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Monday, April 17, 2006

Buckeye Player Injured During Practice

Buckeye receiver Tyson Gentry sustained a serious neck injury during practice Friday. The walk-on was tackled during a pass play causing him to lose feeling in his body immediately after the hit. However, by the time he got in the ambulance, Coach Tressell told Buckeye players he had started to regain feeling.

Gentry had surgery Friday night and was said to be recovering Saturday.

We here at the M Zone sincerely wish Mr. Gentry a full and speedy recovery.


Eric S. said...

Thanks guys, we appreciate the concern. (And no, that's not sarcasm, I really do appreciate it.)

We hope he gets better too. :-/

NavyBuck said...

I echo the thanks. Your site is hilarious even though my Buckeyes are the primary target. I enjoy reading most of the stuff on here in the spirit of wit and pure hate it is written in.

I kmow we all hope that Tyson makes a full and complete recovery.

Yost said...

It was indeed sincere. We all get so worked about our teams, etc. But then something like this happens and it reminds us all that it's just a game being played by college kids.

CottonCandy said...

After 9-11 my anti Michigan hatred subsided about 90%. Perspective you know? I love the rivalry but think that I keep it in perspective now. The injury to this young man and 9-11 reinforces how we are humans and Americans first, Michiganders and Ohioans much farther down the list.

Yost said...

So true, C2.