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Monday, March 20, 2006

Tennessee Mascot Dies

Smokey VIII, a bluetick coonhound who had the most victories of any mascot in Tennessee football history, died Friday due to complications from high blood pressure and kidney disease. School officials say that, even with the high blood pressure and kidney disease, the dog was in much better shape than Tennessee football coach, Phil Fulmer.


IC said...

I think that's because Fulmer eats way more Alpo than Smokey VIII did.


I believe Smokey died because Phat ate him.

Anonymous said...

Heck. Smokey was more popular than either the great pumpkin OR ol' drippy pearl. Theres a conspiracy up in them thar hills.

Anonymous said...

Typical classless posts from UM fans.

Yost said...


You're right. Phil Fulmer is ready for a triathlon. How classless to imply that he's not Mr. Olympia.

TideInTx said...

I saw this and it reminded me of a quote I read, "Well Eli, Smokey just came out of the tunnel, and he's about 100 yards away from me now, and if I had my deer rifle I believe I could drop him, back to you Eli"(Jerry Duncan's comments to Eli Gold just prior to kickoff against Tennessee.

Anonymous said...

Was Smokey in better health than Carr? I think he was!

Anonymous said...

Who sweats more at a game..Phil Fulmer or Bruce Pearl??..Throw in Pat Summit and Tennessee has the market locked on ugly damn coaches...another interesting note is that Phil Fulmer was the model for the logo of Piggly Wiggly Grocery Stores I have been told by a reliable source

Anonymous said...

having fun in the NIT?

just for this (dissin smokey) I'm going wolverine hunting ... heck, I've never seen a more worthless animal.

IC said...


I don't think anyone (at least among the M fans) was "dissing Smokey." Personally I've always liked the hound--even somehow ended up with a orange iron-on tee shirt with his image on it years ago.

The only dog-breathed, flea-ridden animal we were ridiculing was Phil Fulmer.

And the NIT isn't so bad. It's fun to have a team still playing ball. Thanks for asking.


Don't dis Pat Summit. You're just jealous cause she gets more pussy than you.

attyrob said...

Why do UT fans wear orange?

They can wear it for football on Saturday, hunting on Sunday, and for their jobs picking up trash on the highway the rest of the week.

Atun said...
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