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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Onepeat Mountain

Looks like Onepeat.com has some competition for the 2006 "Complete Waste of Money Award." According to Newsweek, some fans of "Brokeback Mountain" were so heartbroken the movie lost the Best Picture Oscar to "Crash," blogger Dave Cullen raised $26,000 dollars via his website to take out an ad in Daily Variety last Friday suggesting that, after winning so many other "Best Picture" awards, the film should have won the Oscar, too. Now, the group is looking into placing similar ads in Entertainment Weekly and The New York Times.

Gee, raising money regarding some past opinion-based honor to "prove" your opinion is the correct one by wasting that raised money on pointless PR. Yes, sounds very "Onepeat-ish" to me. Good to see these movie fans, like LSU fans still upset over the 2003 mythical college football championship, have nothing better to spend their money on than a $26,000 ad that was probably tossed in trashcans with the rest of "yesterday's news" the day it came out.

But here's an idea for both the Onepeat folks and the Brokeback crew: why not pool your resources into one campaign? By teaming up and killing two birds with one stone, you can waste money on even more, bigger ads! Heck, maybe even a president or two of Louisiana TV stations will chip in again as well.

Thus, as a public service, we at the M Zone have come up with a potential display for your next ad or billboard.

P.S. I'm beginning to wonder if "Onepeat" should be a worked into the lexicon. It would mean "complete and stupid waste of money." Like, "Dude, can't believe you purchased beer for an open bar party at a nightclub. That's so Onepeat, ass."


The King said...

There's a big difference here though. "Brokeback Mountain" SHOULD have won the Academy Award. Unlike the Onepeat thing, this is a founded (though wasteful) argument.

This makes me realize that you could say that "Crash" was a lot like USC...A hit you repeatededly over the head faux tour-de-force designed to to impress the simpletons and easily led.

Yay mornings!

Yost said...

Oh, my beef has nothing to do with that, King. I just am stunned by folks who waste money on crap like this.

eddie, eddie said...

Like the characters of the movie, who are afraid that everyone else in the world will know they are gay, "steve" remains anonymous as he is afraid that everyone else will know he is a moron

Yost said...



Anonymous said...

well, at least the "brokeback" folks didn't wait two years.

Yost said...

Good point, Anon.

MIZtiger73 said...

Here's another good point for you yost. I read this blog from time to time and I find it somewhat entertaining. But let's give credit where credit is due and vice versa. Now I've always hated the SEC with a passion and disliked teams such as Florida, Tenn., Alabama, and LSU in particular. However, it just seems to me that you have some vendetta against this onepeat thing.

First off, I'm pretty sure that the onepeat thing is not solely an LSU or even SEC thing. Although I personally don't agree with it, I don't believe it's the abomination you try to spin it to be. I know two guys from here (STL) that donated a little money to that thing and I'm sure that donations came from a majority of states, but in particular Alabama (Auburn fans) Louisiana (LSU fans) Texas (Longhorn fans) and California (UCLA fans). I assumed LSU and Auburn, but know of donations from the other two because as a longtime fan of Longhorn basketball (my father went there), I've read numerous posts from both school's fans saying they gave to the billboard. Know why? Nothing against USC, but as of the last 2 years, they have been at the top of college football. It's fun to hate them just like it's fun to hate Notre Dame because they're media darlings or hate Duke because they're #1 in basketball. All I'm saying is that many fan bases contributed to onepeat so don't loop just LSU in it (although I just plain don't like some of those cajuns).

Second, spare me the point that the money could have been used to help Katrina efforts. I used to advocate this point until I really thought about it. Billions of dollars have already been put into rebuilding the Gulf Coast and it has barely made a dent. In a perfect world, $10,000 would be a lot of help but realistically, it doesn't mean squat in this case. This point if furthered by the fact that of these fan bases, I'm sure that the donations were in 5, 10, or 20 dollar increments respectively. So really, if the money hadn't been used towards a billboard, guess where it would be right now. In all these people's checking accounts. Thus, this aforementioned argument just doesn't hold water.

