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Saturday, April 29, 2006

The $54,000 Question


No wonder Reggie Bush didn't want to say who paid the rent on his parents' $757,000 house near San Diego. Because it wasn't his mother or stepfather.

According to Michael Michaels, the owner of the house and founder of New Era Sports, he paid the rent with the understanding that he would eventually be paid back when Reggie Bush started earning NFL millions. Most damaging, Michaels claims Reggie Bush knew about the situation.

Granted, the word of this Michael Michaels guy and/or his gang-member partner Lloyd Lake (now back in prison) is probably as reliable as that of former Enron execs but it certainly looks worse and worse (for a picture of the bolo tie-wearing Mr. Michaels, check out EDSBS).


Anonymous said...

reggie is a liar. case closed

rip usc football.

wds4usc said...

This just stinks. I have a question: How should a university police this type of problem? My friend suggested that the compliance officer use private investigators for the families of the team's superstars. But you can't actually check into their tax records, for example. Also, say you have a star who is out of favor with the coach. A parent might exact revenge on the school in a number of ways. A disgruntled alum could potentially do the same. How far should they go? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

1. dont recruit thugs like rb (we know usc slipped some money to him because he was going to sign with Stanford)

2. have your ncaa guy in the athletic department do his job

Anonymous said...

Here's another:

Have a coach who teaches discipline. Petey was such a players coach - he put the P-A-Y in player - that he lost sight of being a teacher and mentor to these kids, which is his job.

Anonymous said...

RB is hardly a "thug". this shows you don't have the slightest clue about what is going on here.

You just want USc out of the way becuase you school cannot compete.

Also, I would like to see how your coaches disicplin palyers parents.

Also, Reggie was never going to sign with stanford, he was picking between ND and USC.

next time if yu are trying to make USC look bad don't post around the internet like a drunk shooting into the dark.

wds4uac said...

I had an honest question and the two responses following are nothing but attempts to slam USC. Really, what should be done? Do a background check on the parents? Is it proper to use a P.I. on them? I'm not asking a rhetorical question.

Yost said...


Fair or not (and it's hard to blame the kids for this but), rules state that even if parents get extra benefits that student-athletes don't know about, it's a violation.

Now, I dodn't know what you do. It's a tough situation with no easy answers.

wds4usc said...

You are right. If the parents do the dirty deed it's still a violation. I just don't know how to make parents comply. My suggestion is exactly what my friend said: Target the superstars and use a P.I. But of course you will hear claims of invasion of privacy, which is indeed what it is. Perhaps an agreement that you will comply with a university's internal investigation with the understanding that failure to do so will result in loss of scholarship for the kid and subject you to civil penalties. But I really don't know!

mikethetiger said...

I don't know if there really is an effective way to handle this. The PI is a good idea in theory, but just think of the cost to implement such a system at every or even most big time college programs. It's more than likely an astronomical amount and wouldn't be feasible. I'm stumped as to how you would regulate these supposed "benefits" as well.

mikethetiger said...

oh...I suppose you're saying that each institution should implement a similar program........This day can't end fast enough.

wds4usc said...

You're right, Mike. Imagine the cost although it would be "limited" to the superstars. And you know what'll happen then--the guy on the bench will be the problem!

ANON said...


You seemed to miss a key point here. If new-era is suing them for not paying rent. That means there was an agrement to pay rent.

So is not paying oyur bills and being bad at your finances a NCAA violation? or is it their private business?

wds4usc said...

If there was a contract to pay rent which was not a sham then we have the problem of being a deadbeat. That's not an NCAA violation. The question will be the type of contract and what the terms were. In any event, I think the step-dad didn't help Reggie at all with his attitude and actions.

Yost said...

If there was a "contract," it would have surfaced by now. B/c if I'm the Bush atty, that's the first thing I'd get out there.

$54K isn't missing a month or two of rent - that is NEVER paying rent for a year.

Trojan Mike said...

i think you will see some tightening of discipline at USC- let's see if it works and we don't get too hurt over this. Dang this might mess us up getting the NC next year, we might have to wait a year or two....

Anonymous said...

lol apparently $300,000 was given in the past 1.5 years. The BCS is looking into revoking the 2004 championship. USC may have zero championships since the 70's.

wds4usc said...

God, that lsu guy again. SC has two since the seventies, OK? Just stop it!!!

osuchamps said...

2004, that's it. BCS is what everyone wants.

wds4usc said...

Now I hate tOSU, too. Good God.