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Saturday, March 18, 2006


Thanks for stopping by between watching NCAA b.ball games. For your reading pleasure today, we present:

* More info on the #2 seed in our Blog Co-ed Showdown, the infamous Ohio State Video Chick
* Drew Henson follows in the footsteps of Deuce Bigalo
* Apparently Michigan fans aren't the only ones who think Tosu has prospered by cheating


Jeremie said...

And in other news, I have to saddly admit that I am intimatley familiar with what it feels like to be a UM fan during bowl season.

For yet another year my beloved Kansas Jayhawk basketball team has gone into the NCAA tournament with high hopes, and a high seed. Last year it was a 3 seed, this year a 4 seed. Last year the teams was dynamite but had started to sputter late. This year the team was unproven and horridly young, but got hot late and came out of the Big XII tourney on fire.

Last year they lost to Bucknell. In the first round. Last year they made Bucknell's whole season, their whole decade.

Tonight they lost to Bradley. In the first round. Tonight they made Bradley's whole season, their whole decade.

This madness has got to stop.

When our big-name powerhouse teams lose to colleges that I did not know existed before the game started, thats terrible.

Thank goodness the [alleged] criminal OSU athletic powerhouse can give me something to cheer about, b/c this Kansas basketball stuff is going to give me an ulcer.

I should like to propose a joint-support group for KU bball and UM fball fans who need to mourn their team's losses to serious underdogs in post-season play. This hurts.

And my apologies for the spelling and grammar...KU bball has got me a few too many drinks in the hole to ole' Mr. Whiskey.........When does mudwrestling season start? Maybe I can find a winner there worth rooting for.

Yost said...


We feel your pain. May we suggest you select your favorite BCS co-ed and start cheering like mad to help make you forget about your Jayhawks.