I'm not advocating that the LSU fans are completely undeserving of this label. Honestly, I've met a few in my life that I couldn't stand. However, I've met many fellow MIZZOU fans I couldn't stand either. Several families displaced by Katrina moved into our community right after the storm. Of course, they're LSU and Saints fans and are extremely respectable and courteous individuals. The point is that unfortunately, we all have our bad fans. I don't mean to harp on this anymore, but I just though that no matter how obnoxious I think SEC football is, the truth of the matter is that you give the entire fan base of LSU (and possibly OSU) a very undeserved label. I look forward to more of this site in the future.

St. Louis, MO: Home of the greatest pro sports franchises.

Yost said...


All valid points. I wasn't so much for donating the money to Katrina as I agree w/ you (that was Benny's idea).

However, I still think it's a HUGE waste of money and effort. Why? They billboard is now up and...uh, so what? Why give money to this?

Maybe it's just me, I just don't get it. And my "vendetta" is against the dishonesty of the whole thing. It started as some "not for profit" thing to "raise awareness" and right some perceived wrong. But go to Onepeat.com. It's a money making venture now. And "Steve" is still anonymous.

That all just smells funny to me.

Thanks for reading and thanks for your comments. Always appreciated, whether we agree or not. That's the beauty of his site as opposed to other boards and blogs out there where, if you raise a point criticizing their team or board, you get banned.

Benny Friedman said...

MIZ, we have never meant to imply that all LSU fans are as misguided as the guys behind Onepeat. As a matter of fact, we've always pointed out that they represent only a portion of LSU fans and that most Tiger (LSU, not Mizzou) fans are probably embarassed by the whole thing. We also admit - though it pains me to say this - that not ALL Tosu fans are miserable people.
As for the waste of money, you're right that $10K might not make much of a difference to Katrina relief or some other charity. And it was a bit sanctimonious of me to say the money should go to the Red Cross. Actually, I don't care if the people who donated used that money on beer and hard candy instead - it would have been a much better use for the money. Hell, lighting cigars with the money would have been a better use. The Onepeat idea was borne out of a guy's feelings of inadequacy. Who cares that USC was getting all the publicity? Well someone whose self-image would.
As for your comment about St. Louis having the best professional teams, I don't know where to begin. First of all, you have no NBA team. Second, your hockey team is the worst in the league. Third, though your baseball team has loads of tradition, and is always very good, they haven't won a World Series since '82. Even the Tigers have won since then. Though I must say, as someone who is in St. Louis several times a year, no city has more loyal fans. And to make sure you're a real Mizzou grad, I'll end with "M-I-Z" and wait for your response.

miztiger73 said...

Thanks for your comments guys. We STL fans try to remain as loyal as possible even when our teams are down. As for the city itself, you gotta love the Arch and Budweiser. Benny, I hope you enjoy our city every time you come. "Z-O-U!!!"

ASU library wacker said...

All this reading is making me horny. Where's that FSU chick's picture again?

Aaaahhh, that's better.

Cosmo Kramer said...

"All this reading is making me horny", that sounds alot like "These pretzels are making me thirsty".

Anonymous said...

If you think it's just a small minority of LSU fans, think again. Go to Facebook and you will see that the second biggest club is the USC didn't win anything in 2003 club. LSU fans hate USC because Matt Leinert and Pete Carroll campaigned to try to make the BCS look like a mockery in 2003 and then happily embraced the BCS in 2004 and 2005 when the BCS benefited them.

I think any school in LSU's position would react in similar fashion. Ever since the BCS was agreed to by all the major conferences, everyone fought to get into the national championship game. The rankings of the AP and coaches was important just because they factored into the BCS equation. LSU fought and clawed its way into the championship game, having to play something like five or six ranked opponents. USC on the other hand played one ranked team and lost to an unranked team and then didn't have to play a top team in its bowl.

