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Thursday, March 23, 2006


Have listed below the main story a few of the emails that we, along with some other readers, have received in response from Colin CowherdItSomewhereElseFirst. Thanks for sending them in. We appreciate it.


Anonymous said...


You're slowly generating a firestorm -- in my opinion, now's the the time to set up a fund for an attorney to at least evaluate your case. Annoying the host is one thing, but we can actually make a difference here. I know that I, for one, would contribute.

Keep up the good fight.

Casey S said...

I've got a story and linked your blog and many other sites that are carrying this story at Trojans Football News

Ben said...

I can't believe this "journalist" is responding to his listeners like a child.

Granted, some of the emails he's getting are probably a bit rough around the edges. But this guy is supposedly a professional. He's hardly acting that way.

If he'd crawl out from under his rock for just a second, he'd realize that the backlash is fueled more by his reponses than it is the (allegedly) innocent mistake.

SurNation said...

Let's find him and burn him at the stake. Hell lets throw is family, wife and kids in the fire.

jonathantu said...

cowherd doesn't have parents, or kids. he reproduces, and was produced, by asexual means. he's currently in phase two of spore mode. i highly recommend not burning him at the stake during this period of time, as fire will only serve to speed up the process and release the next colin brood into the atmosphere.

Evan said...

Colin's right, you should get over yourself.
You're making way to big a deal out of this. Chances are he's telling the truth. I'm sure people send stuff like that to him all the time. Move on!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure he *does* get things like this all the time. That raises two points:

(1) ESPN holds itself out as a journalistic enterprise and, to that end, employs a small army of fact-checkers and data grants. One would have thought that somebody there knows how to use Google.

(2) Giving Cowherd the benefit of the doubt for using the material initially, his response to date has been juvenile and pathetic. Had he simply taken five seconds on air today to say that it had been brought to his attention that the bit he read yesterday was created by some funny guys at M-Zone, my guess is that these guys would have been delighted, and we'd've all used up less bandwidth over this. Instead, the guy is acting like a five-year-old.

And THAT is the point.

Wangs said...

You're being too kind. I think more like a two or three year old. Five year olds are much more empathetic than this joker.

evan said...

Radio shows, even at that level do not have "army of fact checkers", and what would they be checking for, making sure the material didn't come from a college website?
I just thought it was comical that one blogger wrote, he hoped Colin got in big trouble from his bosses.
Not a chance. They won't even bat an eye.

CrimeNotes said...

As pointed out on another site, while Cowherd might have committed a copyright violation, there's not much by way of damages here. Doesn't lessen Cowherd's disgraceful conduct, but it's probably not a lawsuit. Personally, I'd like to see Cowherd and ESPN shamed into an acknowledgement and apology, but considering that we're talking about the people responsible for "The Junction Boys," Chris Berman and SporsCentury, shame doesn't come easy for them.

I think the bigger issue is watching a gasping, talentless network steal the work of people who are actually witty and creative. ESPN is a joke.

evan said...

yes, the bloogers on the "M Zone" are more witty and creative than Colin. Its hard to believe, he got the radio gig, and has millions of listners and not the guys from the "M Zone".. Where's the justice??

Wangs said...

Millions of listerns? I never heard of the joker before he stole Yost's material.

evan said...

He's on in over 300 markets, including New York and Los Angeles. I think its fair to say he's got millions of listeners.

Wangs said...

And at least one uncredited writer.

evan said...

you know it Wangs..

Kyle King said...

Yost, we've got your back.

Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

LSU 62
Duke 54

IC said...


Just read your letter to George Solomon. It's outstanding. Thanks for your support.

Anonymous said...

Wow, talk about irony and hypocrisy.

At the heart of plagiarism, it is failure to give another person or group credit for what they have earned or deserved. That is what makes plagiarism illegal and wrong. Plagiarism is a particular and specific (written) form of purloining and injustice.

The media purloined most credit of the 2003 LSU Championship football team and fans by claiming that by winning the AP title, USC was then national champions.

