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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Tuesday TOC

Scroll down today to find:

* As U-M fans, we've never enjoyed the Tosu "Fuck Michigan" salute more than in the picture below
* The flip side of that coin is two Buckeye guys getting all Brokeback with each other for some college hijinks.
* OU QB Rhett Bromar gets busted for drinking again by elite undercover basketball cops in Oklahoma
* The blame for all of Michigan's recent sporting woes rests with one man: Baggy. Find out why he's the root of the curse in the lastest edition of The Devil Speaks


Go Bucks! said...

Nothing new is said, but it's an interesting read anyways:


Go Bucks!

Yost said...

How does a Buckeye fan find something like that in the M student paper? Wow.

I thought finding half-naked Tosu co-eds was just a bit of good luck.

Anyhow, thanks for the link. Might have to comment on that.

Go Bucks! said...

A guy from Kalamazoo is friends with the guy who wrote it and posted the link on the O-Zone. Yes, for God's sakes, I'm a lurker over there. It's amazing between the hurling of insults at "scUM" what one can learn over there. It pays to know one's enemy well. That's why I read over here.

Benny Friedman said...

I've got to say, the guy who wrote this letter is a raving idiot with no credibility. His only reasonable point is the first one - Tosu HAS passed us in most sports and Bill Martin - or someone more qualified - has to act. But his support is weak. Lloyd Carr is the worst game coach in the Big Ten? Is this why he was able to get two extra seconds to beat Penn State? Is this why we're 4-0 in OT? He's driven the football program into the ground? Two Big Ten titles over the last three years is hardly driving it into the ground. He's had one bad year. Yes, Tosu has dominated the series. The football program is far from perfect. But we're not Indiana either. Teams have bad years - look at Sparty hoops. And he should, because they're the measuring stick in the Big Ten, not Tosu. Yes, the basketball team falls way short, in both men's and women's. He rails about the hockey team - again, one "bad" year that most schools would kill for.
As I posted yesterday, the state of Michigan athletics is at, hopefully, a nadir. We're commented a lot about it on this site. But our points are well-measured and defensible. Not the ravings that appear in this letter to the Daily.