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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Ranking the Big 10 Coaches

In analyzing the coaching situation in the Big 10, College Football News declares Tosu's Jim Tressel and Iowa's Kirk Ferentz the league's best while saying Michigan's Lloyd Carr is the conference "Coach on the Hot Seat."

Gee, there's an "out on a limb" bold cyber statement. Flame away at me Michigan fans, but I think Carr is a solid coach. Am I pleased with last season? Hell no. But Carr made the steps to correct the problem and I for one (probably the only one) believe he will right the ship this season.


Anonymous said...

Steps to correct the situation?

Here's the other side of that coin....

Aren't LC's last 4 coaching hires 3 long-time journeymen position coaches and his best friend who led CMU on a "controlled flight into terrain"?

Could it be that LC is cleaning house in preparation for his leaving? Is he working hard to get good jobs for his buddies before he goes - then filling the vacancies with "place-holders" who will be easily (and painlessly) replaced by the new regime?

I make the odds better than 50-50 and as much as 3-1 for a George Puscas kielbasa that this is LC's last year.

Cynical? Of course. But if you think the decisions down there are made for "Michigan", you're dead wrong. The "buddy system" is as alive and well in AA as it is anywhere else - and may be even stronger there.

Benny Friedman said...

Anon, though I don't agree with you entirely, you get a ton of credit for mentioning the "George Puscas kielbasa." Brings back memories. Oh, how hard I tried to get one of his Love Letters lapel pins.

The King said...

Carr is mediocre at best at this point, if you're looking at what he does with the talent on the field. He's certainly nowhere in the league of Tressel and Ferentz. Both of those guys have pulled 10 win seasons with relatively talentless squads. If Carr didn't have the Big 10's most talented team he'd have a losing record every year.

Wangs said...

As much as I'd like to, I can't argue with the King.

And I think the fact that Herrman was allowed to linger for so long is strong evidence that the buddy system is too strong in Ann Arbor.

Benny Friedman said...

King, I'd hardly say that Tressell won with relatively talentless squads. Tosu has consistently pulled in top recruiting classes and sends tons of guys to the NFL. He's a great coach, but he has great talent, too.
Let's also not forget that in college, getting the talent is at least half the battle. Carr deserves credit for that, unless you think anyone could do that at Michigan.

Theri Maa, Bhanchod! said...

as much as the constant underachieving bothers me w/ michigan football, at what point does the blame fall on the players laps and not the coach? I agree that herrmann stayed around too long, but given 1997-2000, when we fielded great to very good defenses, i could see the case for keeping him around a bit. But Michigan pulls in all these high profile guys and they fail on the field and it's always the coaches' fault? Henson's departure rocked us and gave us years of John Navarre torture. Bear Bryant himself couldn't do anything about 2001 when Navarre accounted for 5 turnovers. Nor could anyone do much about Henne's inexplicable dive to mediocrity, Breaston's inability to catch anything downfield, The Curry brothers fascination w/ pass interference and Jeremy LeSeur's inability to cover my little sister. If we bomb again this yr then i'd say carr may have had his day but till then the guy is still soemthing like 15-5 or so in games vs top 20, and his vs top 10 record is quite sparkling as well. He deserves the benefit of the doubt.

Anonymous said...

The common perception among Big Ten fans is that Michigan simply does not develop talent well. Players come into the system and never get much better. Other teams can take 3 star recruits and make them NFL draft picks in 4 years, while UM has guys like Henne, Hart and Breaston who seem to be as good as they will ever be day one on campus...Now whose "fault" that is, no idea...

DanDierdorf said...

Carr is a stand up guy and he runs a clean program. Tressel has a bail bondsman on staff and available 24/7. Iowa ... Geez ... It's freaking Iowa for Pete's Sake!!!

Theri Maa, Bhanchod! said...


you make a pretty good point, that's something that's worth looking over and seeing if the stats bear out.

eddie, eddie said...

As a Buckeye fan, I am pleased to see Carr still at Michigan. Last year was the opportunity they needed to bring in some fresh faces. College football has changed. It used to be, the goal was to get a coaching lifer (Bo, Woody, Bobby Bowden, etc), who could run the program like a dynasty, but with the changes in college football, it is just hard for any coach to be successful for more then 10, 12 years - the burnout, the long hours, the changing athlete, not to mention all the money they make, so they don't need to be successful for as long.

UpTheHawks said...

First off, I'm a Hawkeye and fan of your guys site. Great original material and always entertaining. That said, I think you Wolverines are going to put the conference on notice next year. You guys are due for a huge season and you have all the offensive tools on hand to do it - although you did get dicked on the tough schedule. Carr is a good coach - have you already forgotten the Wolverines snapped our win streak at home this year (Last time Mr. Tressel came into Kinnick he left on the wrong end of a 33-7 shalacking...I wont mention what happen last season....moving on...)? Or that you went to the Rose Bowl only 2 seasons ago and took Vince Young and the next seasons champs to the very end? You guys have high expectations in AA, and given your history, thats understandable. But you people calling for Carr's head, who are you going to bring in?? Oh and dandierdorf, "freaking Iowa" has made it to a January bowl game each of the last 4 years. You can give us the lame Iowa label all you want, your not the first nor will you be the last, but we get the results on the field. And more importantly, Iowa City has more than its fair share of bars and hot bicthes - dont knock it till you've tried it ;)

Yost said...


Thanks for the nice comment. Hell, we're just happy to be responding to something BESIDES the whole radio thing for a change.

I hope you're right about a big season in store for our beloved Blue.

Best of luck to the Hawks this season. And thanks for the post. As always, you show what classy fans Iowa folks are.