The media gives them a title. The media all but forgets the BCS and in 04 and 05 all but forget LSU won national championship and national championship game.

This isn't pre-BCS days when splits were common and accepted.

Don't agree to a system you are going to discredit when you disagree with the results. It's just sour grapes crying.

eddie, eddie said...

LSU "Anonymous" Fan:

*Yawn* Please stop embarassing yourself; clearly you do not understand how the championship is college football is awarded. With such nonsense you just posted, you are basically telling the rest of the country that LSU fans/students are morons.

Matt Leinart and Pete Carroll did no such thing such as campaign against the BCS. Sure, Matt Leinart wore a F*CK THE BCS shirt, but everyone (outside of Oklahoma fans)- including most LSU fans - knew that the BCS really screwed up in 2003.

Many schools - including USC, Oklahoma, Michigan, Ohio St, & Texas have been involved in split championships, and none have ever put up a silly billboard or denied the other team's share of the championship. Just because the BCS formula used the AP Poll to help choose its teams, doesn't mean, all of a sudden, the AP Championship doesn't count anymore. They still award the same trophy they have for almost 50 years. Of course, the BCS itself acknowledges a split champion. While it is true that USC lost a worse them who LSU lost to, USC lost on the road in triple overtime, and LSU lost by almost 2 touchdowns at home. Of course that doesn't matter - that's more of an arguement who had the better team (which I might agree with you that LSU had) - not of why some LSU fans/students do not understand there were 2 college football champions in 2003. The coaches poll - the part of the title that LSU did win - has even stated that that USC won a valid championship. This so-called media conspiracy that denied LSU the AP Championship they obviouslly so richly deserved is made up of 65 sportswriters, all across the nation - only 2 are from Southern California and one is even from Baton Rougue.

Regarding about sour grapes and crying.....(please look up the word irony in the dictionary)

Anonymous said...

That wasn't the point Eddie the SC bandwagon fan. The point was that many many other fan bases including one in particular located in Los Angeles contributed to that billboard. To call it LSU's billboard, like all trojan fans do, and not the People's billboard is a complete misrepresentation of what's going on here.

STL sucks.
Miami: The Best Pro Franchise City in the Country. Dolphins, Heat, Marlins, and what should be a pro team, the Hurricanes!

John Frum said...

"the People's" billboard?

450 clowns with a lousy idea are now "the People"? At least the Auburn "People's National Championship" had over 500 supporters.

eddie, eddie said...

Just because I have enough common sense to understand how college football's championship works, doesn't mean I am a SC fan - because I am not. While there might have been some people outside of the LSU fan base who contributed to help the billboard up too (and thus embarrassing themselves and their universities, and announcing to the world they too are morons), doesn't change the fact it was LSU fans/students who organized the effort.

Anonymous said...

man, your post screams SC no matter what you choose to write hereafter.

Go Canes!

eddie, eddie said...


My posts screams "USC"? You would think that if I was a USC fan I'd probably say that USC was better in 2003, yet it actually says I might agree that LSU has the better team in 2003. Assuming you are a Miami fan, you are embarrasing yourself and the University of Miami, by announcing to the world your a bunch of morons too. If you want to know what team I root for, I will give you a hint:

google my user name and heisman trophy

Anonymous said...

We may be down but we're more of a premier program that "the" ohio state university. How brokeback of you guys to use that. Oh, and you argue that I'm the idiot??? At least I can speak and type proper english. It's you're, not your. How sad for you that English is my second language. Now, I'm taking off to watch the tourney.

wds4usc said...

Like I have always said: The LSU fans are the Gang of February 30th. They cannot accept nor understand simple reality. I'm still waiting for the BCS to disavow the AP. It hasn't happened and it won't. Can you point to anything that shows the BCS, school presidents or athletic directors deny the AP? No. Didn't think so. And they are the parties actually involved. As for the "campaign" by Pete and Matt, it never happened. That's an urban legend cooked up in the swamps of Baton Rouge. Come on LSU--get your facts in order and stop humiliating yourselves.

