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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Thank Blog It's Friday TOC

After a crazy week, we here at the M Zone are really looking forward to the weekend. But before we go, we've got a few nuggets for you to enjoy:
  • A note of thanks to our readers
  • We find out we weren't the first
  • The Devil Speaks - Why blogs are better
Have a great weekend and, as always, thanks for reading. Next week, back to our regularly scheduled blog.


Anonymous said...

He never said he created it. He said someone sent it to him. He never took credit for it. But it wasn't funny to begin with, so why would you want someone to know Michigan people wrote it. People already think your dumb.

Did you personally credit all those pictures on your website or confirm the story about Linerat. I think he said it was not true, but you continue the rumor.

Anonymous said...

He infered it was original work. Doesn't matter. When you steal something from somebody, you make it right. You don't be a jackass. His stealing the work is minor in comparision to his manners when his "error" was pointed out.

Anonymous said...

How can you say he said it was his orginal work when he said someone sent it to him. Infered? What do you want him to do name everything on the blog to give credit. I mean I know I am not as smart as you since all I got was a GED, but when someone says something was sent, inferes he didn't create it.

Let me attack you when your wrong and see how you react. What was the first email they sent him telling him they created it and would appreciate a mention since he thought it was good. I mean his listeners already knew when he said it was sent to him or he got it off the internet.

Anonymous said...

The funny thing about all this is that no less than 100% of the readers of this blog have watched or listened to ESPN within the last 24 hours.

You fools don't understand that the sports press most make news in order to keep you morons interested. Sports just isn't all that interesting. The more you fight against this, the more you are playing into the hands of sports entertainment groups like ESPN.

And I agree that this is a lot like when the media didn't give credit to LSU for winning the championship in 2003.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, douchebag, half the championship.

Yost said...

On the air he said, We found this on the Internet today. However, in his email, he says it was sent to him.

Anonymous said...

Exactly, where did he say he created it?

Where did he say that he took ownership of it?

Where is the first email you sent him that you created it and would like credit since he liked it. Or did you just go at him.

I am not defending him like it seems, but he said he got it off the internet. Listners type what he said come here and come back again, because of your great site.

Anonymous said...

You should sue Cowherd. Your site is protected by copyright and, one way or another, he stole your original work.

jim masterson said...

Effem. His mode of communications is slowly dying. You should get a list of his sponsors & have the boyz who follow the M-blog e- mail them with this injustice.Go Irish. I mean Go Blue.

Anonymous said...

You say he took money or profits from you, how I don't know.

Take his check for that day since you want your profits. Everyone in the free world and not know the funny MZone did the wonderful funny Wonderlic Test.

Then you can thank him for all the traffic he created for The funny MZone guys and of course Devil Baggy Pants.

Priest said...

Hope you guys get the credit your due, Cowherd should have you on his show and clear the whole thing up. That said you know you crossed the line when you went after Saint Bobby don't you? I did a little math and calculated both Bobby Bowden and JoePa's age compared to Michigan's last two national championships and put it up on my blog if your interested. They were very young men back in 1948................Also I submit a new question for the M-Zone Wonderlic test:

15) True or False, the stadium nickname the "Big House" gives the University of Michigan an advantage over it's opponents:

Yes: since "Big House" is an accepted term used for a prison, the University of Michigan players are not required to wear their ankle bracelets required by their sentencing and probation guidelines when at the Big House, therefore they have more maneuverability and less physical restrictions.

False: since the gates are open allowing free departure and there is no roof enclosing the structure, the terms of sentencing & probation apply and the Michigan players must wear their ankle bracelets while present at the Big House. No amount of NCAA violating Michigan booster cash is enough to get those conditions changed.

In all seriousness good luck to you guys with Cowherd..................By the way what kind a name is Cow-Herd?.....................