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Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Scroll down to see:

* With the issue now resolved, our final word on last week's radio controversy
* Proving we're back to that same ol' blog you know and love, we give you the results of the latest M Zone BCS Clash

As always, thanks for reading.


Anonymous said...

Good morning whiny little bitches. What crazy spin on sports and complaining do you have in store for us today?

wds4usc said...

At least the first post wasn't an LSU whiner. Maybe "Steve" is sleeping.

Wangs said...

wds4usc - "Maybe "Steve" is sleeping."

Or maybe he accidently shot himself when he was huntin' opossum's last night.

Wangs said...

annonymous 9:12 -

And a good morning it is.

Did you notice that hot chicks read this site?

Who's complaining? We're celebratin' good times. Wooo hooo.

wds4usc said...

Congrats on the blog recognition--well deserved. Good luck in the NIT! Remember: Only two schools will end up with a basketball winning streak and you might as well be one of them.

Wangs said...

Thanks. We guess.

Interestingly, Michigan has an 8 game post-season winning streak since we won the NIT two years and, um, didn't qualify last year.

Sadly, this post-season "success" will enable Billy "Boat" Martin to relax aboard his yacht this summer and not find us a new basketball coach who could get us into the real Dance.

The NIT "it's better than nothin'". Barely.

BaggyPantsDevil said...


I doubt "Steve" shot himself hunting oppossums since I don't think his type of "hunting" involes firearms. I think he just uses a shovel to scrape them up off the side of the road.

wds4usc said...

I agree with you although I wish we would have had the chance to play a little bit more. You know what they say: "The NIT is a springboard into next year" although if not handled right it could be a springboard into oblivion! By the way, great softball team. My eleven-year-old who is a pretty good player likes Michigan (no team at SC and Michigan beat UCLA).

Wangs said...

"I think [Steve from LSooser] just uses a shovel to scrape [opposums] up off the side of the road."

You're right Baggy Pants. Do you think maybe he got hit by his cousin's Ford F150 then?

"The NIT is a springboard into next year" Yes, it is. Of course, the pool is empty.

WDS4USC - your daughter is awesome. Go Blue.

BaggyPantsDevil said...

Wangs, you're so right. And the best part is, his cousin probably scooped him up with his shovel, took him back to the trailer, and ate him without even noticing the difference.

Anonymous said...

damn, where is all this louisiana hate coming from? Some flamer jump starts the message board to get a rise out of you guys and you immediately turn it into an anti Louisiana/LSU board. You know you can't group the majority of us in with that Steve guy. Come on MZone. Say it with me......decaf.

BTW, we only eat possom down here when it's in season. We'll be happy to overnight that little delicacy to ya'll. Should we deliver it straight to your mother's basement?

lesismore said...

yeah wds, what happened to "buying the beer" to squash this ridiculous LSU/SC feud?

Wangs said...

Annon 11:19 -

It's not Louisiana hate. Just Steve LSooser hate. His whining about winning the coach/assistant ad/intern poll but not the idiot sportswriter poll was tiresome and poisoned my view of LSooser. So sorry. But what's done is done.

I have no ill feelings about the state. I'm sure it's nice and the people are nice and Steve is not indicative of the quality of folk who live there.

But it is curious that he's not whinning today. Something must've happened. Feel free to let us know what you think.

P.S. No need to send the possum dish. We already eat muskrats in Michigan. Well, not me, but I've heard about it.

wds4usc said...

Same here! No animosity--we just want "Steve" to get help. As I promised, if I ever get to LA or you come to L.A. the beer's on me. And re John David Booty: Back spasms and he's been out of practice for a bit. Looks like a possible disc but they're not sure yet. Certainly not fair as he's a good kid and doesn't deserve this.

lesismore said...

damn that's horrible for booty. We really pulled for his brothers at LSU, although it's obvious he's the most talented of the three. You guys have Sanchez though, so it's not a huge step back for ya'll, although it's horrible for JDB. Is the 3rd string guy any good?

And no wangs, we don't claim steve. In fact, we're hoping that he chokes on a large piece of 'possom. But you could send down some of that muskrat as I've never partaken.

wds4usc said...

Sanchez is good but Booty has had most of the reps until now. Our third-string is Paul McDonald's son, a former walk-on who has one pass in his career (a touchdown no less). My understanding is that John David had the disc problem back in high school although they're not sure if it's the same one. He had an epidural and we'll have to wait and see.

WIL 66 said...

aww...come on guys..you can't really be from Louisiana if one of your favorite dishes is 'possum....everybody knows that nutria are the best. if you don't know what it is, think of the biggest rat ever in NYC and multiply it by 3.

Wangs said...

"But you could send down some of that muskrat as I've never partaken."

Lesismore - this is exactly the kind of comment that freaks me out and drives me back into my ignorant simplastic view of Southerners. Muskrat are nasty little rodents. Basically 'possum that swim. While it is true that some folks in the Downrivers (south of Detroit) eat them, I DON'T! And I'm a little creaped out that you (a) want me to touch one to package it for you and (b) that you would put it in your mouth. But, I'm sure you're nice and Louisiana is nice so, I won't let what you eat change my opinion of you. Much.

BaggyPantsDevil said...

Anon 11:19

No hate for Louisiana or LSU from me either. I've been there and enjoyed myself and the food is OMG delicious. The people are some of the friendliest and funnest anywhere. "Steve" is just long overdue in taking his meds and I completely understand that he in no way represents either ther school or the state.

lesismore said...

Ha! Wangs, it's called sarcasm. Just a little humor in making fun of ourselves based on stereotypes. No, we don't eat possom. Try South Georgians for that. And I wasn't too sure what muskrat is although I really don't want to try it. However, in all seriousness, I have had alligator and it is extremely tasty. Think a tougher chicken and that's the taste.

lesismore said...

BPD, come on down again whenever you can for a tailgate. Whether we're sober enough to make it to the game itself is another story.

Wangs said...

WHEW! I was just starting to like you and re-like LSU and then you said you eat 'possums and wanted to try muskrat.

And frankly, I think Louisiana is different from the rest of the South - Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina. So, I'm glad to know that it is the South Georgians who eat rodents and not the Louisianians.

I assume, of course, that you 'rassled the gator first.

BaggyPantsDevil said...


Being "sober enough" is highly overrated. Thanks for the invite, too.