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Monday, April 17, 2006

Braylon Honors #1

Former Michigan All-American receiver Braylon Edwards, who now plays for the Cleveland Browns, is honoring his and U-M's famous #1 jersey with a $500,000 scholarship. The scholarship will go to the Wolverine player wearing #1. If no player is presently wearing the number (as is currently the case), the scholarship will go to another player.

Edwards will pay for the scholarship, the largest endowment by ever given by a former athlete, over five years. In addition, he and Coach Lloyd Carr decided on three requirements for the recepient: no freshmen ("The number holds too much significance and too much value," says Edwards), a certain grade-point average and proper off-the-field conduct.

The decision to fund the scholarship stemmed from Edwards' respect for Anthony Carter, Michigan's All-American receiver from 1979-1982 who first brought fame to the #1 for the Wolverines. Edwards strove to earn both the number and Carter's respect while at Michigan, doing both.

"We wanted to pay tribute to him for revolutionizing the position," Edwards said. "He was the front-runner."


The King said...

What a total joke. "Certain off the field conduct?" Braylon was one of the biggest team cancers Michigan had ever seen until he wisened up his senior year and concentrated on dropping footballs full time.

And that amazing tradition of #1...are they going to give Tyrone Butterfield some bus fare retroactively?

Eric S. said...

$500,000? That's a crap-ton of money, even for Michigan. I'm guessing it doesn't cost $125,000 a year to go there, or maybe even $100,000 for those 5-year kids. And the article says it's only to the kid that gets #1...

This seems a tad bit shady to me. I have one more fall quarter at Ohio State left...any takers on whether I should transfer and walk on, begging for the #1 jersey?

surrounded in columbus said...

what's your time in the 40?

BaggyPantsDevil said...

I have to admit, I love the look of this website. My smallish brain--however--can't quite keep track of the simultaneous dual videos so I have to load it twice to completely enjoy them.

Wangs said...

Woah nellie! I've been lost in space for a couple of days, but why the hate on Braylon, the king?

This is a wonderul, extraordinary, extremely generous gesture for the Michigan #1 and the young men in the future who earn the right to wear it.

Anthony Carter was a legend. Transformed the position under a coach who thought throwing the ball was a mortal sin. Anthony Carter was one of the greatest college football players in history. I have a picture of Johnny Wangler throwing a td pass to AC at the Rose Bowl on January 1, 1981 that my father, who was sitting next to me, took. It was one of the highlights of my childhood. I was at the game againt Northwestern in 1979 when the freshman returned a punt for a td. And I was at Michgian Stadium (before it was stupidly named the Big House) when Johnny Wangler and AC made one of the greatest plays in Michigan history against Lee Corso's Indiana Hoosiers. AC and the Michigan #1 mean a lot to me.

I hope the legend of #1 stands the test of time for Michigan players -like the winged helmet. I think it will - as I write this I realize it's been 27 years since Anthony, the darter, Carter first stepped on the field in Ann Arbor.

Braylon Edwards was a great Michigan reciever (alright, he dropped a couple more than AC would've dropped, but that's just because it's been a quarter century since I saw AC play and I've forgotten any drops he made, if any). Braylon's performance against Spartie in 2004 was nothing but heroic. He single handedly won that game for Michigan - 11 catches for 189 yards and 3 touchdowns, including the game winner in overtime. Chad Henne threw it up, Braylon caught it. Unfuckingbelievable - I think that's what I yelled at the tv time after time as he made catches in the 4th quarter and overtimes in double coverage in that great comeback. I've never seen anyone, at any level, make the number of spectacular catches he made in that game.

And now he's giving back to the university, respecting a guy who is a Michigan legend and a friend of his fathers, and you're giving him crap for it? All I can say is, fuck you.

Braylon Edwards deserves nothing but the highest credit for this singularly generous gift.

His father, Stanley Edwards, was a teammate of AC's. Braylon grew up knowing of the legend of AC. He then had the honor to wear his number at Michigan. What I recall about Braylon is that he stuck with it, came back his senior season, played hard, and was a winner. I can think of no better person than Braylon Edwards to honor the number that he understands he was only borrowing from the legend, Anthony Carter. And he's not doing it with just his words, he's putting up half a million dollars of his personal money.

There is simply no basis whatsoever for criticing Braylon for this great gift to Michigan football and the young men who have the honor to wear AC's #1 in the future.