Les-Is-More said...

My good god, can't we just lay this all to rest. SC won the AP title and we won the BCS title. Nuff said. It's over. Everyone should just shut up about it already.....our fans, your fans, and any other fan base. It was fun for everyone to root against USC because they were on top for so long and continue to be. But this is just getting annoying for all of us. Congrats to USC on their previous run and whatever success they have in the future. But let's all forget about 2003, considering nothing that is said now will change what happened.

GeauxGrad said...

Agreed. This went too far long ago even before this billboard crap went up. My problem is this: guys like wds4usc lumping us all into this billboard mess when it was a handful of people from several fan bases. Yes, one of our idiots apparently started this but to put it all on one school is just ignorant. Like my bretheren said before me, congrats to USC for their success over the past few years. Now, stop lumping us all into one category.

wds4usc said...

Thank you.

wds4usc said...

And to geauxgrad: Agreed. I'll even buy the beer.

les-is-more said...

NP, good luck with Booty. His brothers were pretty good at LSU, but from what I hear, he's by far the best our of that family.

les-is-more said...

Before anyone has a joke, I'm not illiterate. I meant "out of".

wds4usc said...

It's going to be interesting as he's being pushed hard by Sanchez. But he's got one heck of an arm! Good luck this year, too.

BaggyPantsDevil said...

Wow! The M-Zone really is the kinder gentler college football blog! Perhaps we should be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for facilitating this love-fest between USC and LSU fans. I feel like Jimmy Carter watching Anwar Sadat and Menachim Begin hug.

All joking aside, it's great to see some common sense--and decency--prevail. Good luck to everyone next year. Except when you play Michigan.

wds4usc said...

Hey! This is a class blog--only the best for us, right???!!!

eddie, eddie said...

Before this lovefest gets too comfy, I need to respond...

I never called you an idiot. You might be one, you probably are - but that is not what I called you. I called you a moron. I assume you are enough of a college football fan to understand how the national championship is awarded (meaning the media and coaches poll), and yet if you do claim that there was no split championship, then you are indeed a moron.

Regarding to the team I root for, you are a moron for assuming I was an USC fan because I have enough common sense to know how the college football champion is awarded. Further you are a moron for trying to label Ohio St as "gay" because some people refer it to as "the Ohio St Univeristy" In fact, not only are you a moron, but a homophobic moron as well. Now I didn't realize that this entry was turning into a pissing contest between whose program was more of a premiere program between Ohio St and Miami, but I know that the last time we played, we won a national championship by beating you guys, and we have won 2 BCS bowls since.

The other LSU fans on here - I know that most LSU fans do not agree with the billboard campaign. That doesn't change the fact this very vocal minority is making LSU fans/students look like morons. I do think your team should be preseason #1 next year.

BaggyPantsDevil said...


I was going to comment that it figures a Buckeye would play the role of Hamas in our little peace process here, but Anonymous deserves of that title.

eddie, eddie said...


If not "Hamas", can I at least be Syria?

Anonymous said...

BCS Champion is the champion so long as the championship game winner is from a BCS conference.

Don't agree to a system you're not going to acknowledge when it doesn't work out how you want it to work out.

Jeremie said...

Lol, Yost this stuff is guaranteed gold for you guys. Post something about Onepeat, sit back and watch the fight start. This ranks right up there with 'make fun of the Buckeyes' and 'flame an SEC school.' Pure gold.

Anonymous said...

1998 Tennessee
1999 FSU
2000 Oklahoma
2001 Miami
2002 The Ohio State University
2003 LSU
2004 USC
2005 Texas

To quote Lil' Sis, "That's it and that's all."

Anonymous said...

www.banfigureskating.com, is in the same line as the onepeat.com. This belongs on your site.

Roll Tide!


Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention this guy also put up a billboard.