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Friday, April 07, 2006

Blog Co-ed Showdown: #4 vs. #13

On paper, this looks to be a rout as #4 seed, Leilani, the former Cal State Fullerton track star slash stripper slash Playboy model goes up against #13 Kristi Yamaoka, the Southern Illinois University cheerleader who was injured after a fall during a Saluki basketball game.

Leilani's track career ended when it was discovered she was working at a strip club called the Flamingo Theatre near her college campus.

Yamaoka's cheer career ended for the season when she suffered a concussion and fractured vertebrae after tumbling 15 feet from the top of a pyramid. But, as she was wheeled off the court on a stretcher, she moved her arms to the beat of the school fight song garnering a standing ovation from the crowd.

Will a a major upset be pulled here today? Doubtful. But damnit, folks, that's why they play the games.



Leilani - Cal State Fullerton
Kristi - Southern Illinois

Claim to Fame:

Leilani - Running and stripping
Kristi - Cheering and falling

Fashion Statement:

Leilani - Well-placed track shoes
Kristi - Neck brace

Student Reaction:

Kristi - Standing ovation while wheeled off basketball court
Leilani - Standing ovation while performing to "Girls! Girls! Girls!"

Lincoln's secretary was named Kennedy, Kennedy's secretary was named Lincoln:

Leilani - Kenesiology major who wants to be a physcial therapist
Kristi - Will be needing physical therapy from a kenesiology major

Impressed Us When:

Kristi - showed fellow cheerleaders how to keep cheering when faced with adversity
Leilani - showed track team a better use for a pole than stupid pole vault

Disappointed Us When:

Kristi - Didn't. Props to anybody who does a face plant from 15 feet and then still wants to fire up the crowd
Leilani - Didn't. Props to anybody who gets kicked off her track team then poses for Playboy

M Zone Line:

Strike up the Motley Crue. Leilani in a rout.

To vote, leave a comment and/or CLICK HERE TO TAKE POLL.


Oregonweim said...

As much as I root for the underdog, how can you not like Leilani in this matchup. Athletic, knows the value of the dollar, friend of Hue, experienced in pole management, Leilani is the best thing to come out of Cal State Fullerton since... (I'll get back to you on that.)

Lordfoul said...

I want very much to vote for neck brace but that picture of Leilani is just to damn hot to pass up. Oh to be that pair of shoes!

Anonymous said...

This match-up adds insult to injury ... Leilani runs away with it. Ha ha ... I crack myself up.

Juliette Rose from UCLA would give Leilani a much tougher challenge. Her pix are posted at babes-thegoose2.blogspot.com.

Theri Maa, Bhanchod! said...

this is Florida vs George Mason. Unfortunately, stripper>cheerleader.

btw, for your other bracket, check out the hot chick on si.com on campus now, she's from Wisconsin. I knew her name but then i saw her boobs and forgot. Check her out


Yost said...


Yeah, Benny had sent a link for her yesterday. She's in. Just need to find an opponent.

Becky said...

I'd love to go with wholesome, apple pie types, but mostly, I'm just going to be jealous of the Cal State girl's stomach. Damn my not being 21 anymore!

LetsGoBlue said...

I've got to go with the testosterone driven majority here... you just can't compare a nude track member, star?, with a cheerleader in traction.

BaggyPantsDevil said...

This one's a tough call for me. I normally am not that into the manufactured, properly lit, airbrushed model types, but Leilani was a stripper and I have special feelings for strippers. Actually, I have a thing for all sex positive women.

But, Kristi's got guts and that impresses me. Tough chicks who aren't afraid of a few bruises rock. I've seen another picture of her and her bare midriff looked pretty toned. Plus, while googling for more information about her, I saw she was voted the hotest girl in her high school class. I'm also guessing that her threshhold for pain is pretty high, and there's a dark part of me that finds that very hot.

I'm going against the grain here and voting for Kristi.

J. Lichty said...

You haven't told us Leilani's stripper name - Reven, Montana, Sierra, Nike? - I need to know who I am actually voting for.

- J. Lichty

Anonymous said...


Here's a new bracket buster.

Casey S said...

Leilani in a rout, although I think the story of Kristi is just hilarious. I totally feel for her because of the injury, but when I saw her cheering on that brace I burst out laughing.

Hilarious, Kristi.

nico said...

Track girl.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised you Michigan Men didn't vote for the girl tied down. Doesn't that give you the best chance of getting lucky?

PSUrules said...

OSU video chick will win it all!

Anonymous said...

Maybe this will work for the showdown http://bi.gs/online-dating-sorority-sex-scandal/2006/04/11/