program at all costs

wds4usc said...

The source is the L.A. Times. This is not a question of defending the program at all costs. At least wait for the facts to come out! GEEEZ....

suterhan said...

yeah it depends. If she gets leeway due to possible emotional distress, etc., then her story may be held to be more credible. Just because she said 12:30 and he is on camera at 1:00 doesn't mean her story is fictitious. Not arguing either way, just saying. My brother is a freakin attorney so I hear this kinda crap all the time.

Anonymous said...

The King- better read my post again before you go off on me. Who is talking about Reggie Bush? This was about Sanchez. So actually agree with you for the most part. They are already placing guilt on Sanchez, and Im saying before we ruin this kid's life, lets wait for the facts. If Duke guys are guilty, if Sanchez is guilty then let them pay, but damn, lets not rush to judgement. Thanks for calling me an idiot, dumb sh....

BaggyPantsDevil said...

The other shoe has officially dropped, Snoop Dogg was arrested at London's Heathrow Airport.

Anonymous said...

and lendale white was part of snoop's posse also arrested. when it rains it pours.

Oregonweim said...

No matter what anyone says, we are still talking about the USC program, good or bad. Haven't seen Pete much, must be out recruiting or bailing players out, not sure. I just can't wait until we scrap the BCS and I can go back to hating USC like the good old days :)

Anonymous said...

well the truth is comming out.


look like the griffen's were victims

Anonymous said...

Look at this

looks like they were targeted for extortion

Anonymous said...

New Era contacts Reggie

Reggie negotiates with them during last season

Reggie accepts unknown gifts

Reggie doesn't sign with New Era

Guys from New Era tell Reggie to pay back the gifts with interest or they'll tell the world about those gifts

Reggie doesn't sign with them and doesn't give back gifts

New Era calls Yahoo Sports with inside tip

Yahoo Sports investigates

Discovers gifts given to Reggie's family

Investigation begins

This story is discovered

What will happen next in this train wreck that is USC football?

Anonymous said...

Explain 3 things if Reggie's innocent:

1. Why was his mother living in this guy's house.

2. Where are those cancelled checks for rent?

3. Why did the family move out when it did?

Not buying the media's attempt to portray Reggie as a victim. When you lie with dogs, you get fleas.

Anonymous said...

Sometime in 2003/2004 - Michaels meets the Griffins and they become friends.

March 2005 - Michaels tells the Griffins about a house he bought and invites them to live in it.

April 2005 - They sign a lease agreement holding the Griffins to a one year obligation.

April 2005 - April 2006 -- With Griffins and Bush now living in his property, Michaels joins or helps start New Era Sports marketing firm with Lloyd Lake. They have prison records and they are trying to go legit by wooing Bush and the Griffins. They try to get the Sycuan tribe involved and the tribe tells them TGFT. Remember, the Griffins are already committed to a year lease.

The Griffins and Bush get suspicious and very uncomfortable about Michaels and New Era and opt to go with other representation.

Then Micheals and New Era demand 3 million for their services or else "personal information will be released" (i.e. the house). Bush refuses. Griffins are still committed to the lease and cannot yet buy their way out of it.

Lloyd Lake goes back to prison on parole violation.

April 2006 -New Era Sports leaks to Yahoo sports and possibly other media outlets about the Griffin deal. Reporters approach them right around the time the lease is up and the Griffins are free to move.

Yost said...


It's that "they become friends" part you gloss over is where I think your problem lies.

Especially with reports that Reggie's stepfather met w/ tribe members trying to get some sort of deal.

ANON said...


How can becomming friends be wrong. Look closely at what i wrote. These "friends" became "agents" half way through the lease. Thats when things got bad for the Bush's family. They were conned and these guys could now hold the house thing against them. They stood up to it and now got this leaked out. The NFLPA seems to think they are victims of a scam and this makes sense.

Yost said...

Look, you're obviously an SC fan and I understand the desire to believe this. But my guess is, you're going to find out it wasn't so innocent.

Yost said...

PS And if it is as innocent as you say it is, then you have nothing to worry about.

ANON said...

I still have to worry about the program's reputation. It is possible some acts of wrongdoing could have occured that wont cause any sanctions for the university.

HomeFries94 said...

Disclaimer: I'm a USC alum, so my bias exists.

That being said, I tend to believe the extortion scenario as the most plausible.

The timeline was articulated in a previous post, so we have established that the Griffins could have leased the house without reasonably knowing of Michael's ties w/ Caravantes. As far as the "friendship", the Griffins were public figures, especially in San Diego, ever since they were seen at the SC games wearing #5 jerseys. Michaels could've easily targeted them for extortion by offering a lease, then painting them into a corner. This tactic isn't unusual; during my time in the service I saw this done (albeit on a smaller scale) to junior enlisted troops by unscrupulous car dealers. The MO is the same: they sell (lease) a car (house) they know the person can barely just not afford, then repo (extort) when the victim is past the point of no return.

I think the fact that Michaels was name-dropping Bush and Justice in a court testimony to make himself look legit is more exonerating than damaging. Hell, I'd name drop Matt Leinart if I thought it would keep me out of jail!