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Friday, March 03, 2006

Nutritious and a great way to teach little Buckeyes how to spell!


BaggyPantsDevil said...

And the best part is, the broth makes these beautiful looking dribble stains down the front of a wife-beater.

Anonymous said...

that red 'stuff' in Chef Boyardee products must be considered some quality stuff in tsun to be calling it 'broth'!

Anonymous said...

actually i fed my dog a spoonful of 'screw blue' and then later on he sh*t out a 'fuck notre dame'.

the oddest thing!

Bob Geldof said...

What are the odds that you would get a spoonful of that pasta and it read FUCK MICHIGAN. But it really does happen. One time when I was a kid I got a spoonful of FART NASTY. I thought it was so hilarious... and delicious.

Anonymous said...

Obviously photoshopped.

Would have been funnier if it had been misspelled.

Yost said...

"Obviously photoshopped"

Wrong. That is my kitchen, my bowl and my Alphabet Soup.

Yes, I do have that much time on my hands.