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Thursday, March 09, 2006

To our readers...

From: Yost
To: M Zone Readers

Dear Loyal M Zone Reader,

Fuck you.

Been meaning to say that but watching the Short Version of SCARFACE video yesterday reminded me.

You see, last October, the M Zone sprang to life because a bunch of us used to trade emails during the college football season. I had gotten the crazy notion that it might be fun if we started putting up some of our college football musings as a blog. I thought, what the heck, maybe a couple people might find some of our ramblings entertaining and, if folks somehow located us on the Internet, they might even add their two cents worth to whatever it was we were talking about.

However, I was certain that number would be small. So certain that, when we slapped a counter on our site to keep track of visitor traffic (or lack thereof) to our little corner of cyberspace, I actually tried to see if I could start the counter at 500 instead of zero -- like a checkbook -- just so it didn't seem so pathetic when, 6 months later, it was only the 5 of us who had visited.

But something strange happened. Not only did you find us, a lot of you found us. And actually liked this shit. Because here we are, a few short months later, and we've had almost a quarter of a million folks check out the M Zone.

Good you say? Fuck you! When I thought nobody was reading, I didn't care if I put up a post one night. I didn't care if something was good. Hell, I plain didn't care. I had a life.

But now, now that folks are reading and actually saying nice things about the M Zone out there on the Web, now I have to keep this monster going. Hang with my friends? Fuck you, I have to blog. Dinner with my lady? Fuck you, the ASU President was caught banging a sorority girl at midfield of Sun Devil stadium complete with pictures in the student newspaper. Watch AMERICAN IDOL? Fuck you, the hot twin was already booted...and I still have to blog.

You get the idea. With great blogging comes great responsibility. All because you're reading.

So fuck you.

In addition, besides my giant finger of affection to our readers, I'd like to also send a love finger to a few other folks:

To Benny - Fuck you for being so good at Photoshop. Maybe if you were as bad at that as you were on the IM football team freshman year, so many people wouldn't be reading us
To Baggy - Fuck you for being so damn funny and insightful. Every comment or post you put up is dead on which only keeps people coming back
To CapBuck - Fuck you for being such a cool Buckeye I have a hard time getting into a rage to write posts ripping on the Bucks now (which makes coming up with stuff much harder on a Michigan site)
To all the great blogs who link to us - Fuck you for being so supportive of us and sending even more folks our way. I really think you're doing it so that we feel the hell you go through each night thinking, "What the fuck am I going to post for tomorrow?" And another fuck you for setting a bar so high with such good stuff.
To Blogger - Fuck you for making this program FREE and so simple to use even I can do it. Hey, why don't you just FedEx some crack cocaine my way while you're at it
To Maurice Clarret and Marcus Vick - Fuck you both for being such screw ups you keep providing endless material
To Wangs - Fuck you because...because...ah, fuck you
To ASU - Fuck you for having a cheerleader do porn then let her pictures get out there on the Internet. Hell, I can keep this blog going on ASU alone for the next 6 years.
To Former ASU Cheerleader Courtney Simpson - Fuck...you?

Ok, thanks for letting me get that off my chest.

And to anybody I might have forgotten, fuck you, too.


Your pal Yost

P.S. Have a nice day.


IC said...

Hey, don't forget yourself.

Fuck you, Yost! If it wasn't for your hard work and entertaining content on this site, I'd be performing at 30-35% efficiency at work, instead of my current, blog-induced 10-15%.

My situation at home would be better too because my kids wouldn't constantly be whining, "Daddy loves his laptop more than he loves us!"

Maize4 said...

Well, right back at you, for making this board so entertaining, hilarious and addictive.

Anonymous said...

Damn Yost, now I'll have to get creative....

FUCK Michigan/Yost

love the site from a buckeye fan

Anonymous said...

By the way where did you get the picure of my mom. It made me homesick.

Yost said...

LOL, Anon!

Kirbdaddy said...

Fuck You Too, Yost!!! Nuthin' but love for this blog!!!