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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Could Things Get Ugly for SC?


Scandals often start in the strangest ways. The disgrace of Michigan's basketball program began when a car flipped off the road during a recruiting trip for Mateen Cleaves in 1996. In the aftermath of that accident, it was discovered that recruiting trip included a stop at the home of infamous Wolverine booster Ed Martin. School officials then began to investigate his ties to the program and rest, as they say, is sanction-filled history.

Could USC's football program could be staring at a similar fate due to a housing situation?

According to Yahoo! Sports, since early 2005, Reggie Bush's family has been living in a $757,500 San Diego-area house bought and paid for by a wannabe sports marketer who allegedly was trying to steer Bush toward an agent he knew. Correction: Bush's family was living in that house until this weekend. When Yahoo! Sports approached Bush's mother about the situation, the family packed up and moved in less than 24 hours!

Twenty-four hours? Ever moved, folks? It took me longer to move out of my dorm room freshman year. So if a family high-tails it out of 3,000 foot home in less than a day, something is rotten in Denmark.

Also interesting is the fact that, until moving into the house in question, Bush's family was living in a nearby apartment. Sure Southern California's housing market is crazy, but most people don't go from renting an apartment to an almost $800,000 starter home. Apparently SC officials agree because controversy surrounding the arrangement has prompted USC to refer the matter to the Pac-10 conference for investigation.

Don't be surprised if it turns out to be as bad as it looks.

And if this is true, what does this say about Pete Carroll and the way he runs the program? I'm not talking about X's and O's. Pete Carroll is a great gameday coach. I'm talking about discipline and control. Players talk about what a great guy Carroll is and how he's a "player's coach" but could that be a problem? Like a parent who is too often a friend rather than a father, maybe the need to be "liked" by his players is instilling a permissive attitude in 18-21 year old college kids who are already treated like gods. That was part of Michigan basketball coach Steve Fisher's problem. Could the same atmosphere be brewing at SC?

I for one was appalled a few years ago when I heard Carroll allowed OJ Simpson to attend a practice before SC played Iowa in the Orange Bowl. I thought it sent a bad message. You think Woody Hayes would have allowed that? And I scratched my head when I saw Snoop Doggy Dog roaming the Colesium sidelines last year. Is this the sort of person Bear Bryant would have allowed on his sidelines and associating with his players?

Yes, this could get very ugly for the Trojans.

UPDATE: For a different perspective on this scandal, check out EDSBS. They feel the controversy won't amount to much.


Casey S said...

lol... that's a low blow, M Zone.

Threet76 said...

I believe I just saw that truck leaving Columbus.

Anonymous said...

what did they do wrong?

Yost said...

TO OUR READERS: We are experiencing horrific Blogger problems today. As such, we have been unable to post for 10+ hours. We have a full article on the Reggie Bush story (which was only a test for putting up the picture) and another on the WVU "Spy" Scandal.

Please check back throughout the day.

DAMN, this is frustrating.

Anonymous said...

quit using another blog to pimp your stupid blog.

HomeFries94 said...

I'm glad to see that LSU's Cornblog (pun intended) is as unbiased in its coverage of this story as it was in its other posts.

/sarcasm off

I suppose you want some whine to go with that cheese(dog)

Trojan Mike said...

Maybe they packed so fast because they found a house in Houston?

I hope things don't get ugly. Sad thing is, if anybody is going to pay it's USC, not Bush who will get his millions and a bigger house for the family. Do coaches usually investigate who the player's parents are renting houses from? I can't blame PC or USC on this, unless they hooked up the landlord with the family, which I doubt.

Crazy Joe said...

Is anyone else as amused as I am that Yahoo!Sports was the "News" outlet that cracked the case?!?

IC said...

"I for one was appalled a few years ago when I heard Carroll allowed OJ Simpson to attend a practice before SC played Iowa in the Orange Bowl...You think Woody Hayes would have allowed that?"

No way. Woody always insisted on being the only violent lunatic on the tOSU sideline.

Yost said...

So true, TM. Just like Webber never "paid," only the players after him, that is usually the case with scandals like this: the player doing the misdeed never suffers. Only the players and program left behind.

Yost said...


Yeah, good point. But in this day and age, with the Internet, etc., tips come from all over.



IC said...


You should have also mentioned how Matthew McConaughey has failed to launch himself off the Texas sidelines for the past few seasons.

I'm not a supporter of this celebrities-on-the-sidelines nonsense, but at least Snoop makes good music. Despite his enormous popularity, Matthew McConaughey's IMDB page lists a string of crappy movies stretching back almost ten years.

IC said...

Staying on the topic of Snoop and McConaughey, it would be interesting to see those two clash in the High Times Bud Bowl.

Like the 2006 Rose Bowl between their favorite teams, I imagine that a heavily-favored Snoop would eventually wilt in the Vince Young-like tenacity and skill of McConaughey.

BaggyPantsDevil said...


Yeah, McConaughey's movies have almost universally sucked, but he did play the Chevelle driving, redhead loving David Wooderson who was a star football player for R.E. Lee High School so there is a football connection.

The King said...

I don't blame Pete Carroll for this or any of the other things you mentioned. Having Snoop Dogg on the sidelines is, for better or worse, a recruiting tool in this day and age. And if a single legitimate celebrity was an outspoken Michigan fan, I'd be willing to bet the program would welcome him/her with open arms as well. I'm not quite so sure about OJ Simpson, but then again, he's one of the greatest players in the program's history, and was so way before he double murdered the living fuck out of those two nice people. And program loyalty can really color things -- I have it on very good authority that Charles Woodson is a woman beater, but thanks to 1997, I'd still let him sodomize me if it suited his needs.

By the way, did Reggie physically play in the Rose Bowl 3 years ago when USC beat us? Because if so, it's gonna be nice to have that game back.

wds4usc said...

If this is true, I say sue the living crap out of Reggie's parents for whatever damages for interference with business opportunities (possible loss of bowls/money and scholarships) and perhaps breach of some type of fiduciary. Parents know that their actions can damage a program so why not make them responsible (assuming that the university didn't know about this....). Ouch.....