1. LSU wins national championship according to the rules everyone agreed to.

2. ESPN and other media fail to give LSU due credit.

3. When confronted about it, ESPN calls LSU babies.


1. Michigan Fan Zone writes decent article.

2. ESPN fails to give Michigan Fan Zone due credit.

3. When confronted about it, ESPN calls Michigan Fan Zone whiners.

Look how similar CC's email response was to the one ESPN sent onepeat.com

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: L, F @espn.com>
Date: Mar 2, 2006 10:09 AM
Subject: Get a life
To: mail@onepeat.com

Y'all need to get a life. USC won the AP National Championship in 2003, therefore it does count as a National Championship, even if it is only part of one. Stop acting like the red-headed stepchild who doesn't get enough attention from mommy and daddy. Also even though you are trying to do the right thing by donating the money to a Katrina fund, shouldn't all you energy be placed there? Why put up all these billboards ragging on "one of the best teams of all time" when you could put up a billboard directly asking people to help out with the Katrina fund? GET A LIFE!!!!


F. L.
Studio Production, ESPN

Anonymous said...


i learned about yall getting ripped off on david pinto's website, baseballmusings.com

i wrote a letter to george solomon complaining about what happened.

but i think yall probably gonna hafta sue cuz i guess they think they can rip anyone off cuz you don't have the money to sue - it IS the disney corp - they rich and you not.

best of luck

lisa gray

Sam Mac said...

firejoemorgan.com has also taken up your cause! I'm just wondering if anyone thinks ESPN will get the message.

Oh, and by the way, that segment was the only time Cowherd's EVER been funny (or intelligent.)

Anonymous said...

Do you credit everytime you use the word "I", you did not invent or create it. Just because people use it does not make it free.

Hell yeah, he screwed up and should be fired. But you need to get off your high horses like everything you do you always credit it the source. Just tell him you want oral and get it over with.

MBS said...

Nice work guys,

You take a photo from ESPN's website without giving credit. What a bunch of hypocrites.

Better hurry upstairs, your mom's feet need to be rubbed.



Casey S said...

This tool MBS is flaming every site with the story. I have an inkling MBS is Mr. Coward himself. Either that or he's a tofu blockhead.

Yost said...

oYeah, something is VERY fishy about this guy. Not just one post with his thoughts. He's putting WAY too much effort into this for just the "average" reader.

What other sites has he hit? Let us know.

Casey S said...

He posted the same crap on my blog:
Colin Cowherd: A two-bit, no talent, plagarizing hack

MBS said...

Casey, I will not stoop to your name calling levels, but I have turned your site over to SC's marketing rights department. I am sure they approve of you using their logos without their permission.

Do you get written permission every time you post someone else's story on your site? No, not just posting where the article came from, or posting a link to the article, you are reposting entire articles on your site. And I don't see where you are getting permission from the author.

Nothing fishy, just an alternative perspective. Failure to see more than one side leads to decisions like those made in the movie 12 Angry Men.

Some of you folks are on witch hunt, when you have nothing to be hunting for.

In fact, what about the "M" logo on this site? Is it the official logo? Do you have permission to use it?

Keep doing what you are doing, but you are taking yourselves way too seriously.

Samuel Hardy said...


Move on, it's just a freaking blog.

Casey S said...

Please, turn me over to the USC marketing department. I beg of you. Do you think they'll have anything to do with making a fellow USC Trojan, season ticket holder, and huge fan stop promoting their football team?

You're a clown. Oops, I resorted to name-calling again.

evan said...

Wow! This as gotten totally out of control. Let's review.
Colin read something on the air, that he either got off the internet, or it was sent to him. Doesn't really matter. He never told listners he wrote it. That's were you lose ALL legal arguments!
When M Zone complained about not getting credit, his reponse wasn't to your liking. I can't believe people are talking lawsuits, and getting all bent out of shape.
This is a college blog, don't take yourself so seriously. Really people, let it go. Surely you have a test to study for or something.

Remis said...

A sportswriter for a newspaper in my city got fired last year for plagarism. This is pretty rediculous and ESPN are acting like babies. I have XM Radio and only listened to a bit of "The Herd". (only a bit because his show stinks). This is even more reason to see his douchiness.

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess you got what you wanted. You showed the world he is a moron. Maybe now he can diddle your's and the North Teaxs' guys sisters as an apologize.

This is not Cowturd, because I know how to give others credit like my mom, dad, grandmas, grandpas, doctors, nurses, cleaning crew, baby formula, baby food, money, friends, rest of family, and of course, MZone for giving me fun for the passed two days.

Looking at all the brokeback moments between Ohio, Minnesota, LSU, USC, Texas, Lawyers. Its a beautiful thing. You know what "I can't quit you." I will credit the two gay boys who said it and the Asian guy who directed it.